Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Winter Arrived

School and work are closed again, can't say I am terribly disappointed.  The snow is very pretty and it is very cold.  Not worth going outside.  I dare say G is awake in her room probably on the phone playing games with her friends.  I couldn't sleep later than 730.  That is what age gets you.  Of course we did go to bed as if we had school and work.  I would like to pop a movie in but don't want to wake the thirteen year old attitude. 

Yesterday, I went to my parents to sit with my mom.  The new sitter was there.  She is very friendly and has 12 years of experience with patients with Alzheimer's.  She is even willing to cook lunch which then doubles as supper for my parents.  She is apparently a good cook.  Yesterday was my off day so I didn't eat there.  Mom knew me as her sister, her daughter, that lady, ma'am, "Who are  you?" and I think once she said my name.  It is really sad.  We watched The Andy Griffith Show and enjoyed the nostalgia and talent of another time. 

Celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr by sitting with my mom was a good day.  You know, his dad renamed himself and MLK after a trip to Germany and after the Great Reformer Martin Luther.  MLK was a pastor and preacher of the Word.  He loved Jesus and would be so ashamed of what the left and democrats have done to his legacy.  He was also a gun toting Republican.  History is being re-written in the culture and people don't seem to understand or know it well. 

Public schools have marxism all through and that is what happens, re-writing of history causing divisions in people to have a permanent set of victims.  Sad!

Anyway, I stayed on my phone mostly and can't post from there.  By the way I hate apple and iphones.  They are really terrible products.  But of course in this day and age no tech company can or should be trusted.  So much for this post, I don't really have anything to say.  I think I will curl up with a book and some podcasts.  ta-ta

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Oh What a Night

 So G's big Christmas present was the Katy Perry Witness concert in LR Friday.  From the time I purchased the tickets until we got to the venue I built up such anxiety about going for a myriad of reasons including irrational fears.  I even asked my niece to take her but in the end took her myself.  We drove over early and got to park for free right across the street.  It iced and snowed in our town Friday and both school and work were closed.  The roads though were cleared by 2pm which allowed us to get to the venue 2 hours early.  

G was bouncing off the walls with excitement in the car.  Carly Rea Jepsen was the opening act and I knew her 1 song Call Me Maybe which she sung second to last.  G knew 2 of her songs, that one and the last one.  I didn't even know she had any other songs.  G knew precisely how many YouTube hits her songs had too.  

G was excited to purchase KP merch of which she bought 2 t-shirts, a pop socket, the kat ears that blinked and a poster.  We had the absolutely worst seats in the house by 1 row.  We had the 1st 2 seats on the second row from the top at the top of the stage.  G was nonplussed.  She was in katy perry heaven.  

And there was NO resistance mess for which I am thankful.  The one song of hers in the concert I hate is the kissed a girl.  She didn't do the other song I hate so yea.  She encouraged the audience to make sure and let people know you love them.  She called her dad to tell him she loved him and that she was praying for him (he lives near the CA mudslides).  I thought that was a nice touch.  Before going to bed, G even told me she loves me because KP told the audience to tell your parents you love them.  Of course some of this is because now that KP is 33, she is realizing how very smart and important her parents are.  Funny how that perspective changes as one gets older.

Katy Perry is very much an entertainer.  She interacts with the audience including or trying to include all of the venue.  Her props are interesting.  She popped up from several different sections of the floor and floated on things above the crowd.  She even had the Left Shark from the super bowl, the one that went viral for dancing and stealing the attention.  She had an acrobat demonstrate phenomenal strength and beauty while dancing on a pole then on a lit ball.  He was amazing, and I was mesmerized.

Every time G heard a song she recognized she did the whole both hands to the face with the squeal "(name of song) is my favorite.  Oh My SHE IS SINGING (name of song)".  I tried to get a picture of G's excitement but couldn't get the photo in time.  That alone was worth all of my anxiety to take her.

We got home about 130 this morning.  G fell asleep on the way home.  At one point she randomly says, "Katy Perry wasn't selling sox."  Then she laid back and slept.  As we pulled down our street, G woke up and I asked her if she remembered saying that.  She smiled and said she did which makes me think she was so very asleep that had I not mentioned it she may have not realized she said it out loud.  

This morning I slept 'til 825 then fell back asleep until 1030.  G woke me up at that time.  She has been on the phone since she woke up.  She is hanging out in her room playing video games with her friends.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Some Recent Photos

Attempting a selfie on New Year's Eve.  We stayed up playing games.  It was fun.

G helping our neighbor learn how to use her I-Pad.  I was waiting to be let in but they didn't hear the doorbell at first.

This is the top photo in color but with us laughing.  I think G was laughing at me but I choose to think she was laughing with me.

And today, school and work is cancelled due to the ice on the road.  I have to get out in a sec and go get gas.  I will write all about it later.

So G is still asleep.  This is the snowmageddon that has been predicted all week.  The snow is still coming own and will until like 11 or so.  I hope the roads won't be terrible.  

I finally got some new glasses.  Two pair of normal glasses and one pair of sunglasses.  The sunglasses are the same frames of what is in the photo.  I like the darker frames.  The other pair are dark as well but are a bit thinner.  This gives me more options to wear with different color outfits.  Plus my eyesight is really bad.  I will never be able to go back to contacts due to the severe astigmatism.  I am in tri-focal progressive lenses.  If you click on the color photo of me and G you can see the gray hairs curling out of my head.  I don't mind having them.  They are a sign of aging, and I want to age well.

I think the black and white photo is one of my new favorites.  May use it as the background on this tiny computer.

Ta-ta for now...

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Okay, So It Won't Be a Daily Post

I wish I made time to post daily particularly about the cultural things I see.  I suppose I don't make time because of all the other projects for which I should also make time and since I don't, I won't here either.

Update, G managed to break out using tea tree oil on her face.  She bought it, so she told me, to help with wrinkles.  When I asked what wrinkles she pointed to her knuckles.  Well, apparently she put it on her forehead and now has a lovely swath of tiny blisters which is very reminiscent of the time she broke out from my home treatment of her molluscum.  I am now beginning to think she has an allergy to tea tree oil.  I asked her not to use it again particularly on her face.  It may be something else except that the breakout happened within hours of her using it. 

She is really stressed out now about it though.  She is using cortisone cream and benadryl cream to clear it up.   I warned her not to use it because if it is an allergy, each use could produce worse results. 

School is back in session.  G still hates being there and doesn't like hearing that I plan on her graduating from there.  She still hasn't made any friends and the one girl she talks too all the time is not a good influence.  This child, whether bragging or what, told G that she has tried pot and that at Thanksgiving she drank her aunt's liquor and fell down the stairs.  Selfishly, I would like for t his child to go away!  Needless to say, G will never be allowed to hang out with this girl outside of school.

I woke up thinking today was Friday.  Scary.  It took a few for me to re-orient myself to the fact that today is Tuesday.  Having Monday as a holiday 2 weeks in a row really messes with me. 

Work is going well like I said in an earlier post.  I am fixing all of my errors.  Yesterday my boss found a potentially huge error that has been ongoing (affecting a small number of people) but started well before I arrived.  It isn't even something I would have known was happening.  She made it into more of a crisis than it needed to be but I am discovering that seems to be her m.o.  The crises she creates or blows up is then fixed presumably by her and all of the credit then goes to her.  Interesting to say the least.  Ultimately it is about taxes but the system we use calculates it correctly she just didn't know that.  So I guess it isn't a problem anyway. 

I am trying to catch up on my news feed and free movies.  There is not enough time in the day to do everything I want to do.  See the first paragraph.

I renewed the zoo membership and waited on the cards to arrive so G and I could go only to discover after a month that they don't mail the cards anymore.  I am going to try to plan a trip soon getting there early on a Sat morning and spending the day.

Well, that is all I have for now.  Ta-ta

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

See, 2nd Post for the Year

Usually I read blogs and news updates through a feed like the old google reader.  Sadly, the posts are a day old before I see them.   Other news I pick up off twitter.  Mostly, I post articles to facebook, gab, and twitter from the feed or from an article but mostly from the feed.  I am old and slow so there is that. 

I have now passed the rubicon with my mom.  Auto spell check is telling me I spelled that word wrong but I am leaving it for now.  Last night I had to take mom to the bathroom which I have been doing but she is so far along in her Alzheimer's that she can't make sure she is clean if  you get my drift.  I am begging God to remove the memory.  When I took her back in the den my dad asked if she got herself clean and I said, "No, I did that for her.  I am too young to do that to my mom."  Then I patted him on the shoulder as he lifted his eyebrows in his "I understand" motion. 

Even when she fell and broke her back I didn't have to go that far.  And somehow it is different to help when there is a break or something that though she knows what to do she can't do than when she is like a toddler in a 74 year old body. 

Mostly, she has no idea who I am.  Last night she kept asking me about my mother.  I kept telling her she was my mother and she would look surprised then say, "Well, I don't know?" Like in a question but with a statement of disagreement behind the words.

Anyway, enough about my mom, technically she is already gone as far as the mom I knew and had growing up.  I mean she is in there somewhere but I will see her fully healed and in her right mind one day in heaven.  "Come, Lord Jesus, Come" is my cry.

I didn't mention in the last post about my progress on reading the Bible in a year.  So last January our church set out a reading plan to read the Bible in a year.  I grabbed one and set my mind to do that.  Every night I would read before going to bed and sometimes I would read ahead if I knew that I would be late on another night.  I was doing so well and had the book of Micah to go.  On Dec 31, after my Sunday nap G and I played games and saw 2018 roll in.  Then I went to bed and finished my reading plan at 1:30 am 2018.  Yep, I missed finishing the reading plan by not reading the last book in the afternoon or that morning and waited until I went to bed.  The irony wasn't lost on me. 

I did pick up a new plan for this year and have resolved to read 2 chapters in the morning and 2 at bedtime.  I need to be covered all day and all night in God's word.  Bible Study Fellowship helps too.  We are in the book of Romans.  Such a wonderful study. 

Anyway, this is a morning post and it is back to school.  I need to get off this tiny computer and make sure the routine gets back on track with everything being put in the back pack that is needed. 

Monday, January 01, 2018

Merry (belated) Christmas and Happy New Year

I know it wasn't so for everyone but 2017 wasn't a bad year for me.  I am still enjoying the Donald J Trump presidency, specifically the media and Hollywood meltdowns. The whole #metoo thing is out of control and will do more harm to women than men; though, I think some innocent men will be harmed as well.  Women will find it harder to meet men who will be very fearful of being wrongly accused of sexual harassment to flirt. 

Then to look at this whole equality thing which really isn't about equality but superiority, seeing that women are underrepresented in male jobs like trash collection, plumbing and generally disgusting jobs that men tend to do because the jobs must be done.  Women are hurting themselves trying to play both the victim and the empowered at the same time.  Something will give and I fear women will be hurt.  We shall see how this continues to play out, though.  The whole 3rd wave feminism has been an utter failure.

For me, 2017 actually was pretty good.  Financially, I am still on shaky grounds and probably won't get it all straight in 2018.  I will, however, do my best to try and get fully back on track while paying for private school for G and the new car I bought over a year ago and paying rent to my dad who graciously allowed me a year off. 

Well, technically he gave me more than a year off if I needed it but I am going to try to start paying rent this year.  Actually I am already late as per my self imposed payment schedule due to not seeing him today.  I forgot to hand it over when I saw him last Friday.

I still live with the boot over my head feeling where my job is concerned.  I will never be job secure again.  This is just a thing I must over and over again turn to God for continued grace, mercy and provision and live in His Life.  By the way, honestly, leaving my cares for Him to solve is hard for me, the natural worrier.  I resolve in 2018 to daily work on that whole not worrying thing.

Christmas at our house was a success.  G didn't really have a list because her true wish came through due to a phone upgrade with the buy one get one at the carrier.  By the way all of you apple people, I hate this phone.  Coming from an android that I loved, this one, I hate.  Just had to get that out there.  G is extremely happy though so I will say nothing more about it.  Mostly, G was surprised with her Christmas.  She assumed she knew but she didn't.

This year was the year to admit the knowledge of Santa so instead of me doing everything with the elf, G and I played a game of taking turns to hide it.  The rules were once found it couldn't be moved while the other person watched and there could be very little hints.  Also, we couldn't hide the thing in a place the other person was absolutely not going to go or in a cabinet or drawer unless the other person used that cabinet or drawer often.  It was actually fun.  I found it for the last time so I hid it for the year.  He will return at Thanksgiving this year to start the fun again.

This year we adopted a single kid family in need and purchased Christmas for this kid.  It was fun for both G and me to shop for him.  Mostly, I got clothes but he did end up with 4 fun things.  I delivered the gifts and food provided by our church's youth Hope for the Holidays on Christmas Eve.  It was blessing to bless someone else though practically speaking this may be the only year we participate so fully.

School starts back for G this week.  She still hates it.  I am sympathetic but will make no other changes.  I am praying that I will be able to afford school this next year as well.  Hate to have those new uniforms go to waste you know.  Of course it is the education that is most important so I am trusting God with this for sure.

We have lots of new movies to watch this year.  Well, I have lots, whether G will allow them to be watched on the main TV or if I have to resort to the old lap top remains to be seen.  Found a new favorite, The Kingsmen,  Watched the 1st one and now am waiting for the second to come down in price low enough to buy it.

Speaking of movies, G and I saw The Star and Jumanji this holiday season.  The Star was wonderful and I can't wait for it to come out on DVD.  The other, while funny, had lots of potty humor or suggestive comments.  I never saw the first one though so I don't know if it was similar.  This movie won't be added to the home collection because once was enough for me anyway.

The fasting lifestyle is still happening.  I gained weight this holiday season beginning on Thanksgiving through Christmas.  But this is a new year and back on track we go.  G is struggling to maintain what she thinks is a good weight.  I am not encouraging her weight loss but I do encourage healthy eating and exercise.  I will let her have goals but won't encourage dieting, not at 13.

My holiday is almost over and I return to work tomorrow.  Then I am off for Martin Luther King day which is a nice deal.  That breaks the work up so there isn't such a long stretch without a break.  I enjoy the holiday breaks for sure.

It was supposed, or rather was predicted, to snow this weekend but alas, it didn't, though it is miserably cold outside.  No reason to be outside though so it's all good.

I found a "deal" on a very inexpensive computer because our "main" family computer is on the last leg.  I am typing this on the new laptop which is a dell 11 inch or in other words, almost too small to type on.  This will be an internet only computer and the family one will hopefully last longer and be the office suit computer rather than a everyday use computer.  That all being said, with this little computer I may be able to actually blog more often.  It was too difficult to do so on the family one due to the slowness of it.  The tablets are too small to type on and the new phone won't allow photo updates to blogger.  I haven't figured out how to fix it and I refuse to pay for the app.  Another reason to hate the new phone but again I will say no more about it.

This holiday G has spent lots of evenings staying up very very late.  Her return to school will come with a painful cost I am afraid.  I have tried to warn her about not getting her nights and days mixed up but what do I  know?  I have always been a middle aged person, ammiright?  At least in her world that is.

So that is the update ending 2017 while inviting 2018 to begin.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Last Minute Christmas Gift For Parents of Adult Children

Praying the Scriptures for Your Adult Children by Jodie Berndt who has also written a book for praying for children and teenagers.  Reading this book lead me too purchase the praying for teens book since G is not yet an adult.

Each chapter tells a story personal to the author or to someone whm the author knows about a situation the adult children are heading into or in the midst of which sent the parents to their knees in prayer.  The stories tell how God worked in each situation even when the outcome wasn’t necessarily for what the parents prayed.  God doesn’t always answer prayers in our specific timeframe nor to our specific outcomes.  This book encourages parents to continue praying through the situation and on behalf of their children and in-laws being affected by the situations specifically for God’s will and His glory.

At the end of each chapter there are specific verses to pray over each son, daughter, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, grandchildren and other family members.  It really is a helpful book for parents who have in some cases no idea how to help or what to say.  Always the most important thing a parent can do is pray.  Remember the Holy Spirit prays when all we can do is groan.  Watching our children go through difficult times can absolutely make us do no more than groan.  The most loving thing then is to pray the Spirit’s words over them.

The book doesn’t only have difficult stories but stories of blessings and ways to pray blessings in the most benign of times as well.  Encourage each other in the Lord.  This book can guide you to do just that.

I received this book in exchange for a fair review.  Thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.