Thursday, October 05, 2006

Not much going on rambling

There isn't a lot going on at the M house so far. This weekend we will have a lot to do. Saturday morning we are having some friends over for a Harvest Moon Playdate in the Jumper.

Last night G and I watched Cinnereno and pudding painted. I made the mistake of showing her how to blot paint by folding the paper with paint in the middle. Now that is all she wants to do. She doesn't finger paint anymore.

One thing about G, if you ever do something that she enjoys she remembers it forever and will only do it that way.

On the potty front she will tee tee in the potty for me but the other bigger job she won't. Oh and she is fascinated by human or cat excrement. She just wants to see it either in her diaper, in the toilet or in the cat boxes. Thankfully, the dog goes outside so she isn't as interested.

G is growing so fast. I bought her (cheap) house shoes one is actually grown up like and the other is Elmo that can also be a hand puppet. Clever idea I thought. Well she liked the grown up ones "like Mamma". They look like the buck suede with the fur lining but they were like $4 at the Family Dollar store. I love that place. I told her we would let Grammie and Grandad have the Elmo shoes for her at their house.

G has discovered the Disney Princesses. While watching Cindarella she asks "Where's Cinnereno" every time the scene doesn't have her in it. For Snow White or rather "no white" her comment was "I can't see" when the scene was of other than Snow White. Those two are the only two we have braved. I have Mulan but I am not sure if G is old enough to not be afraid of it.

Pochahontas is a commercial on the Cinderella video and she is pretty interested in that one but I haven't put that one in yet either.

Back to the painting, and I will post a photo of it tonight, one of the blotches literally looks like a sitting buddha with big ears. You never know what you will get with the paintings but this one killed me with laughter. How (in)appropriate for our household. We have a China color book that has a picture of a gold buddha for the color gold (Jeen Suh). G doesn't like it and she tells me that "we no like buddha". I agree with her since it is only a statue not the True God.

Teaching her the Chinese culture against our Christian belief system will be very challenging. In our "My First Chinese New Year" book the little girl and grandad make an alter to honor the ancestors. It will be challenging to discuss the difference between honor and worship in our house. I think I am up for the challenge. She will learn to do things as our family will do them since we aren't of Chinese heritage, of course.

For all I know it wasn't her culture either, just Chinese history and some Chinese culture. I don't know what her foster family practiced and I will never know what her birth family did. I would love to know but haven't a way.

Anyway, on Saturday, after her nap, we will head off to the Harvest Moon Festival for the Families with Chinese Children group. I am eagerly waiting that. This is one of the biggest festivals we have. Pretty much everyone comes to this one. We will get to see some of our travel buddies and waiting family buddies and others who have been home a while and others who are about to leave or just got home. Exciting time and wish you could all be there.

This piece of culture I will enjoy sharing with G as we take this time to remember her foster family and her birth family and the staff at the Wuzhou SWI. After all, we are all looking at the same moon.

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