Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year

I put on my daddy's hat. He was at the grocery store and G and I stayed with my mom.

I overheard him calling someone or some company about sitters coming twice a week. Hopefully, he can get that worked out. Please pray the sitters are honorable.

In other news, I took Christmas down alone since the pre-teen copped a lovely attitude and has been pouting on the couch all day.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from our house to yours. May the Christ of Christmas visit you in your activities, traditions and family and friend interactions as He has done in ours.

And if you are a believer go to your place of worship today. This is the day the world, across cultures, has elected to worship Jesus, the King of Kings, on His 1st Advent.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

2 Posts in a Month

So this is about a conversation G and I had one night.  G is obsessed about height, specifically, people's height.  She wants to know how tall people will be including herself.  Currently, she is 5 ft-ish.  I think she is 5'1" but not sure.  I haven't any idea how tall she will be.  I never was really concerned with how tall I would be at her age.  I just don't remember being so obsessed about this particular feature.  Maybe I was just taking my future height for granted.

Anyway, one night after the 15th question about a little Indian (from India) boy and how tall I thought he would be based on his parents who were raised in India, I asked her why she was obsessed and why it mattered.

She said, "I don't have anyone to look at to tell how tall I will be. You have grammie and grandad.  S has his parents, but I don't know how tall my parents were."

Touche'.  That stopped me.  I said, "okay, fair enough."  I went on to explain that even if she knew how tall her China parents were she still might not know how tall she would be now that she is living in America.  I explained that due to nutrition and her location in China she would be smaller than she is now living in America if she had stayed in China.  I told her that the China growth charts for children really are different from the US.  I also explained that though I do know what my parents look like I actually am the shortest in my family other than my mom and am not as tall as my dad, so even with knowing what parents look like I still would not have known my future height.

I am not going to say that I will not continue to be annoyed with all the obsessive questions about height.  I will, however, try to be more patient when talking to her.  This is one of the rare moments when adoption affects us.  One of the rare moments that she is conscious or more so and willing to discuss it than she is generally.  She continually insists that her eyes don't look Chinese and that all eyes are almond shaped.  She is very funny in this obsession.

So I just wanted this out there.  Sometimes adoption is a thing and sometimes it isn't.  Parents just need to be aware of this and question appropriately to guide growing kids through the thought processes.

Today G had a friend over to decorate (pre-packaged) ugly sweater cookies.  This friend knows that together they decorate gingerbread houses and told her mom that she and G hadn't done that yet.  I told G that and G was glad she remembered that that is a tradition now for them.  At this moment they are at a church function watching the friend's sister in a Christmas program.  Then they will go to my mom's church to a Christmas party.  Neither girl is good at using the phone to keep in touch with each other.  G's phone is jacked up and the texting feature doesn't work.  Her friend consistently leaves hers uncharged or lost for days on end.    I warned them that they had better find another way to contact each other or they won't be speaking in the future.  Of course I was kidding.

May or may not post before Christmas or after Christmas.  So Merry Christmas and Happy Holy Days.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Holiday Season

It is right and proper to not only wish people a "Merry Christmas" but also "Happy Holidays" as the word "holiday" itself originally means "holy day" and the plural refers to the days involved in the Advent season as Believers world wide, particularly in the high church traditions, participate in looking back at the first advent as a prophecy to the second advent.  Another time to wish people "Happy Holidays" is during lent and Easter season, which ironically used to be the biggest celebration in Christendom.  Sadly, due to changing traditions and marketing the Christmas season has now become the largest holiday in the Western world.

What we've been upto:

I think we saw Fantastic Beasts before we bought the car and I may have already posted this but I still like it.

The weekend after Thanksgiving and the car, we put our Christmas tree up.  It fit in the new car but now we have lots of pine needles in the trunk.  This year G decided that from now on we need a fake one so after Christmas we will be purchasing a fake one for next year.  After seeing a report about fires on the news, I am in agreement.

G took the independent school exam and we haven't received the grades yet.  I think we are accepted but now I am praying for the tuition to be affordable.  Our current school received the notice and e-mailed me. I explained like I had already to her teacher that it comes down to my mom and the loss of support of my dad (not by his choice but circumstances and not right now but down the road closer than we want).

G had her Christmas concert at school.  A country music star came to perform with them.  My phone storage shut down my phone while I was recording G's class singing their original song.  They wrote the song like they did last year.  The headmistress said no "Jesus" songs as that might offend someone.  Luckily, the country music star didn't hear her or didn't care and he proclaimed Christ through his private mini-concert after the kids sang.  Interestingly he didn't sing any Christmas songs.  I had never heard of him but he came from the area where G goes to school.  Maybe some readers may know him.

My mom is in solid stage 2 but last night she seemed to be up with conversations and making sense.  Dad is just so sweet with her.  We aren't putting mom's Christmas tree up this year.  We also aren't going to my uncle's for Christmas because my mom can't handle it.

We celebrated mom's birthday.  We got her packages of cookies because she doesn't really need anything.  Dad got her pjs which she offered to me for some reason.  I told her I didn't need them.

Her water aerobics friends came out that day and celebrated with her too which was very nice.  My aunt came out earlier and brought her a poinsettia. I love the picture of them holding hands.  Dad fell asleep and I think mom wasn't having a great day.  The photo isn't good but it is full of meaning.

 Our elf returned late and I think G forgot about him.  I sure did.  I don't think G believes but I am letting it go.  Here he is feeling very sorry for the poor fish because G didn't clean the tank well last Sunday and it is a putrid green color.  As I type this she is supposed to be cleaning it again but she is 12 which means she knows best and would rather spend time on her phone.

I am going through the change which is probably to much information but dang these hot flashes.  They are killing me.  Today we are having 70 degree weather which will drop to 21 tonight.  On top of that my body temp flashes to at least 100+ for long enough to be so uncomfortable while G is bundled up in a sweat shirt and long pants.  THAT CHILD!  Of course I have the house temp set at 64-65 so she freezes most of the time, heh.  I can't help it; this is miserable.  It is definitely not a joking matter.  I think more women should talk openly about this to encourage those of us just starting it.

I am behind in Christmas cards which I plan to do today.  We have to make a trip to the dollar store and wally's world for friend gifts.  I haven't sent my nephew and niece any gifts yet.  I did send my sister a gift about sight seeing in NY because I thought her whole family was going but it turned out it was just her, my niece, her daughter in law and the DIL's mom.  Just a girl's trip, I guess my nephew had to work.  

Okay of to get started on the massive amounts of chores.

Friday, November 25, 2016

New Owner

Of this Chevy Cruze.  It is way smarter than me with some temporary perks.  My Altima that I had less than 4 years was dying.  My dad said I needed to buy a new car so G and I headed to a dealership owned by some folks with whom I go to church.  Anyway, I hate chevys normally but I am enjoying this one.  It is very low on miles, literally the lowest miles I have ever purchased on a car.  It is also the most expensive I have every had.  I came in to say that I could only pay a certain amount but I knew I could pay a bit more.  Of course I am now not able to pay rent to my dad.  He said that was okay I will try to figure something out and pay something on rent.  I haven't had a car payment in almost 20 years.  This is going to take a while to pay off.  Truly this is a way smarter car than I am.

It is smaller than our altima but it is a prettier color and has a sunroof.  G likes that it is a smart car but I can't afford to add it to my phone wi-fi and I can't afford to pay the onstar after the 6 months is up and I can't afford to pay the xm after the 90 days is up.  We will see how smart it is after that time frame.  I may not be able to pay the additional insurance on the car.  I have to contact them on Monday.  I wasn't even planning to buy a car but just put the word out on about looking for a new to me car. They had one and could get my payments where I needed them so I went for it.

So now I need to pray that I keep my job until the car is paid off and that I can afford some sort of rent payment.  If dad is okay with no rent then I may still b able to pay the private school fees next year as well.  Again we will have to see.  I am praying for school fees as well as acceptance to the school and a great grade on the entrance exam.  So pray with me if you feel led.

Friday, October 28, 2016


This presidential season is full of uncertainties and really bad candidates.  Of course when you vote for one you are not just voting for that person but for all of the political appointees that person makes.  I voted for the administration that aligns closest to my beliefs such as pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, anti-PC and a much more careful immigration policy that favors those coming legally rather than crossing without vetting or permission (basically enforcing what we have).  I am sure you can see who that would be.  Early voting baby~

So today leaving work I turned too sharply while backing out forgetting that I was parked next to a guy wire.  Then 45 mins later when I drove into my dad's driveway something long and plastic fell off of my car.  YEA!! ME!!  I just recently had to borrow money to have the radiator fixed in my car and some other big things fixed as well as replace all my tires.

My mother is getting worse.  My dad has reached out for help through our state's area on aging.  They have a homebound nurse coming not very often but often enough to help with her care.  She still is particular with what she eats and she prefers ice cream.  I am thinking at this point, darn the diabetes and let her have the ice cream.  She "has" pre-diabetes supposedly.  I mean this disease is going to kill her why not let her have the food she wants and can enjoy now while she can eat it??  Yes it might cause difficulty in the process but it is already a difficult process!!

G is doing well.  Due to my mother's rapidly declining health I am investigating a different (closer to my work) school and would appreciate prayers for the financing.  She is taking a huge placement test on Dec 3 so prayers for that as well.  We need to be working on taking pre-tests.  It is a massive undertaking.

The school where G is now focuses more on projects than core which I am not sure will help G, who is 6 years away from college, succeed in college.  I do want her to learn how to use the machines but I need her to learn core things too.  She claims she wants to be a saleswoman.  I don't see it.  She has a lot to learn to become one particularly how to talk to people.  I will say that the kinderg√§rtners who are there now will be fine because I think by the time college comes for them the colleges will be very different.

G and I have taken advantage of our zoo membership and gone several times in the morning because parking is now a nightmare so it is best to get there early and stay through lunch which we bring.  The older I get the less I want to be in crowds or drive around crowds or guy wires for that matter.

G became interested in learning cross stitch so I taught her from a set she purchased.  Her interest got my interest back so I am trying to finish some of the projects I started but failed to complete.  I found the Christmas ornaments I never framed but may do so this year and give them as gifts to my nephews that never got one.  G said we will put them on our tree instead.

On Thursday nights I am in a BSF class.  We are going through the book of John.  I finished reading the Bible to G now we are doing the family BSF sheets at night.  Saturation in the book of John is lovely.  G is being faced with some interesting things at school.  She needs truth poured into her and we both seek forgiveness for our sins and learn to live in His grace and mercy.

So the holidays are also upon us.  G is going as Charlie Brown dressed as a ghost from the It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.  I had an old sheet we used.  They will trick or treat at school on Monday.  Our church is doing something Sunday afternoon.  She wants to trick or treat at age 12.

I don't think that this Thanksgiving holiday we will have the money to paint anything so my room and bathroom will just have to keep on waiting.  G's fish is doing well thought I have been thinking that if we have a severe winter like they are predicting then things will be very bad for it.  If the power goes out for any significant time the fish will just freeze to death.  Doesn't take much to kill a betta.  I haven't pointed this out to G yet.  Best to wait and quit borrowing trouble.

Anyway, that is the update.  I think the blog's time is near an end.  I have to be careful of G and her privacy as she gets older.  I might start blogging about politics but am not sure I will have the time to devote to that.  I will try to post some photos later of her in costume.  I may decide to keep it up for the next year and end it.  Still thinking on it.  Anyway, that is all for now.

Sunday, September 11, 2016


Fifteen years later and we are not safer.  We are not safer because our ruling elites refuse to acknowledge the link between an ideology that teaches all unbelievers are infidels who deserve death and the followers of that belief system.  SJWs stand shoulder to shoulder with those who wish to oppress our free people under sharia.  Social Justice Warriors are using political correctness to do the same as sharia, take away the freedoms given to us by God, not government.

I want my country back.  I want 100% assimilation to Western ideals and Western beliefs which are not compatible with islam.  There I said it, and I believe it.  The change though will not come from government.  The change will only come from the heart as individuals come to meet Christ.  Therein lies the Christian's work:  pray for those who persecute you and love your enemies.  God can and will change the hearts of His enemies, as we all are born enemies of His (Romans 5:8).  He took the first step of redemption which was the cross, and in His resurrection He offers redemption to the world (John 3:16).

Even if our government takes away our freedoms as they seem determined to do, I will stand and proclaim God's truth from His word no matter the cost.

On to updates:  mom is still confused.  Friday she continued to ask me if I picked up one of those children.  She even said she thought it was going to be a boy when I pointed to G.  She asked me if I talk to her mom and when I explained she is dead, mom said she knew that.

So I told her I didn't and then she said, "Something about this ain't right."

Found out last week that my cousin has 3rd stage breast cancer and lymph nodes are engaged.  She will have treatment and then surgery in February.  She starts her treatment the week of her birthday which is soon.

G came home Friday from school in such a foul mood.  I just went to bed after getting the dishes done.  I wonder now (of course after the fact) if her feelings were hurt because of mom's memory.  Surely not though because she knows.  I know it still hurts but mom seemed to understand that G belongs and wondered if I was bringing another child not G.  It seemed that in her mind G belongs and wasn't the one I was going to get.

Currently, G is at youth group.  Once upon a time our youth group was or seemed like a very huge cohesive fun and friendly group.  Those kids graduated and it doesn't seem to have the same cohesion.  G is miserable in it but won't invite her friends from my parent's church to come.  It is important that she goes.  Mostly the group seems to be shrinking.  The kids in the group are still super nice but there is a definite age divide that is bigger than it used to be.

Twelve is a hard age and everything is terrible or so believes G.  She told me Friday that her life is terrible and when I tried to compare her life to a child in oh, I don't know, let's say Syria she said, "There can be two kinds of terrible."  Fair enough.

I am praying for compassion for her from me.  At least Friday I didn't have any.  She doesn't like her ride to and from school which is causing me great consternation because I know she is miserable but I haven't an option right now.  She is also mad that she has to leave at 3pm because her ride is a primary student who leaves at 3.

She told me that if we were the ones giving someone a ride and the person couldn't leave until 10 after we could that we would wait.  I told her that she was right because to me, I would have made a commitment and we would have put our own time and comfort aside to make sure that person could get home.  We are not the same people, what can I say?

Work is going well as far as I can tell.  I am still so grateful to have a job.  I do wish it were closer to home so I wouldn't have to spend so much on gas every week.  G and I bought some house plants Saturday.  She is currently obsessed by succulents and no, I don't know why.  She bought 2.  I bought some air purifying plants and a philodendron. We really don't have enough light for plants but what ever.  I sealed our game side of the table yesterday but ended up hurting the original side so I painted the mess ups and will re-seal that next week.

G bought the Hunger Games movie ($3.74 at WalMart).  I hate that movie.  I saw it with her on DVD and have warned her that I will not watch it with her.  She started it today at 2:30 while I was napping but when I got up it was still on. I wasn't happy.

I hate everything about that movie and book series though I can see how it can be a political commentary on our own country with the coastal elites so out of touch with the "fly over" country.  The violence doesn't make it enjoyable even with the commentary.

Anyway,  maybe I will or not keep the blog updated.  As G gets older her privacy is more important.  I guess I don't have as much to say either in general.  So now that school has started we are back in the swing.  I have to remember to fix G lunch which honestly is harder than it seems after a year off.

Have a great week and never forget to pray for those who protect us from all enemies foreign and domestic.