Monday, November 06, 2006

Home with the bambino today

Oh my one day a week it seems I am keeping G home and thinking it is a good idea. It really isn't. So I must keep her in her day care consistently. Today, though, we went to Walgreens and to Kroger for groceries. I needed some photo albums. I have several that are from the same line but different colors and I am a nut about photos and albums. So far we have well over 6 full size albums for G's photos in the first year and almost 1/2 of her life with me. I am not sure I will be able to keep this up for the rest of her life. My house isn't big enough for that many albums.

I didn't start the temp assignment so I am back to being flat broke with no job. I have an interview tomorrow at three. I guess then my plan is to dress up, drop G off, go vote (in Memphis as that is where I am registered), go for coffee and lunch then to the interview. I really hope it pays well and that I will be able to do it. It is in West Memphis so I can't see that 40 hours would be bad.

We will see how it is all going to pan out. G got a haircut this weekend and my baby is back. My mom cut her hair in a pixie. It brings out her baby face again which is great. She was beginning to look older and I am not ready for that. I tell her not to grow up and she says she will grow up a "little bit."  She is so funny.

I will try to post some photos of her but blogger isn't cooperative on my computer for some strange reason.

Oh and referrals have come in. I love referral times. Some friends in California received their long awaited referral for Caroline. She is a cutie from Jiangxi prov. I am not sure if this link will work but give them a congrats:

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