Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Quit that whining

Okay so G woke up in a very whiny mood this morning and as female myself I sure know what those days are like. Of course, knowing this you would think I would be a bit sympathetic? Oh no. Not at all. Actually, it was on my last nerve.

"Quit that whining!" has become a common phrase heard round our house. My mother asked what she was whining about so I will share with you too:

"No me, mama."
"Where's bue bear, mama."
"I done potty...I wanna tee tee." (same potty episode by the way, no waiting between.)
"I wanna har bow, mama."
"I need jooooce, mama."
"I want bantie, mama."
"Go git udder bear, mama."
"No, not cuub cheese, white cheese; no, not white cheese, flat cheese mama."

And on and on ad naseum!! This was all in a span of about 45 mins. I hope I get a note that says she was sick all day and that would explain the whining but I don't think I will. She saves the whining for me at home normally when I am in a rush just to add the added and appropriate level of guilt.

The joys, JOYS, I say of motherhood.

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