Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Pictures of the Painted Rooms and G conversations

Sounds like a title of importance but it isn't.  I took these this morning with the cell phone thus the not very good color.

this is in the dining room

from living room looking into the dining room, both colors together

both the above pictures are of the same part of the wall. The glare is actually the sun peaking through the trees. The shoe chair is G's and goes well with the blue color.

The truest to the blue is the one with the chair in it and the one with both the blue and green colors in it.  That goes also for the green. The truest color from the camera to the actual color on the wall is the two colors together.

Now on to the more mundane things in life.  I cleaned the coils of the fridge last night.  That has always been a job of my dad's at my mom's house, so I never really thought about doing it or needing to do it.  Yes I realize I am well into  my 40s and that should be a common sense thing, but I am an out of site out of mind kind of person.  Until it affects me in my conscious knowledge I let it slide without even realizing it.  And oh how I bemoan the necessity of repetitive tasks like mopping, sweeping, dusting; I don't mind laundry or dishes so much but the others, UGH!

All that to say, I think though my freezer is trying to burn up because of the lack of attention I have paid to the coils.  It is so very hot around the edges where the door meets the base.  My dad suggested cleaning the coils, so I will mark a 6 month redo on that and try to keep up with it.  I had long haired pets you know for way too long.  Hopefully that will work, and my freezer won't burn up.

But I cleaned it and moved it and now I know I can move it when we get ready to paint the kitchen in Sept.  I really thought that when my dad put it in I wouldn't be able to move it again.  Yes I am still very naive or maybe just agnostic (don't know-don't want to) about many things.  I am looking forward to getting the kitchen in a better shape since the other two rooms are painted.

I managed to get the yard mowed yesterday because the temps were so very cool that I was even cold before getting my shower last night.  The yard looks really good now except on the patio that has its own yard growing through the bricks despite my spraying it with weed killer not 1 but 3 times and again last night.  This weekend will be a cleaning up of the weeds.

G will be home tonight.  She spends 2 nights with my parents typically and everyday with them unless there is a camp or treat.  It helps me and I think it keeps my mom even keeled.  She really obsesses about G when G isn't there so next week may be hard for mom.  G has her Hogwarts camp next week.  She will spend the afternoons with me at work.  Pray I can keep her busy and she won't be in the way.  So thankful that I can bring her to work with me as long as she behaves.

I also found out that a woman, with whom I work, has a daughter who is in school for dental hygiene and will clean G's teeth for like $10 including x-rays.  So I cancelled for the second time her dentist appt (they understood) and will now take her Monday afternoon for a cleaning.  They also charge $3 for sealant but I am praying G won't need it.  Overall, G's teeth are healthy but she hasn't much room and she forgets to floss regularly.  Or rather she regularly forgets to floss.  Even with the sealant, this will save me around $75.

When I told G about it she incredulously said, "I don't want someone who's not a professional messing with my teeth!!!"  Bwahahahahahahahaha, seriously I couldn't contain the laugh.  It seriously was the funniest thing coming from her.  I thought what in the devil does she know about a professional?

I think this student has 8 more weeks of school but she will and can trade us off to another student and we both can go for cheep cleanings/x-rays.  The dentist who supervises can make referrals for more work to be done.  I am praying there won't be any.  I personally need a good cleaning but I also need a crown and don't wish to put the money out for it yet.

Anyway, that is the news and update in the M house.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Another Room Down

No pictures this time.  Friday night we cleaned, moved furniture and taped off the dining room.  Saturday morning against my will I was up by 6am and had G up by 20 mins to 7 for breakfast.  We were painting by 7:30am.  We took a grocery store break between the kilz and color.  While I fixed lunch G started cutting in around the floor boards with color.  We were done with the room and had the big things back together by 5:30 when G was able to start a movie for the evening.  Next room will the front room but not this weekend.
We are supposed to get rain this week so I will need to mow this weekend instead of paint plus I can't do three weekends in a row.  I have decided that I will extend the blue living room color into the front room which is full of windows so lots of cutting in and taping which takes the longest.

I took no pictures but when I have everything back together I will do so for both rooms.  I just have so much stuff that I want to throw things away and not even take the time to sort and give away or put back up.

I did decide that I have way too many pictures of G, so much so that I have hardly any room for new ones. That's okay, she is my baby and I don't believe she ever takes a bad picture.

Monday, July 07, 2014

July 4th and 5th

Beginning the patchwork on the cracks formed by house settling.

still patching

after the white kilz went on we started the color Saturday afternoon

we picked blue but a different blue than before. I had actually decided against blue but G was having none of it. We had to have blue. The mint green will be on the dining room which we will do this coming weekend and then labor day we will paint the kitchen.
Sitting down in the newly painted but not yet put back together living room G says, "It looks like a bedroom." Another G verdict however was that it is "cozy." G asked me what would happen if we didn't like the color we picked and I told her we would learn to like it since we aren't painting for another 7 years or so.

Luckily, I had most everything I needed to paint but I did pick up a few things at Wally's World on Thursday. G had spent two nights with our cousin so I picked her up after work thinking we would be able to start organizing the living room to patch the walls Thursday. We, however, didn't leave my cousin's house until 6pm. I had gotten off work at noon on Thursday. We woke up not early on Friday but early enough to get all of the room kilz'ed except for the cutting in, because we ran out of paint.

Saturday we had to get more kilz and pick color. We ended up getting another blue color for the l.r. and a green for the dining room. I have a swatch reference for the kitchen but I haven't gotten the paint yet. I ended up with an extra gallon of blue paint because I thought the living room would take at least a gallon 1/2 but it only took a gallon. The kilz took a gallon and 1/2; we only initially had 1 gallon.  I now have some to get started on the dining room but will require another gallon to finish I suspect.  I will save the blue for my bedroom or maybe paint the front room the same as the living room.

The worst part of painting is the prep. G did wonderfully well. She taped off, got on the ladder fine, cut in, never complained and even patched in the beginning until her arms got tired. We had 23+ cracks in the sheet rock from the house settling. All of the patches aren't completed. I didn't actually patch my room because I need more than spackling. I have to get something to cover the 1" wide 2' long crack over my closet door.

Most of the stuff is back in the living room.  Some stuff I would prefer to get rid of or find a new place for but someone, I am not naming names **cough**G**cough**, doesn't wish to get rid of anything.  She comes by it honestly as my mother reminded me.

So we are all back at work and not another holiday until September.  After we finish the kitchen we will begin to plan to paint the bedrooms, bathroom, laundry room, hall and front room.  Just seems so overwhelming particularly the bedrooms.

Monday, June 30, 2014

G's Friday Night Fun

G has had a really big weekend.  She spent the night at a newish friend's home with two other girls.  All of them right now into Harry Potter.  This little girl had a Harry Potter Movie-thon.  They actually watched all of the movies 1-4 from 6pm Friday to 1-ish pm on Saturday.  G said she fell asleep around 2:30am.  She was very tired Saturday and even she stayed longer to swim.  I picked her up around 3pm.

G had a loose tooth with one coming in literally on top of it.  We both agreed that having it fall out at her friend's would not be a good thing.  G said, "I know, if it comes out I will just not believe in the tooth-fairy tonight so she won't come but believe again tomorrow."

When the mom texted to let me know I just asked her to inform G that I contacted the tooth-fairy just in case and she would come when G was ready.  Needless to say, the tooth-fairy made a visit Saturday night bringing G some money to take to her cousin's this week.  Two birds + one stone = killed, heh.

Anywho, she is hanging with my parents today.  I asked my dad to re-teach her how to ride a bike.  She claims to have forgotten.  G said to me this morning that grandad had asked last week if she wanted to learn and she told him no, so he didn't make her.  I informed my dad today when I dropped G off that the answer to his question about riding the bike is not "no" but "get your behind out here and learn it again." thankyouverymuch...

I couldn't believe he didn't make her ride.  That to me seems like a no brainer, every child should be given the opportunity to learn to ride a bike and she is no exception.  She of course complained and said that she doesn't have any siblings to ride with like I had growing up (which we didn't play together) so it isn't fun for her.  I used to ride my bike all around the yard by myself not with siblings.

Somehow G has a theory that my childhood was so very great because I had siblings to play with all the time.  Never mind that the age difference didn't really work in our favor to be friends at any given time and that we didn't really play together.  Mostly, we fought and got yelled at for doing so.  Anyway, I know for a fact that my older sister would have much preferred being an only child, and sometimes I feel like an only child now (I know that is my fault).  Because of her wrong-headed theory, she decides to sit on the sidelines, so to speak, instead of entertaining herself.

Well, this week for two nights, anyway, she gets to be a sister, practically a twin, to my cousin's daughter.  Hopefully they will have a good time.  Next week, if things go well this week, that cousin will come to spend two nights with G at my parents house.  We will see how that works.  I think they will be fine together at both places.  Getting this cousin home though next week might cause a dilemma.  I won't stress about it yet.

So short week this week, YEAH!  Needing sleep very badly.  I just don't do well on 6 or less hours of sleep, never have.  G turns out is a night owl.  Me, totally a morning person.  I think God is having a laugh about this family pairing ; }

About that family pairing?  We celebrate 9 years as a family coming up this July 25th.  Nine years home will be August 5th or 8th.

Sunday Night Fireworks

Waiting for the concert to begin, blocking the sun
Michael W. Smith plays Heroes with the Bellvue Baptist Orchestra
Enough photos please.  She said, "Why do you always have to take pictures?"
Jumbotron picture of MWS

We decided to go watch a free concert and fireworks display Sunday night.  We had thunderstorms and lots of rain Saturday into Sunday morning with flooding and low church attendance because of it.  Lightening struck a section of town knocking out two gas stations' gas pumps too.  But after I got a nap we jumped to it and drove over.  I packed up two pizza lunchables for dinner.  G loves them; I cannot believe anyone could ever like them.  AWFUL pasteboard pizza round, 3 pepperonis, some cheese with a whole lot of sauce, bleh!  And oreo cookies for dessert.  I don't like oreo cookies.  I couldn't find a sandwich lunchable for me though so I made due.

Even though we were fairly close to the stage, it was still like watching ants.  Having an ancient for technology blackberry didn't help get great pictures.  There was a drone filming above us too which really freaked me out.   I try to not be a conspiracy type person but this was at a very large conservative church on the grounds, I just fought to keep my mind from going there.  I definitely felt very exposed.

Getting out of the parking lot I thought would be terrible but it actually wasn't bad and we made it home by 11pm.  Thankful this is a short week.

Happy 4th, America!

Friday, June 20, 2014

So Excited

I have half finalized plans for this year's vacation.  I was looking into legos in Atlanta but something better and more timely for our interests has popped up.  I have put a deposit down on a 2 day park pass and 3 night hotel stay for Universal Studios to go see Diagon Alley and all the other Harry Potter stuff.  G doesn't know yet.  If something major happens to financially distract I can cancel for full refund up to 46 days prior.

All that to say we will not see everything, we will drive down there all 14 hours both ways, and we will do it in 4 days.  I am excited and also dreading the drive.  Flights though were way to expensive and I think I want to have my car there.

There happens to be a deal going on because of the opening of the new section for HP.  I would like to see the minions from Despicable Me, too and I also found out that downtown disney is not inside the disney park which means we can go there as well.

I will not be announcing the when until we are back, but needless to say it will be in the fallish.  If you are a burglar and figure it out, I have nothing worth stealing but you can feed the fish for us...

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A New Shape

I think it is time for me to get back into shape because the melted blob o' butter shape I am currently sporting is just not cutting it anymore.  So there is a color run coming to our big city in the fall or almost the fall.  I told G about it, and she said she wanted to do it.  I have been trying to explain to G that if I am to do this, I need to start very very slowly and train up. First, I need a new pair of shoes because the shoes I have hurt my calves and numb my toes.  I thought at first the numbing was due to thick socks but after yesterday I decided it is the shoes.

So I think G and I will head out on Saturday to purchase me new running shoes and probably 1 pair for her as well since her school shoes look like a tiny animal has nibbled on them.  I don't know how she tears them up exactly other than never untying them.  She never unties them once she gets a good tie in her laces.  She is so hard on her shoes though they do get her through a full year of school.

The first night we walked, G reminded me how I had lost weight while working at the dr office, but that was due to being in a hostile work environment feeling threatened everyday.  I don't want to lose weight like that again ever.

I used to run before G came home and tried after but she hated the jogging stroller.  I figured I would wait her out and pick it up later.  Of course in the mean time a long struggle commenced and my own genetics fought me.  I also love all the wrong foods, like breads and pastas and sauces.  But even when I did run I was never one of those skinny girls.  I did fit my clothes better, and I could walk up 3 flights of stairs without feeling like my heart will burst.  I also participated in races from 5ks to marathons, but truly came to loathe races.  That was another reason giving running up was easy for me, I came to detest racing.  It was never about truly competing because I never really could.  I just disliked them.

So hopefully G will come to understand that she and I together can live a bit healthier by starting slow and working up to this color run and if I focus on the fun part of it and not the race part of it, we may be fine.  Her competitive spirit might work against us but maybe if we can get this one under our belts she may swing to like running and I will like it again.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day Post

Well, my dad doesn't read my blog which is all well because we see each other a lot so there is no need.  G and I spent the afternoon with my parents Sunday.  I made rosemary potatoes from some red potatoes my dad had.  I made some on Saturday evening slicing thinly 3 of them which G ate for supper.  Yes she ate all 3 potatoes I fixed.  I forgot to add the garlic to them only remembering it on Sunday at my dad's who didn't even have any garlic.

I have discovered a secret to making crispy potatoes and that is to soak the raw potatoes in ice water over night, rinse and repeat.  If I can get one good soak I will be fine.  I found that tip somewhere on the internet about making crispy French fries like McDs.  If I had the link still I would share it.  I don't, but Bing or Google can always help.

I really think G was more excited about having rosemary potatoes than anything else.  We gave dad the emergency weather radio and after looking briefly at it, it may be more trouble than it is worth.  But all in all this weekend was a successful weekend.  I was able to get the yard mowed and a nap after lunch on Sunday.

My mom's face looks really good, there is some slight bruising which will get worse as the healing process goes on or maybe will look worse not actually get worse.  She is going to stop taking the medicine for Alzheimer's because it makes her sick even now in the low dosages.  If the medicine was holding off the progression then not taking it will obviously allow it to progress.

Today is Monday again, one day of work down, 4 more to go.  Living for holidays and weekends now but at least I have a job!!