Sunday, October 08, 2006

Harvest Moon Festival

Saturday was a big and busy day for us. I failed miserably taking pictures of the morning but both of my cousins and their children came as well as a friend from gmark and my old next door neighbor. The kids had a blast playing in the jumper. G had more fun when everyone was gone just jumping with her our old neighbor, Sam. The number of kids was quite overwhelming to her I think. She really closed down to them.

She had spent the night with Grammie and Grandad and (related by my mom) said, "I not see mama agin?" Grammie's heart broke and Grandad explained how she would be taken home the next morning for the jumper party. This comment explains what happened at the party. As I was showing my cousins around the house, G and a younger cousin were coloring on the chalk board. I didn't think much of it so I closed the door to that room keeping the cats out of their way. About that time another friend comes through and then I hear "she's right here, here is your mama." G is hysterical. When we were alone in the kitchen later, she looked at me and said, "you weft me, mama!" Sweet baby girl, Mama will never leave you. I told her I was so sorry that I thought she was coloring and I was showing her/our cousins around.

I guess she is going through something. I don't know.

Later that day we headed out to the FCC Memphis Harvest Moon Festival. G called it the "happy moon festival". This is the biggest event we have and it was a blast. G had the best time. It was held on a farm that has show horses. The horses were great and G even fed them. They were aggressively friendly. Basically if you were by a fence the horse assumed you had something for him so he sniffed you to see. G wanted the "harsey in her back".

We made lanterns of construction paper cut like fish with the glow sticks in the center. G wanted to keep her glow stick on all night. We had a fight about it because it is a necklace that could choke her. She did keep it in the bed with us all night though.

There was a bon fire with s'mores and all. G had her first roasted marshmellow. I have a picture of it. She didn't really like it though. There was so much food and so many of our friends who are waiting or recently returned or are older. It was a great mix of ages and people.

She fell asleep in her blue jeans, shoes, t-shirk, and jacket. She refused to have any of it removed. I left her that way. I think she wanted to keep wearing the memories of the evening.

Today was a relaxing day with Grammie and Grandad. She fell asleep tonight at 8:30pm. Wish I could have.

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