Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Mickles and more

G is fascinated by body parts which I suppose is normal for this age. She has discovered her "mickles" (nipples) recently. She asked me what those were and since I have decided to call all body parts the correct name when she asks, I told her. Her interpretation of what I said however is not quite the right term but hey, she is only 2. She also wanted to pull her mickles off and I told her that would hurt and they are attached like her belly button. Now she wants to see them even after she is dressed and tells me I covered them up with her shirt. Finally, I told her that her mickles should always stay covered.

She calls her bottom, bobum and other bobum. She hasn't asked specifically so I haven't labeled all parts for her. There is no daddy or boys here in the house so I don't have to label the boy parts at all, whew!! Well, at least not yet.

Something came up the other morning about dresses and I said, "Girls wear dresses and boys wear pants." Then I thought about that one since she was in pants and I modified it to, "Girls can wear pants but boys never wear dresses." We will see how long that definition in the difference in boys and girls lasts.

No job offers yet. No offers on the house yet. Substitute "teaching" at the junior high all day tomorrow. YEEHAW! Facing bratty prepubescent boys and girls, that is my idea of fun!! I will let you all know how it goes. I knew there was a reason I didn't go into the teaching profession.

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