Wednesday, November 22, 2006

First Thing update and more

So I have had a lot of down time with this new job. I have met 6 of the kids I will have on the case load and not scheduled to meet anymore this week. Since I am billable I am still not seeing anyone officially so I am not making money just the $50 stipend.

I am still not sure I am going to like this job or company. I have a bad habit of going in somewhere and seeing things that need to be done or that could be done better, but I will not say a word until I have proven that I am capable of actually working there.

I have mostly African American kids on the case load, and sadly I can tell by the names. It is a shame how some parents choose names for their kids. Also, sadly the parents are about 80% of the child's problems. Walked in one home just as an introductory visit and the parents (with very small children present) were smoking pot. I could smell it in the air. I just want to shake the parents and say, "WHY". This is such an unhealthy atmosphere for the kids not to mention illegal. Also, there is no illness requiring pot as treatment.

I just don't know. I hope second thing comes quickly. I am still mostly on the verge of tears and still cannot meet my financial obligations. Also, the house is not sold!! I have the most AWFUL timing imaginable. PERIOD.

G and I did go have our flu shots though when I had to have a TB test. She didn't want to have a shot and told me so. I said, "me either." And she said, "me either". She was a trooper though, and she got play dough and panties for her effort. Yes, she cried before, during and after the shot. Candy made her feel better immediately. The nurses just went on and on about how smart she is and how verbal she is. Oh and they loved her cheeks!!

G wore her panties for the first time to school yesterday and apparently she has them on now at Grammie's house. She now has nothing to hold her pants up. The panties are too big for her and bunch up around her bottom. She can't wear them for naps and bedtime though. She has kept them dry at least all day yesterday and I guess today.

She spent the night with my parents last night. She was grumpy too last night and didn't want me to look her way. She can't stay with them tonight or tomorrow though. I just don't need her thinking I am out of the picture. I hope her grumpiness was just the flu shot.

I am heading that way now for pre-Thanksgiving family gathering and nap time.

Happy Thanksgiving to your family from ours. Remember to Whom thanks is truly owed.

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