Monday, November 13, 2006

Practicing our smiles for school photos

Well we did take some pictures trying to prep for the holiday school pictures. She has never smiled for a professional photographer not even in the Santa (whom she loved) pictures last year.

Thankfully, she smiled a beautiful smile for the picture this year (not like these posted). I have to purchase the package too. It is too cute not to. I should also say that I only have one picture to chose from unlike the other kids who have different poses and props. Not my kid, oh no, she would smile only once; I am very grateful for the smile. The last two years' photos are stoic faced, and I had only one option then too. I will need to take a picture of the pictures and post them in order to see the progress of the smile. I guess the limited choices makes it easier to make a decision, huh?

She has gotten a little picky in the outfits too. I had a great one picked out that required black tights. She would have none of that, no panty hose for her. Thank goodness for Target clearance rack. I have a really cute photo this year in a pants outfit. The bad part is there are only 8 wallets and 2 5X7s. That barely hits the immediate family and friends. I will have to figure out how to get copies a little less expensively, shhh don't tell anyone.

Well, good night, school starts early in the morning.

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