Monday, November 13, 2006

Weekend Update and other stuff

So the birthday party was very noisy. My disc was not formatted and I didn't realize it until later so I have no pictures. G pretty much stayed in my lap or around my chair. She ventured out once but was too afraid of joining in. She fell asleep on the way there and back.

After the party we went to see another friend of mine who I haven't seen in over a year. She lives near the party so she invited us to dinner. She fixed what G likes and although G didn't eat much she did eat a bit of everything. I think the cake fixed her up. Anyway, this friend has my name and G recognized it as Mama's name. Shock was in her face as the realization hit her. It was pretty funny.

Also, on the lost pink bear front from last Tuesday, Grammie found pink bear in the pantry at her house. YEA! pink bear and G reunited at last. Grammie offered for Grandad to bring pink bear to G at 8:30 pm and I said no. G would have loved him to do that and he would have done it joyfully.

Today was another wasted day and then the Jr. high called for me to sub tomorrow. So that being set, tonight one of the jobs I interviewed for called and now I start with that one on Wed. at 9am. Oh if only that were the real time to start every day. It is case management and very low paying, but if this will work out and the social work position with my agency will work out I could have an okay yearly income and still maybe adopt again. Keeping my fingers crossed on that. Maybe after paying my parents off from the house (when it sells) I may have enough to start a savings on the future adoption. I will not adopt again if G is in elementary school when I start the paperwork.

If the house will sell then I can pay off my parents for almost everything I owe them and there won't be as much score keeping. Oh I will owe them for the months I have lived in the house rent free but everything else will be paid back. I hoped the house would have been sold by now. I think in my heart of hearts I knew I would get screwed on it but I had hoped not.

Of course I won't make enough buy this house at all so my dad will be landlord and I lowly renter. That was the one thing dad never wanted to be. Talk about knowing my business now. I am totally beginning to think this was a very bad idea to move in here. I should have just let them sell this house and stayed where I was. My life is bad decisions and poor timing.

In everything I do except adopting G, I live in regret. How odd. I never thought that would be my life. Well, how exactly does one live with regrets?

My parents will be glad to know I accepted a job. I will tell them tomorrow night at dinner and hope that I won't fall apart. If only the real estate agent will call with a contract... One can dream, right?

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