Monday, June 27, 2016

Youth Trip 2016

The morning we left:

Cedar Point Amusement Park gondola ride:

Niagra Falls Canada side:

Toes in Lake Ontario, Niagra-on-the-Lake:

Our youth group took a trip which was dubbed a "rolling summer camp" sort of.  I was able to be a chaperone.  Ended up that I had a room by myself for the whole trip due to my assigned roommate backing out on the day we left.  G roomed with 3 girls and they all stayed up way too late but had a great time.  We went first to see the Creation Museum outside of Cincinnati, OH.  Then we headed to Cedar Point, OH amusement park.

The culmination of the trip was to Niagra Falls on the Canadian side.  It was a very fun trip.  We were told over and over from restaurant managers how well behaved and good our youth were.  One restaurant owner gave a history lesson on a pizza oven to 8 of our youth at lunch.  There were the 8 kids and 5 adults, of which I was one.  It was very interesting lesson.

Everyone seemed to get along well even at the end of the trip.  The bus wasn't terribly uncomfortable and we did get home about 5pm.  I of course got sick half way through and now have a sever cold and sinus infection.  I texted my boss for an extra day off so I could do laundry and rest.  I bought some mucinex for day time and alkaseltzer for night.  The advil cold and sinus I got in Canada wasn't helping me.

I took so many pictures and still have a lot to blog about but am too tired and sick to do so today.  

Monday, June 06, 2016

Mom Update

So weekends are triggers I suppose you could say for my mom. Out of routine, G not being there, not a lot of activity, and that triggers some fantastic ideas in her brain.  She came out with a terrible accusation that of course now she has no memory of but if ever uttered could have severe implications for her care.  Of course the accusation was all in her head and was not true.  She sees people in her house that aren't there.  She comes in and out of recognition of who her husband is.  She worries and frets.

My thought is that another family (I read about in the news) dealt with this type of accusation in the courts this last year.  Thankfully, the person was acquitted but of course not after having to go through heck to finally have common sense come to the front.

My mom called me yesterday afternoon with this and I finally got her to let me tell dad, who affirmed what I already knew that it wasn't true.  I tried to tell her it was a trick her mind was playing but she wouldn't believe me.

When my grandmother went through this she was always accusing people of taking her stuff or moving fences off her property.  My aunt was able to say, "I have checked and this is not happening" which would calm my grandmother but this that mom is going through is so not the same.  On her off days, mom really believes there are many various people at her house.  I truly believe she sees them.  The brain really can do some funny things to you.

Anyway, one Saturday coming up soon I am going to grab mom and take her out to visit my aunt to give my dad a break.  I have already sort of cleared it with her so as far as I am concerned it is a done deal.  I will not tell mom until the day of; makes things easier.  I will tell dad before hand so he can maybe get her dressed at least.

So if you think about it, please pray for my parents, mostly my dad.  I know Jesus will bring them through but they will be sorely tried.  I also trust that there is no suffering a child of God will go through that has no purpose.  We do not suffer in vain.  Romans 8:28-39

Saturday, June 04, 2016

Quiet Saturday and G's Busy Schedule

Pre-Teen kids have a busier social life than I do!!  G has plans for the zoo to celebrate her friend's bday, a trip to another friend's grandparents, car wash for church, church youth meeting, and up coming bake sale.  Plus she may want to go to VBS at a church that is not our own but one that will take kids who have finished 6th grade.  On top of all that she has youth trip coming up and attempting to make money on the internet with apps.  And we have had tears over her instagram account.  It is so very difficult to keep children protected.  It takes very little effort to pull up such inappropriate photos on instagram.  Why do people post such filth?

Then there is her personal favorite activity of irritating me by over and over asking for money and/or opportunity to make money or by proclaiming "I'm bored".  I offered to let her mow the yard today but then there was a short rain shower that nixed that idea.  It was short but very heavy.  Maybe she can mow tomorrow before youth group.

G planting the pine sapling given to her by her school at the closing ceremony.

First gladiola of the summer, oh so pretty

First sunflower of the summer but it isn't a giant though it came from a giant plant that re-seeded itself

And finally the fish have made friends. Henry II has decided to let Perry the Plady live.

No other news on the horizon.  Last week felt so long because of being off Monday.  Hopefully, it won't be so this week.  I am still thankful for a job especially after the recent jobs numbers.  This will be a very interesting political summer to watch.

My mother is still going downhill but she is not yet bedridden.  She still gets up, gets dressed, eats, watches TV and attempts to hold conversations sometimes.  She looks at magazines and watches the birds. Dad has 4 bird feeders in his yard located where my mom can see them from her normal chair in the den.  I don't think she is able to read anymore.  Processing the words is too difficult, and I am not sure she even tries anymore.

Off to fix supper and complete my Bible study for Sunday School.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

3rd post in 2 days

First gladiola bloom of the season

Newest member of the fish family, Perry the platy-fish. Henry the Second isn't happy yet so hopefully Perry will survive.
Took mom and G to lunch.  We had some errands to run.  Mom was completely overwhelmed and didn't eat much.  I also couldn't ascertain if she was hungry after or not.  I took her left overs to dad.  I told him that she got overwhelmed and he said that happens sometime.

We have nothing really to do this weekend and G is giving me the "I'm bored" mantra.  I told her that she will have a miserable summer of she doesn't learn how to entertain herself, what with this being the beginning of the summer.

Yea, bring it on.  Gonna, be a long slow summer...

Friday, May 27, 2016

Closing Ceremony and Other Ramblings

G with what has turned out to be one of her favorite teachers. He is the manager of the facilities and head of the maker's space. He said some mighty nice thing about how she truly bloomed out this year and how she is so kind, cooperative, and lots of things I wish I had recorded. He and G are going to start a chess club next year.

G with the founding head of school, who was in a lot of pain due to knee replacement and soon coming hip replacement.

G with her teacher who will not be returning next year

G with the owner of the town and founder of the school

A jug band was brought in to play and helped the students sing a closing ceremony song written for this occasion. The students played the kazoo with them.  It was really good to be honest.

My hydrangea blooming beautiful purple blooms and lots of standing water from the rains we received last night.

Since the closing ceremony we have been to the grocery store, cleaned the fish tank and medicated the fish.  In the process I broke the air stone so with receipt in hand I have to go back to the store and get it replaced.  It is stuck in the tubing and just fell apart.  Also, I am working on laundry.  Feels like Saturday.

last day of school and closing ceremony

To say she is not happy to wear a dress would be a gross understatement.
yesterday at the end of the year field day, g won this mouth gadget.
Today is the closing ceremony for her school.  She had to wear a dress and it isn't going well.  She is standing like a hunched over monkey rather than standing straight.  She claims I never taught her how to stand up straight.

The mouth gadget flashes lots of different colors so it is pretty cool.  Today feels like a Saturday.  I will be so very confused by Tuesday next week.  I hope I remember to go to work.

We had a deluge of rain last night.  Many wrecks this morning in big city.  I heard a car drove off an overpass onto the interstate below.  I hope I heard wrong.

We are going to do our Saturday stuff today so we have tomorrow to take my mom to lunch.  G will be going with my parents to my nephew's graduation so I get I night of a decent sleep.

G is now legally allowed to stay home by herself but now she doesn't want to.  Still fighting fin rot in the fish.  Nothing else really going on.

Have a great weekend and go to your place of worship this weekend because the Creator deserves our worship.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wrapping Up the Year

Thursday is G's last day at her school.  I am very proud of her for just getting through the year.  She missed her old school and friends, and despite her having a good time at the new school she even learned some stuff.  She is up to 1/2 year in 7th grade math which is great since the goal was to get her through 6th grade only.  She can do so very much more.  She has made some good friends.  She has been recognized for her abilities.  She has proven to be one of the smartest if not the smartest kid there.  She doesn't even realize that she is learning because she does have a good time.

Her teacher gave all the kids in her class recognition today.  She gave G a certificate for being the most cooperating.  G never ever complained about doing things she disliked and her teacher recognized her for that.  Actually her teacher didn't realize how much G complained to me about some of the stuff at school until I told her.  She said that G's attitude was always so good.  She never displays difficult attitudes with anyone other than me.

Friday is the closing ceremony and in honor of finishing her first year of private school I am taking her and my mom to lunch on Saturday.  That will give my dad a break too.  I am overly giddy about having Monday as a holiday because I am also taking Friday off.  I will be thoroughly confused next week about what day it is etc.  G will be going with my parents to my nephew's high school graduation.  I cannot attend but since we were invited, G will represent.

This is our fish and I cannot get the fin rot beat. I just treated it with a medicine I ordered so hopefully we will completely get rid of whatever is eating him, literally.

This is a post from a 2009 zoo visit. She is posing at the hippo statue out front. The same hippo statue she is posing in front of in this photo.  We had a fun Saturday with friends who didn't last very long.  The trick of the zoo is to get there at 9am (opening) and stay for a picnic then leave in the afternoon.  Otherwise the crowds and parking are a nightmare.

G is at youth group at my parents' church so I am off to get her.  Then one more day and a closing ceremony and G will officially be a 7th grader.  Where has the time gone?

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Quick Update

G made this flower for me in Sunday School on Mother's Day. And like any good mom would do, I embarrassed her by taking a selfie with it while in church.  Oh and that is my paternal grandmother's nose I inherited, lucky me.

This below, however, was my real gift. An error that G made into an art piece. A friend at school attempted to 3d print her own mom's initials but the M broke off with part of the other letter leaving a lump. She gave it to G, and when G showed me I instructed her to make me a flowery bush with a bee on it. I think it turned out really well.
At G's school 2 weeks ago they had a chef from NM come for a week to teach them how to cook and even made them all a recipe book. On the last Friday the students made and served lunch to some guests of the school. One of the recipes was for chocolate ravioli (or what I like to call, fried chocolate wontons). Here is G getting them ready to be fried. This particular day I fried while G prepared.  I got my mom to help G prepare the edges with egg.

Mom is looking at G with eyes that seem to be questioning if she is or is not doing it correctly. G was oh so patient and twice I heard her correct mom by reminding her to just put it on the edges. Mom was a bit worried that she messed up G's cooking but I assured her that she could not have messed anything up as it was oh so simple to make.

Mom won't remember helping or trying the treats but G will.  Though they were messy, we may make them again.  The nice thing about them is they can be re-heated in the oven so they won't go to waste.

Henry II is doing well.  His color is good.  He swims enthusiastically.  He greets us at the front of the tank when we come by and seems to want to stay there while we are standing there.  I believe we fixed the fin rot.  The cleaning of the tank takes about 45 mins total every Saturday.  Now, we are committed to making sure Henry lives to a ripe old age of 3, for that is as old as I believe bettas get.

G is almost out of school with less than 2 weeks left to go.  This summer I hope she will be of use to my parents and truly help my dad with mom.  Dad can't be outside with mom inside for over an hour which means he can't mow his yard if someone isn't with her.  But G can mow for dad and he can wander in and out to do short tasks while mom is inside which is very beneficial.

I just wish he would ask us to come out and spend the day on a Saturday so he can work when he needs it.  I mean I know I am always welcome, but I do plan other activities for us.  If he would but ask, I could come do their laundry (with mine) and at least fix lunch on Saturday while G mowed and Dad got things done in his yard.  My yard is so small I can mow it Sunday afternoon.

So we have  a trip with the youth group coming up for which I think we are both excited.  I am anyway.  Hopefully I will get some really nice photos of G dressed up next Friday at the closing ceremonies.  Some of G's friends from her old public school are being pulled out and going to a private school next year as well.  G feels really badly for her friend because she knows how hard it is to leave her friends.  She will not let it go and attempts to make me feel badly for sending her to a private school.  I, however, have no sympathy and expect one day for her to understand why I did it.