Friday, October 13, 2006

mother step and hontas, oh my

So G has discovered the Disney Princesses. Specific favorite right now is Cinnoreno. We have watched it everynight that we have been home this week. I even put it in this morning after she was dressed so I could get ready.

From out of no-where I hear her crying hysterically. When I get there she has tears streaming and is in full cry mode. I pick her up and then I realize that it is the Pochahontas commercial on the Cinderella tape that has upset her.

She "no wike hontas, mama." Then I held her through the introduction of Cinderella because the "mother step get me, mama." She told me that last night when the wicked step mother came on the screen so I knew she would be afraid this morning.

Also, I am seeing in G now the ability to empathize. She gets very upset when Cinderella is scolded by the "mother step". It is amazing to watch her gain this insight. She is actually feeling for the characters. Sometimes I see her do this with the animals too. She doesn't do this so much with mama. Actually, she can be very not nice to me.

Last night (rather early this morning) she got herself sideways in bed, as usual, and started kicking me wanting me to move. Well, she lands direct kicks and is semi aware of what she is doing. I think she wakes herself up doing it and keeps on. So this time I pushed her legs away from me and told her to stop kicking. This particular time she started crying, "mama, you make me cry." I rubbed her back and told her I was sorry that I made her cry but she needed to stop kicking me because it hurt.

Then this morning when I carried her into breakfast and set her in her seat; I bent down to ask what she wanted to eat. Well, she whacked me in the face. I stood up and told her that hurt and that she shouldn't hit me. I got her rice that I had made in the wonderful rice cooker overnight and some juice then I sat to eat my cereal. She never apologized for hitting me and she was a bit clingy this morning. Maybe she had a bad dream or didn't forgive me for making her stop kicking me. I don't know. I hope it is just testing boundaries and it will stop soon.

PS about the wonderful rice cooker, I was trying to make congee and the last two attempts (same rice and peas) made them quite dry. Finally, I added two more cups of water and started it again and voila, real congee. I then put it in tupperware containers and set it in the fridge for later. I figured this is still comfort food for her and she really did use to like it. Plus it is warm and we are heading into winter.

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Kate M said...

She is one smart cookie!!!