Saturday, November 11, 2006

Zoo Day with Friends

Today, G and I went to the zoo with some FCC families. We had a good time. G has a knot on her head because she "lost her legs" when her 8 yr old friend tried to put her down after I said she didn't need to be carried. Other than that, no problems. We saw the other side of the zoo today, the petting zoo. G and I never go over to that side. We like the pandas and polar bears best. There was a giant "Panda" walking around the park today, shaking hands with kids and giving photo ops. G said she wanted the panda (zoo-a) to go back in its kennel (kenda). She had to be held by me for the photo.

We ate lunch at a Chinese buffet compliments of our friends and both girls ate like they were starving. Not surprising that they were since we got to the zoo at 11 am and left after 1pm with no lunch break. G was up at 7am so we were really a long time from breakfast. Lunch was particularly good today I guess sometimes the buffet is hit or miss and I have had lots of misses there.

When we left lunch G fell asleep in the car seat while "reading" her book. That was 2:30ish and I brought her in, put her in my bed and crawled in after her. I woke up about 5 til 6pm. Yes, we slept almost 4 hours. So at 10pm we are still awake.

She is currently making my hair "pretty". This is a painful exercise that I don't recommend to tender headed individuals. Sadly I am one of those tender headed folks. I may have a headache again tonight for bed.

I will try to post some photos. If I can't get them loaded I may link the shutterfly site to it but then that is well over 100 shots. We had a good time just "hanging wiff mama". I love this kid!!

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