Friday, October 06, 2006

perfect mother?NOT--My morning

It really sucks being raised by a perfect mother. My mom had 4 kids, and this morning she told me that she was NEVER late to work EVER, neither she nor dad. This came up because she called to tell me about a fire in downtown Memphis that could affect traffic, since I hadn't had the news on. I said, "well I guess I will just be late". So she said, "leave earlier". YEA RIGHT!!

There is no leaving earlier unless the night before it is planned. I can't get up in the morning and just decide to "leave earlier". G didn't go to bed before 10:30 last night and then she slept in this morning. I am out of milk for cereal so I had to scramble eggs for breakfast of which she didn't eat, and only after she put so much pepper on hers that I ate hers and she wasted mine. My mouth is still burning from the pepper.

Now I am sitting here at work wondering why my head is hurting and my nose is stuffed up then I remember "oh the fire downtown". It is the smoke I can smell and now I am in pain. I have faxed my time sheet already (temp assignment) or I would have said, "Just let me go home." I also left my employee/contract badge in the car because last night I changed procedures and put it in the console as to not forget it. Well I forgot it; I should never change. So now at lunch when I go pay my MLGW bill I have to go get the badge from the console and turn in this temp badge.

What a day. Oh and G had two melt downs before bed last night because she was tired and mom let me know that it was because she was tired. From this I hear, "you are a bad mother for not getting your daughter to bed at a reasonable hour, you let her be tired." And this morning I was so stressed trying not to be late I was screaming like a banshee trying to get us both moving out the door. I won't get to see her until tomorrow since she is spending the night with the grandparents so now we have parted on poor terms. Or so my guilt ridden frame feels. If something happens to me it can screw her psyche up for life and she won't even remember why!!

So, how is your morning?

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