Monday, September 25, 2006

About Me

I am a single adoptive mom of a precious daughter. My daughter is Chinese by birth and American by adoption. I am on the verge of 40 but feel closer to 33. I love to blog and visit blogs. My favorites are those blogs that resemble my family, ie, formed by adoption, though I am not an adoption blog snob.

I will accept paid or sponsored posts as long as they are not sexual or violent in nature. If you wish to contact me for a paid or sponsored ad, you can e-mail me.

I am politically, fiscally and morally conservative. I am pro-life at all life stages. My vote is and will always be swayed to those politicians who are pro-life without exception and without regard to party. I will post my views as well as articles by conservative authors I read (with proper credit of course).

I welcome any and all comments as long as they are respectful to me, my family or other commenters/bloggers. I have no tolerance for those rude comments that call names or pick on character flaws. But first I must admit that for all the ugly things that can be said about me and my POV, I can relate twice that and say, "You don't know me very well."

So stick around, poke around, get to know me through what I write. I am sure there will be times we agree and will disagree but don't let that stop a budding friendship as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. Pr 27:17

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