Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Potty training me or her?

So at school my dear daughter will stay dry all day and potty for her teacher Ms. Sarah. But at home, when I ask if she wants to sit on the potty she very rarely does it for me. I put her on the potty in the morning sometimes when she cooperates by saying, "let's not have a wet pull-up when we go to daycare/school." I also only put pull-ups only on her in the morning. She tells me I need to buy more diapers for in the morning too.

At night after bath I put her on the potty before putting on her diaper, and she will let me do that mostly and go for me. But after we get home and through dinner and play, she doesn't ever want to sit on the potty, and honestly I don't want to hear her cry about it. So we aren't consistent at night I guess when it matters most.

Here is the thing, grammie scolded me last night about not being consistent with her. A lot of times I can't be consistent because we are out in public or maybe Grammie or Grandad picked her up not me. Also, when we get home it is a battle just to get dinner ready, and potty is not the first thing on my mind.

I know however that she knows when she has to go and when she has gone, so it isn't a bodily function control issue. It really is a "let's control mommy issue". And I know she will not go to kindergarten in a diaper so I am not all stressed out about it. The other thing is she is able to distinguish between being at school and being with me at home or out. At school there are other kids there who form a peer group for her. At home we have the cats and dogs and in public we don't have anyone.

She also really likes to go to potties when we are out and about, but she then asks me to go. Then she proceeds to touch everything in the stall. This is one of the main reasons I wasn't ready to be potty trained. Oh well, I guess she has to train me sometime, better now than later I guess.

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