Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A Story I Want to Remember

This was told about my grandmother on my mother's side by my mother's sister.  When my grandmother was a child she had an experience with lightening that would make her fearful of storms the rest of her life.

Details are sketchy now so all I have is the jist of the story.  My grandmother and at least one of her 9 siblings were sitting on a bench in their living room as children during a thunderstorm when lightening struck and hit their cat which was in the middle of the floor.  It killed the cat and flipped over the bench with my grandmother and her sibling on it.  She never felt safe in a thunderstorm again.

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Not a Pleasant Update

But first a photo

This is G at the organized mass chaos at Centrikids camp at OBU the week of 7-25 to 7-29.  She left on our 11th family anniversary.  She had such a good time and came home talking about two girls she met there who were sisters.  We ran into the church leader who took them to camp at the wally world parking lot, and I asked about the girls and their mom.  As it happened he said the mom worked there, told us where and she was easy to locate so we gave her G's number to pass on to the girls.  Now they can stay in contact.

Onto the bad, my mom fell Thursday morning around 2 a.m.  Dad didn't know she had even gotten up so he didn't know it until it was too late.  She has a spinal compression fracture.  The ambulance had to come get her.  They got home around 930 that morning.

This morning she tried to get up, and he didn't hear her and she fell (not as hard) on the floor by her bed.  She won't stay in bed but she can't set up for long.  She doesn't realize she is home.  He needs an alarm for her so he can sleep and will wake him if she gets up.

Anyway, my dad is a prisoner because no one can spend all day with her for bathroom needs. Tonight when I got ready to leave from sitting by her bedside she tried to get up.  I texted G who was in the den and told her to grab dad and come back where we were.  She tried to get up again and dad stopped her.  I had already offered to stay so dad could get his shower, but he declined.  Now I think I should have made him.  I will tomorrow.  G will mow his yard for him.   Yes, G can sit with her and not let her get up but she can't help with potty needs or food needs.

So there we are now a bit farther down the road of Alzheimer's as each trauma pushes it a bit farther.  This has been just as traumatic for my dad.  He blames himself of all of it.  He had forgotten to turn on the night light in the bathroom so she couldn't see.  He even blames himself for giving her too much medication that made her get up and fall this morning.  She doesn't take medicine well anyway and he was trying to stay ahead of the pain.  He doesn't want her to hurt.

The love between them is just so uplifting to watch.  He just loves her.  She thought she saw him yesterday while I sat with her (he wasn't there) and pointed to him with a smile on her face told me to look at him.  I think she saw a photo of him but she believed it to be him.  He had walked out of the room.  I asked if she meant the photo and she described where he was "standing" but he wasn't there.
She asked about her mother today and I had to remind her that she has been dead for over 10 years.  She gave me the "talk to the hand" hand.  I had to remind her what year it is and that the grandparents are all gone.  I don't like that task.

If you readers (if there are any) think about her, please pray for them both.  There is a reason God is allowing this to happen and of course we will all die of our last disease, illness or accident.  So we are just watching the process in slow motion.  One day, she will be with her Savior free from this confusing disease.  Until then we remain in the church militant praying against the gates of hell so that it will not stand.  Death was defeated when Christ rose from the grave.  He is alive.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Some Photos to Share

This is a sunflower from my yard that I accidentally knocked over while mowing. The others are my gladiolas.

G and I are doing some painting. We painted the train table (green part) the same as the door that I haven't gotten used to yet. We plan on painting the white part a light brown then paint a darker brown over it with a special texture roller to make it a wood grain. My mom and I did that to her headboard a long time ago.


Last week while I waited on G to get done at VBS there was a really cool group of clouds that had a storm inside of them.  They were totally gorgeous.  The sun was behind me while I filmed but the light looked like sun in the clouds but in the video you can see the lightening.  I am sure at some point I have seen that before but that night it was a spectacular scene to me.  I stood and took videos and praised God in my heart for the beauty and majesty He created in storm clouds.

This Sunday while I napped G painted our failed mod podge table yellow. I don't know but somehow the yellow makes the mod podge part not look so very terrible.

Mom has had more rough days. Today she didn't know who G was and was so worried about that girl and where that girl's mother was. I explained for all the good it did and maybe in the moment it did work. My mom doesn't comprehend that G is 12 and no longer a baby. She knows G's name but today couldn't put it to the face. She totally doesn't remember my youngest nephews. Of course if they were here she would and with photos she sort of knows them or at least realizes she should know them.

G will be heading off to church camp next week, and I am praying that this is the week she will take this faith as her own.  She has already given her heart to Christ, but I want her to own it for herself.  We may or may not go on a fun activity this Saturday or Sunday.  I am still thinking on that.

G has completely lost her senses with this pokemon go since I told her not to get it at all and she claims to have forgotten what I said.  She is very close to losing her phone due to some very 12 year old ideas she and a friend implemented.  I am not enjoying the 12 year old attitude she throws at me most of the time.  It is during these moments a father in the home might be a great help.  She doesn't do this in front of my parents either or really any other adult.

It is just a phase and in less than 8 years she will be 20.  I just keep remembering that won't have her much longer and relationship is very important.  The day she leaves for camp will be our 11th anniversary of being a family.  She is such an American pre-teenager.

Monday, July 11, 2016

What We've Been Up To

Photos are posted in reverse order of the activity pictured.

showing off my awesome knife skillz on a watermelon almost cost me the tip of my finger. I actually don't have any real knife skills.  The watermelon doesn't have to be shared since G doesn't like it๐Ÿ˜€.

Painted the front doors on July 4th but I hate the color.  Now we will have to live with it.  Hoping it will grow on me.

picked almost 2 gallons of blueberries from a friend's bushes.  All are now frozen waiting for me to do something spectacular, other than in my imagination.

I had G clean the house; what else are 12 year olds good for? But she's awful cute doing it.

here she is mowing my parent's yard on the riding mower which she wishes we had too.  Not enough yard for us, we just push.

Other than keeping the fish alive and going to work; not much else is happening.  G did spend some money on a family trivial pursuit game and Mexican train dominoes set which we have played.  I can tolerate the TP game as it goes rather fast.  I really enjoy and am mostly beaten in Mexican train or chicken feet, another fun domino game. G has strategies.

G continues to spend the day with my parent's and helps around the yard.  My mom is slipping mostly recognizing us and not recognizing us in the same visit.  She rarely recognizes that her home is her home and is often ready to leave and go to some home she remembers but no longer owns.

G said she is ready to start school again but doesn't want to go back to the same.  She wants to go back to the public school but I won't allow that.  She thinks because she didn't have a report card with grades that she didn't learn anything.  Deal is, she learned more than she realizes.

So in a nutshell we are surviving, maybe thriving, praying for our country and our future.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Youth Trip 2016

The morning we left:

Cedar Point Amusement Park gondola ride:

Niagra Falls Canada side:

Toes in Lake Ontario, Niagra-on-the-Lake:

Our youth group took a trip which was dubbed a "rolling summer camp" sort of.  I was able to be a chaperone.  Ended up that I had a room by myself for the whole trip due to my assigned roommate backing out on the day we left.  G roomed with 3 girls and they all stayed up way too late but had a great time.  We went first to see the Creation Museum outside of Cincinnati, OH.  Then we headed to Cedar Point, OH amusement park.

The culmination of the trip was to Niagra Falls on the Canadian side.  It was a very fun trip.  We were told over and over from restaurant managers how well behaved and good our youth were.  One restaurant owner gave a history lesson on a pizza oven to 8 of our youth at lunch.  There were the 8 kids and 5 adults, of which I was one.  It was very interesting lesson.

Everyone seemed to get along well even at the end of the trip.  The bus wasn't terribly uncomfortable and we did get home about 5pm.  I of course got sick half way through and now have a sever cold and sinus infection.  I texted my boss for an extra day off so I could do laundry and rest.  I bought some mucinex for day time and alkaseltzer for night.  The advil cold and sinus I got in Canada wasn't helping me.

I took so many pictures and still have a lot to blog about but am too tired and sick to do so today.  

Monday, June 06, 2016

Mom Update

So weekends are triggers I suppose you could say for my mom. Out of routine, G not being there, not a lot of activity, and that triggers some fantastic ideas in her brain.  She came out with a terrible accusation that of course now she has no memory of but if ever uttered could have severe implications for her care.  Of course the accusation was all in her head and was not true.  She sees people in her house that aren't there.  She comes in and out of recognition of who her husband is.  She worries and frets.

My thought is that another family (I read about in the news) dealt with this type of accusation in the courts this last year.  Thankfully, the person was acquitted but of course not after having to go through heck to finally have common sense come to the front.

My mom called me yesterday afternoon with this and I finally got her to let me tell dad, who affirmed what I already knew that it wasn't true.  I tried to tell her it was a trick her mind was playing but she wouldn't believe me.

When my grandmother went through this she was always accusing people of taking her stuff or moving fences off her property.  My aunt was able to say, "I have checked and this is not happening" which would calm my grandmother but this that mom is going through is so not the same.  On her off days, mom really believes there are many various people at her house.  I truly believe she sees them.  The brain really can do some funny things to you.

Anyway, one Saturday coming up soon I am going to grab mom and take her out to visit my aunt to give my dad a break.  I have already sort of cleared it with her so as far as I am concerned it is a done deal.  I will not tell mom until the day of; makes things easier.  I will tell dad before hand so he can maybe get her dressed at least.

So if you think about it, please pray for my parents, mostly my dad.  I know Jesus will bring them through but they will be sorely tried.  I also trust that there is no suffering a child of God will go through that has no purpose.  We do not suffer in vain.  Romans 8:28-39

Saturday, June 04, 2016

Quiet Saturday and G's Busy Schedule

Pre-Teen kids have a busier social life than I do!!  G has plans for the zoo to celebrate her friend's bday, a trip to another friend's grandparents, car wash for church, church youth meeting, and up coming bake sale.  Plus she may want to go to VBS at a church that is not our own but one that will take kids who have finished 6th grade.  On top of all that she has youth trip coming up and attempting to make money on the internet with apps.  And we have had tears over her instagram account.  It is so very difficult to keep children protected.  It takes very little effort to pull up such inappropriate photos on instagram.  Why do people post such filth?

Then there is her personal favorite activity of irritating me by over and over asking for money and/or opportunity to make money or by proclaiming "I'm bored".  I offered to let her mow the yard today but then there was a short rain shower that nixed that idea.  It was short but very heavy.  Maybe she can mow tomorrow before youth group.

G planting the pine sapling given to her by her school at the closing ceremony.

First gladiola of the summer, oh so pretty

First sunflower of the summer but it isn't a giant though it came from a giant plant that re-seeded itself

And finally the fish have made friends. Henry II has decided to let Perry the Plady live.

No other news on the horizon.  Last week felt so long because of being off Monday.  Hopefully, it won't be so this week.  I am still thankful for a job especially after the recent jobs numbers.  This will be a very interesting political summer to watch.

My mother is still going downhill but she is not yet bedridden.  She still gets up, gets dressed, eats, watches TV and attempts to hold conversations sometimes.  She looks at magazines and watches the birds. Dad has 4 bird feeders in his yard located where my mom can see them from her normal chair in the den.  I don't think she is able to read anymore.  Processing the words is too difficult, and I am not sure she even tries anymore.

Off to fix supper and complete my Bible study for Sunday School.