Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Blast from the Past

So today I walked in on my answering machine with a male's voice leaving a message. I assumed it was the interviewer I spoke with yesterday. When I looked at the ID it said, well let's just call him "old boyfriend" or OB for short.

So this OB and I were engaged until he got cold feet. We dated about 5 years. We broke up in 1995 a week before the day I graduated with my master's degree. I was in love with this person. I was so going to marry him and be happy and have lots of babies but wait, he decided he wasn't coming to my graduation.

No, that doesn't sound like a good enough reason except that day was also going to be our wedding day. Hmmmm, That would be the day I was to get married but the groom decides he doesn't want to be there. Makes a very difficult choice easy. I never dated anyone else as long as I dated him. He broke my heart and created in me the desire to never give my heart away again. My relationship with him is the reason I will never marry.

So I call OB back and we have talked for over an hour, 147:52 to be exact. We are just back in the same pattern where we left. We are actually in the same boat too, job wise and financially speaking. How funny. After not seeing him for 10 years out of the blue we both pursued the same thing without knowing the other did it.

Anyway, off to pick the toddler up.

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