Friday, October 27, 2006

Great Run, hungh?

So once in my pre-g life I was a runner. I trained for 4 marathons and actually completed 2. The first one I ran in Memphis in 2000. Then I trained for the next year's run but due to double ear infection and sinus stuff (Yes I am a weenie with the sickness stuff) I didn't run it at all. The next one I ran in Nashville and had coaxed a co-worker into running it with me (so I wouldn't have to train alone), and we both completed that one (she much faster than me). Nashville in 2002 was her first and my (so far) last.

The next one we (same friend and me) trained for was San Diego in 2004. Due to a stress fracture about two weeks outside of the race, I couldn't run it. However, with tickets bought, I accompanied this same friend and her hubby to San Diego to support her run. So far she hasn't had time to train for another marathon though; she is still running, and I haven't run again...until today.

While I waited for referral and travel etc. I took the time to let my leg heal completely so that I would be able to get back into the running after bringing G. While I was home with her last Aug., I would put her in the stroller and walk with my neighbor, you know build up to running, except for G. The thing was, she hated being in the stroller with a WHITE HOT PASSIONATE HATE and eyes that screamed terror. Okay, so we won't stroll in the stroller. I started carrying her in a body carrier instead.

Well, I got rid of that jogging stroller with the clear intentions of getting another this past spring to try again. I couldn't store that stroller due to something broken in the fold down thing-a-ma-jiggy. Anyway, I switched occupations and failed to come up with income to pay the normal bills much less buy a jog stroller. I just never got back into it.

Here is the other thing, I am currently reading a book about the 6 styles of procrastination (more depth in another post). I am a procrastinator and a perfectionist. So that combination is not very good. See, if I can't do it (whatever that "it" may be) 100% immediately then I don't try. My house is never neat and tidy and I hate to clean it because my idea of perfect will not be met by me so why try? I know I know.

When this perfectionistic procrastination is applied to running, see, I can't run a marathon right now so why try. This is something that has held me back from a lot of things and potential accomplishments in my life. I don't want to put forth the effort and fail so why try. I realize that I didn't run a marathon my first day of running so why do I think I should be able to do that now? I had to work up to running the first mile and I will have to re-do that training now. I guess because I did eventually run one that I feel that now I should be able to do so.

But today I took the step to start, and I walked/ran around the block. The day is one of those perfect days for running, low 60s, windy not too humid, YEEHAW. Okay, so it felt good to get out there. I think I will try to keep this up even if it means getting a stroller on credit. Maybe G is old enough to enjoy it now??? I also need to invest in a good pair of running shoes again.

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