Thursday, November 16, 2006


So here are a few shots of G from Monday, yesterday and this morning. She has a fascination with Clementine's "kennen" or kennel as it is normally known. She loves climbing in it, and she wants her picture taken in it too. She is always cooperative when she asks for the photo to be taken. Last night a friend was over and put G's hair up with the new hair bows G got from her cousin. When one looks good why not try them all out? Then the other photo is as close to nekkin baby as I will post on the blog. G asked me to take a picture of her bear, but G was only in her diaper as she had been painting earlier in mom's t-shirt and diaper. She ditched the shirt as soon as I put the paints up. She would rather be nekkin. (I prefer this spelling). But I guess who wouldn't rather be? I dated a guy once who had this as a goal and now he lives in FL so he can be nekkin, or almost nekkin anyway, all the time.

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