Thursday, October 26, 2006


This week I spent a day and a half as a substitute teacher. Not so bad since the teachers had given them busy work to do. Mostly I just read books. Great for me but too bad for the kids. I always hated busy work when I was in school.

It is truly amazing how kids that age really think you never were. They also think they are grown. What an oxymoron junior highers are. On the one hand they are just children growing up in a very tough environment. Hormones raging and not really clear instructions on what to do with them. Shucks, honestly at 30something I am not sure what to do with them sometimes. Then these kids are expected to act grown up not be silly, understand and act appropriately for each and every situation. What a tough life. I would never go back to that age again, EVER.

Anyway for my trouble I made a whopping $75. Not really enough to pay anything at all. I also won't actually get the check until the end of the month I think. Oh well.

Next week I start another temp assignment working with a company to up grade their computer system generated from the HR module. I haven't any experience with this specific program but I think I can learn it and fix the issue. I am just not sure they will let me have the time it will take to do it right. We will see. Maybe next Thursday, maybe not. This will be two and a half weeks of no paycheck though.

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