Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Substitute Part DUH

Okay so I was pegged to sub this Monday and Tuesday at the same Jr. High from last week. Well, excitement seems to follow me, and yesterday this school went on lock down due to some kids bringing guns to school. Great. I was locked down with a 9th grade homeroom with nothing to do in a math teacher's class. I mean these kids were bored. Also, apparently the kids are allowed to have cell phones but are not supposed to use them. At the mention of "lock down" kids started text messaging their parents so after the incident was over every 5 mins there was an announcement requesting kids to be sent to the office for parents picking them up.

Okay so the excitement doesn't end there. NOOOOO, today as I arrive at school, I discover there was a bomb threat called in to the central office and students were delayed on the buses until the building was checked. I didn't see a bomb squad doing this though. The principal had the teachers here already check the rooms. Go figure.

Oh and by the way, the guns, yeah they were here on campus in the garbage but thankfully they didn't work. Both kids involved were arrested. One of them was already on suspension. Hooey, and I was thinking of starting the process to teach full time.

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