Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Morning



Wishing you the new life Christ has promised through His life on Earth, death on a cross and resurrection from the tomb!

Happy Easter

Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday

Today is Good Friday, the day around the world Christians acknowledge the freedom brought from sin via the Cross of Christ.  How can such a cruel death be celebrated?  Because the stone rolled away on Resurrection Morning!  Jesus didn't stay in the grave.  He rose again.

Because He rose; we, who have put our faith in Him, will live again!

Today, I thank God for Good Friday because Sunday we celebrate New Life in Chirst!!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Getting a Bit Political

For Truth's sake, that is.  Two articles that every freedom loving person should read:  Vaclav Havel's essay and Spiked On-Line.

There are so many things going on in the culture to stamp out truth and force conformity that to agree with sin really isn't brave at all.  To stand against sin is much more brave because it is dissent in the face of a lawless and sinful culture.

Everyone has the right to sin as big and bold as they choose.  They do not however have the right to determine the consequences or demand no consequences for their sins.  Also, they have no right to not be judged rightly by God's standard of truth for those sins.

Make no mistake, God will not be mocked.  We will all be judged.  The question comes to Who will take the punishment?  Jesus has taken it all ready, but each individual must decide to accept His sacrifice or take the punishment himself.

Monday, April 07, 2014

Another Successful Saturday

After getting the oil changed and going to the grocery store G and I headed to the big city for Easter Shopping.  I have shorts coming via mail for the summer and Sunday this summer.  We found two t-shirts to wear for Sunday.  We scored a pair of Nike flip-flops, sized 7 women's, for G, and she loves them.  We found shorts for her to wear to sleep in as well.  I managed to snag two new summer pjs (desperately needed).  And we basically spent too much money on necessary things in roughly 6 hours.  Yea! Me!

This past weekend was the last chance to shop for Easter before Easter.  Just know, I detest shopping.  It just isn't much fun with limited amounts of money.  I did find some new summer casual wear shoes for me as well.  They felt comfy at the store, now it just needs to warm up again to give it a try in an all day setting.

Winter doesn't seem to want to let go even though it is APRIL.  G will be 10 in 15 days.  I managed to book her birthday trip with her friends and e-mailed the moms to let them know.  I hope they are able to go because the tickets are non-refundable of course the hotel can be cancelled without penalty but the reason we are going it non-refundable tickets.  I had general consensus from the parents before booking so hopefully now that reservations are made it won't be a problem with either child.

Benchmark testing started today at G's school.  The problem is the school is required to teach common core. Benchmark tests for 20 specific abilities where common core teaches 3/20 of being tested.  Common core doesn't teach a child how to think like it claims.  It teaches what people eventually intuitively grasp after learning the basic solutions to such things like math problems.  It also doesn't penalize a child for a wrong answer if the child can explain the process to the wrong answer.  However, if the child's process and logic returns a wrong answer to an objective problem, then there is something wrong with that child's process and logic and should be corrected.  Benchmark will penalize wrong answers and wrong logic or processes.  Thus the Arne Duncan illogical conclusion that parents are just mad there children aren't as smart as they thought they were.

I've told G to do the best she can, to stick with her first answer unless she can prove her first answer is not correct by working out a problem and to relax.  They school is having a pretty cool gift give away for kids who behave well.  I think they get a party at the end of the testing time as well.  But the testing is very very stressful to everyone involved.  CC punishes the teachers if the children don't do well.

Now I am all about teacher accountability, G has had some teachers that didn't push her to her abilities.  She has also had some really good teachers who challenge her as much as teach her.  Some teachers I don't think should and some should remain forever doing exactly what they are doing.  A one sized fits all approach of teaching and learning does not fit but that is exactly what the public schools attempt to do.

Hopefully, by the time G is heading into 6th grade she will be home schooled and proctored by my dad.  Not taught by my dad just proctored.  And again that all depends on how my mom is doing in the next few years and what type of employment situation I am in.  So that was our weekend.  Not much else to say.  I hate watching the decay of our Judeo Christian built country.  Can't wait until January 2017 and the end of the Obama error.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Gifts From Afar

Our sweet blogging friends in Canada sent G a big box just because.  It was a big box of seaweed snack.  She had mentioned her daughter liking the snack so I sent her links to what I buy from amazon in bulk cheaper than individually at the store.  I just didn't know she was going to send some to G.  Funny, we were almost to the point of needing to order it.  So thank you friends, and I hope you guys enjoy your stash too!

We typically get 3 different types of seaweed snack based on what I have purchased from our Chinese groceries in the big city.  Since it comes in bulk and to the house we don't have to spend the day in big city looking for the snack because sometimes the stores are out or I can't find what we normally get.  When I found I could keep it in stock via amazon and it would come to the house for free (spend $35 on prime or have prime to do so); it just made sense (and cents) to get it there.

So now, we are overrun with seaweed much to G's delight.  She loves LOVES and loves is not really a strong enough word for it but LURVES seaweed snack.  She can eat one whole container in a day.  Technically, she is not supposed to have more than 5 or 6  1" X 3" sheets a day but sometimes she does eat more.

It is amazing that she likes it really because she doesn't like seafood.  No fish, no shrimp or crabs or anything like it I think because of the texture.  We do have seaweed sheets that I will sometimes do a modified sushi roll for her. Modified in that it has no meat just white rice with duck sauce or soy on it.  And more amazing that I really purchase it because seafood smells and seaweed smells like seafood. 

And the links provided do not enrich me in anyway.  I am not making money off of Amazon links.  These are the links, though, that G likes for seaweed and maybe if you are interested for your or your own kids check them out. 

Tuesday, April 01, 2014


The Biore didn't work on G as I had hoped.  It also made her cry when she took it off.  I kept telling her to rip it off like a bandaid and that she was prolonging the pain but she would look at me, cry then laugh.  She told me never again.  I told her I concurred. It does work on me because I have moon graters for pores. 

G woke up and argued with me about it being April Fool's day because our calendar doesn't have it printed on the day.  I use the word "argue" loosely, since I didn't respond.  I told her that I had thought of some April Fool's to pull on her, but then thought better because it might make her mad and argumentative.  Lo and behold I was on target, as she would have been both.

I am still very insecure in my job.  I don't think that will ever go away.  There are lots of whisperings around and that just is not a good sign for anyone. I am not going to worry about it because I know God will provide.  I just wish I could get to the point of feeling more secure.

In other news, I was thinking of taking G and some friends to Blanchard Springs Caverns for her birthday.  I remember going when I was a child and thinking how cool it would be for this milestone bday.  First problem was the timing since her bday is after Easter this year.  Now it looks like with a breakout of white nose syndrome it may not be worth going. I mean the caverns could be closed which would totally defeat the reason to drive forever and a day to see it.  It would have been an over night stay but there is no guarantee the cavern will be open when we go.  I will have to talk to her again about it.  I need to book it now to make sure we have a room and to give the parents notice and information about it.  Maybe it is just not meant to be this year.

Weekend recap, movies, dinner with my aunts on Sunday, not much spring cleaning, and a nap on Saturday.  Other than that, nothing to report.  Loving the spring weather.  Glad it is finally here.  I did run over a squirrel Saturday.  Of course I didn't intend to but the dumb thing tried to cross the road where my car was.  To my way of thinking it wasn't much of a loss.  We are currently over run by squirrels.

Mom is doing well.  She started a tai chi class at the Y since the pool is down.  She has actually lost weight and slimmed her waistline down quite a bit.  I hope it is exercise and not because of medicine.  She has been doing water aerobics since August but the appearance of dramatic weight loss is a bit (teeny tiny bit) worrisome. 

That is all the news in our lives for now.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Just Discovered This Product and TMI Warning

Full disclosure, I am not being paid by anyone nor am I being asked to write this for anyone but if one of the named companies would like to contact me about a deal, they can ;}.  (Cuz, I don't think too highly of myself, no way no how)

Biore?  Anyone heard of it?  I am sure you have; because, I am behind the curve in most things.  I receive an e-mail from Real Simple about simple solutions to everyday problems.  I don't subscribe to the magazine; though, I have too much other to read.  Anyway, the other day, an e-mail came out with a number of "beauty" secrets that really work.  One of them was this product.  It is like a disgustingly, wonderful, fascinating product. 

The strips work.  I got them for G mostly but wanted to try one last night to see if it was a big waste or not; NOPE, not a waste.  Worked.  Can't wait to get G home and try it on her nose where she has tiny tiny pores and one spot is clogged and has been now for a year, won't come out.  Hopefully this will work.  Thank goodness her skin is not at all like mine.  I don't foresee a lot of acne issues in her future but there will be some with her tiny pores.  My pores are like gigantic craters just waiting for dirt to compact which it does regularly and painfully even at 43.

Another product, I will not name (mainly because I don't have it with me and forgot the name) was an acne non oil lotion I found on clearance.  Even then it wasn't cheap, but I tried it and can feel and see my skin breaking out as I sit here.  Not paranoia, for real spots.  Will not use again.  Learned my lesson, trust the names until you hear otherwise.

Sad day around work, an employee was just laid off.  This guy was hired as an accountant for specific properties our company managed but then they were sold so they let this guy go.  I cannot lie, I am freaking out.  My review is past due and the HR director is out on vacay. My boss is here but so far hasn't mentioned my review again.  I keep thinking when he (big boss) comes back Monday I won't be here.  I have tried to feel the appropriate folks out for information but either they keep secrets really well or I am fine.

This guy and I, shortly after I started work here, about our not being secure because we both came out of a long time of difficult employment.  So I feel really badly for him.  Folks here who had contacts did pass his name on and tried to help him get another position.  This is still a very tough market though.  And when I was interviewed I was warned that this position might not last.  I took it to get out of the doctor's office and because I secretly hoped it would be long term employment.  And I am very good at counting chickens and taking on tomorrow's worries.  I should win a participation trophy!

So looking forward to the weekend.  Needing a long sleep in Saturday morning.  I think I may start a spring cleaning.  **thinking**thinking** or maybe not. 

oh and as an after thought, G, I think, burned up her kindle fire by leaving it plugged in for 2 days while she played on it as well.  The charger is a power charger and shouldn't be left in longer than 3 hours.  Sad thing is that I told her not to leave it plugged in when I left her with my parents and she said, "ok."

Apparently that "ok" was the "ok" of I-hear-a-general-buzzing-sound-in-my-ears-that-will-end-when-I-answer-with-the-correct-code-word.  Now the fire won't turn back on.  Shame really as she had some incredible minecraft creations built in it and all the apps to accompany them.