Friday, April 24, 2015

Wednesday, G Turned 11

First photo is when she is still 10 and opening her card from Grammie and Grandad.

Second picture is her birthday opening her new to her Hogwarts lego castle.  It was packed with towels thus the box size.  Plus that was the smallest box I had.

She had a good birthday even though she went to school.  Her bday was announced and she was invited to eat lunch with a friend on the stage  and she had after school with her bff.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Last 2 days of 10

G will soon be having a birthday.  She will turn the big 11.  Can't believe it, and yet I can.  She is beginning to realize that she will not see the majority, or any, of her friends from public school next year.  Some of those friends I am glad she won't see.  Some of those friends we will make effort to see and stay in touch.  I am still working out the details of getting her to and from the new school.

Totally missed an opportunity to get the yard mowed on Saturday then it rained really hard Sunday night.  This weekend the yard will need to be mowed and it will be so much more difficult.  You would think after all these years of learning lessons about procrastinating like this I would stop but you would be wrong.  Can't be mad at G when she says, "I'll do it in a minute," can I?

G finally found a new book series that ranks third in her lists of favorites.  Of course, Harry Potter is first and she said this new one or Narnia ties for third place.  I think second place for her are the Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  The new series she is reading is "A Series of Unfortunate Events" by Lemony Snicket.  My niece liked these books when they first came out too.

My mom is still in her decline phase. such an interesting disease.  She is in a lot of respects totally reverting to childhood.  Her responses to commercials are truly childlike.  She is going for a day trip tomorrow with some of her friends.  I offered to lay an outfit out for her but she said I didn't need to.  I advised her to wear a matching outfit and she asked me with whom should she match.  It is best to stay out of the way most of the time.

Summer is coming and the mosquitoes are already terrible.  The weather is cool and damp which is nice except for the mosquitoes.

I am hoping that I can keep the birthday surprise a surprise as I am not usually good at withholding surprises.  G told me though already that she wouldn't show her surprise.  She is right; she won't.  She rarely does.  She is as stoic as my dad which drives me crazy but it is her.

Off to get ready for bed...

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Saturday Update

Today we cleaned the weeds out of my front flower beds.  I smell bad.  We still have the back patio to complete.  I managed to mow last Sunday but the yard could use another run.  I think I will let it go for another week.

I transplanted some tulips that won't bloom because there is not sun reaching them at any given point of the day and I cleaned that bed out.  There are two ginormous azalea bushes ready to bloom there.  Two peony plants that won't bloom either because of the lack of sun are in that bed as well.  I need to transplant them as well but I am not sure where to put them nor do I think it is time to do so.  I managed to transplant a rose from a pot to the ground sticking a thorn in my thumb through a pair of gloves.  My thumb is very sore and now also has a burst blister from the gloves.

G is driving me crazy with constant chatter intended to annoy.  She wasn't the best help in the yard but she did help some.  We also ran the car through a car wash which took all the pollen off of it.  It looks much better now.

I need a shower and a nap.  My mom is healing fairly well.  We have G's birthday in roughly two weeks.  Her present has been wrapped on the table waiting.  I suppose she will open it as soon as she is awake on her birthday.  Her day falls on a Wednesday which is a long day for us both.  So she won't really get to enjoy her present until the weekend anyway.  I think my parents are going to have lunch with her or take a lunch to her for her birthday.

Steadily working on laundry today.  Seems so never ending doesn't it.  Not much else of import going on so off to fold laundry.

Sunday, April 05, 2015

He Is Risen

And success.  This has been a very busy HOLY Weekend.  I hope you, dear reader, were able to attend your place of worship today to celebrate the RISEN LORD and SAVIOR.  We had an excellent Sunday school lesson and not because I taught it but because it reinforces that our faith is not in vain.  We celebrate a Risen Savior.  And because of that we do not have to die in our sins.  Our sins will not trap us either on this earth or after death.  He took the wrath of God which we deserved and then crushed death our enemy.

Just makes me want to jump and shout.  I could be a shouting Methodist I suppose.  Anywho, this weekend G and I went shopping for the Easter Sunday outfit and summer shorts and the wedding outfit.  I wished the wedding outfit to be the same as the Easter outfit as well as the summer Sunday outfits.  We found a delicious pair of pants and delightful shirt which she agreed to wear.  She will wear the pants on Easter and the wedding and the shirt only at the wedding.  She found a pair of blue shorts for every Sunday for summer and we found a polo shirt to match the wedding pants that also goes with the blue shorts. She wore that shirt today with the pants.  Small victories.  I don't have to go to a mall again until fall, YIPPEE!

Friday, I took G and her friend and the friend's mom to Shiloh National Battlefield which now includes Corinth, MS.  We reached Corinth around 11:30ish spent 3 hours then had lunch around 2:30 leaving Corinth for Shiloh reaching that at 3:15.  The buildings at Shiloh close at 5.  The movie plays every hour on the hour.  We spent 45 mins inside the museum answering questions for the jr ranger then watched the 45 min movie.  We headed to the bookstore for souvenirs then off on the driving tour since the park closes after dark.  We left Shiloh at 7:30 and had to feed the kids.  We got home after 11pm.  It was a long long day, but it was a lot of fun.

And Thursday evening G and I met some potential new families at the new school.  There are not many kids in G's grade and none above her that I saw.  The elementary A group is full with a waiting list.  After this G attended a night time Easter egg hunt.  She had fun.  

And I have finally forgiven the person who stole my only bloomed tulip even pulling the bulb out of the ground Thursday between 3:45 and 6:30.  The tulip is even in the bed next to my house so someone had to come up to my house to get it.  I think it was a neighborhood kid whose parents haven't taught respect for other people's property.  He and his siblings tend to run all over with little to no supervision.  

Anyway, that was our weekend.  I even managed to get the yard mowed today after my nap.  I had planned to mow it yesterday but couldn't find the key to the shed.  So anyway, I did find the key today right where I left it at the end of last summer.  Now my yard at least looks nice.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Y'all, It's Snowing

and Freaking COLD!  But thankfully it won't stick.  Funny, as a child we could count on at least 1 good snow in January.  Recently, it moved to February and March.  Hopefully, it won't move to March and April.  I am a bit over winter at this point.  I know I will wish it early when I am sweltering in the August Southern Heat.

G is attempting to earn money by picking up sticks and cleaning out the car.  Her nose and cheeks are bright red from the cold.  She won't be out there long and I will warm her up with some tom ka soup for lunch.  She is attempting to upload another video on you tube.  She thinks she will make a lot of money there and if she does, I will be quite fine with it as long as the videos are wholesome.

Spring break is over for G.  She did not have a calm one.  She spent Monday night at my parent's house.  Tuesday morning around 6:30am, my mom was attempting to go to the bathroom but her vertigo came back.  She fell and sprained her wrist and cut her arm.  G was asleep as was my dad in another room.  My mom screaming woke G up and when she figured out what happened she ran to get my dad.  At 12:30pm G texted me to say that her grammie fell and hurt her wrist so they were going for x-rays.  Dad knew it wasn't broken so he put mom back to bed to sleep off the vertigo.  The x-rays said there were no broken bones.

I managed to get G's best friend's mom to agree to keep G on Wednesday then they let her spend Wed night through Thursday too.  G had a great time.  Yesterday, she went back to my parent's.  She did get to swim one day, Monday, but after that not again.  Sadly, spring break is now over and she has to get back to the grind of school.

She has something to look forward to this month, however, her 11th birthday!  She wants the lego hogwarts castle set.  I may have been able to acquire one but this will be a surprise because I've told her we couldn't afford it.

This week we have a meet and greet for  families of her new school, she has a night time Easter egg hunt, and her BFF's mom and I are taking the girls to a civil war battle field on Good Friday.  What a fun weekend.

Friday, March 20, 2015

G's drawing

For her story for her class anthology.  She and one other received an A on their stories.  Seems she and the other were able to weave their stories into the historical facts better than the rest.  I have not read her story but I did advise her on the drawing.  My input was the outlining in black pen.

 Yep, she drew it from a stock photo off bing.  She looked at the picture on the computer and drew it free hand.  Her teacher asked if she traced it.  The original picture was horizontal but she had to draw it vertically.

She was chosen by her class with one other child to draw the picture for the front of the Book.  It truly is an honor for which both she and I were both proud.

The class read across five Aprils and studied the civil war in social studies too. The class book is about the civil war.

Tonight we are watching the Lord of the rings final movie.  It's really long.  I'm about over it.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

PARCC Update

We did it with the help of Arkansas Against Common Core. G isn't taking the test. I have lost enough sleep on this. I am grateful for the school coming to their senses, but they did so only because I managed to get a quote from the AR Dept of Education testing coordinator who said that children who come to school must sit for the test but if the child refuses to take it then the PAN must be marked refused and the child is to be given reading material. Also, it does count against the 95% participation rate of the school for validation of the test and probably some other garbage related to both no child left behind (a Ted Kennedy invention) or Common Core (a wrong headed Dem initiative that included the Rino Jeb Bush).

I scheduled a dental cleaning for G at a dental hygiene school for this morning to intentionally miss PARCC for the day.  The last time I had her teeth cleaned there it took 3 hours so I assumed the same would be today. It wasn't, took only an hour.  We have time to kill.

I took a day PTO from work because this afternoon we also have an appointment to meet the headmistress of her new school.  I verified with dad about his not picking her up at the school, and I told him that I would hire a baby sitter/driver if the bus doesn't bring her back to our home town after school.   He will continue to pick her up from our home town if a bus will bring her back.  Though, I may still see if someone would be willing to drop her off at home for that length of time for me to get home from work.

I have my resume out at several different places in and around my home; hopefully, something will strike and I can quit driving to the big city to work.  Even though mileage wise my place of employment is 5 miles shorter from my home than the school is (in opposite directions of course); it sometimes takes over an hour to get to work or get home from work which is stressful.  In the afternoon it has taken up to an hour and half to get to my dad's to pick G up and in the worst case it was 6 hours just to get home.  I would really like to stop going across the bridge for work but I may take a hit in pay by working back over here.  It would be worth it though if I could be closer to G's school and closer to home.

Off to make lunch for my lego playing girl.  She rediscovered her love when she brought her legos home from my parents last night.  They had been put up and forgotten.  Just like Christmas again, she even asked to get up at 6am to play with them.