Sunday, December 31, 2006

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Bye-Bye 2006, HELLO '07

I am pretending that 2007 has been rung in. I am too tired to stay up to midnight. G is spending the night with the grandparents. My mom asked her if she wanted to then told her to ask me. Here is G asking me to spend the night with Grammie and Grandad,

G: "I sweepin' wiff dandad and gammie, 'kay?" (head is cocked slightly and eyes wide open)

Me: "okay"

She doesn't really ask but tells. Anyway, she is totally opinionated. Last night she slept in her t-shirt and blue jeans (after shower). Yesterday all day she played in her pajamas. Today she wore a red dress only because I had a red sweater on and she wanted to match mommy.

She is the most wonderful child ever!! I really can't imagine having another daughter as she is so perfect, but I really do want her to have a sister. Now, however, I need to ditch "first thing" and acquire "second thing" and start paper-chasing for another country.

We went to church this morning and she did so well in "big church" after Sunday School. She really likes Sunday School but not "big church" so much. We had two potty breaks and left as soon as the preacher stopped speaking. It was a wonderful sermon, what I heard of it. I am not really able to enjoy the service since G must be with me the whole time. I am super conscious and sensitive about how she acts and will be viewed in church. We have only had to go to the cry room twice since being home. That is pretty good actually.

Usually I receive compliments on her behavior. They truly are well deserved, not due to me but because she is an introvert and will not act out to draw unknown attention to herself. By unknown I mean by someone she doesn't know. She is a normal toddler and likes attention from those people she knows and loves but not strangers.

Okay, on to the resolutions. I will write those privately so that if I break them I only have to feel guilty to me not the whole internet!!

Happy New Year! For those families waiting to adopt, may 2007 bring your families together at last. My own prayer is that in 2007, God will give my parents rest and that some drastic positive changes will come in my family!!

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