Friday, September 29, 2006

Pictures of G then and now

Bear with me as I figure out how to appropriately post photos. I have been reading referral news this week so I thought I would post a photo of Gotcha day and the submission to a digital album created by a couple of women from the orphanage yahoo group for the orphanage staff.

The four pics I submitted were one of the medical exam day, one of G on the bus in Guangzhou after leaving the mall and then the two recent are in April around her birthday.

Unplanned Blogger

So I am now in the blogosphere partly by accident. I was attempting to leave an encouraging comment to a fellow blogger but she has it protected so I signed up to leave the comment.

I had been thinking about jumping on the blog bandwagon as I see the benefit of doing so over yahoo groups. Don't get me wrong the yahoo group was good and fun but more time comsuming to log in and type a short e-mail. Plus now yahoo has wired it all so that it is more difficult to respond back to a group. This way if some one wishes to see this update or posting they can jump, skip, or hop on over or not. Yahoo sent an email and unless someone unsubscribed they got it anyway. So here I am and I guess I am glad.

I have a daughter, adopted from Wuzhou SWI, Guangxi Prov, People's Republic of China. We were officially a family on July 25, 2005. On October 25 this year she will officially be with me for as long as she wasn't with me. Does that make sense. To me this is a mile stone. Somehow looking forward last year I felt getting to this point would take a long time but it seems the time has certainly flown.

So, I guess I will blog more about the adoption and post pictures later. I am still new to my own blog site that I almost don't know what to say.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Unless otherwise noted, every thing on this blog is original content by the blog author and shall not be lifted, borrowed, repeated, used or copied without explicit written permission by blog author. This includes all photos, blog posts and ads written by blog author. There are no exceptions except where blog author has made agreement with marketing authority (usually in contract already prior to posting). The copy right on this blog will include all years active and inactive, past, present and future.

Monday, September 25, 2006

About Me

I am a single adoptive mom of a precious daughter. My daughter is Chinese by birth and American by adoption. I am on the verge of 40 but feel closer to 33. I love to blog and visit blogs. My favorites are those blogs that resemble my family, ie, formed by adoption, though I am not an adoption blog snob.

I will accept paid or sponsored posts as long as they are not sexual or violent in nature. If you wish to contact me for a paid or sponsored ad, you can e-mail me.

I am politically, fiscally and morally conservative. I am pro-life at all life stages. My vote is and will always be swayed to those politicians who are pro-life without exception and without regard to party. I will post my views as well as articles by conservative authors I read (with proper credit of course).

I welcome any and all comments as long as they are respectful to me, my family or other commenters/bloggers. I have no tolerance for those rude comments that call names or pick on character flaws. But first I must admit that for all the ugly things that can be said about me and my POV, I can relate twice that and say, "You don't know me very well."

So stick around, poke around, get to know me through what I write. I am sure there will be times we agree and will disagree but don't let that stop a budding friendship as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. Pr 27:17