Thursday, December 14, 2006


So last night G got her big girl bed. It is a hand-me-down from none other than my 9th grade algebra teacher, actually from his wife. So I have been prepping G on getting her a big girl bed and that maybe at her birthday she would get one and sleep in it as opposed to w/mommy. She has certainly agreed to sleep in her big girl bed, at least verbally. We have talked about it. She went with her grandad to pick it up. She wanted to sleep in it the first night at Grandad's house in the den (where it wasn't set up). She helped put it together last night in her room even passing up the candy I placed far away from the room so she couldn't help. Sometimes she is just not the help she thinks she is.

So the bed is up and made with her helping and she even lay upon it. She immediately knew it was more bouncy than mom's bed. I have photo proof she loves it. She tested it out until bedtime that is. So at bedtime:

Me: Okay G, you gonna sleep in your new bed?

G: No.

Me: Okay so where are you gonna sleep?

G: Wiff Mama.

Me: Okay so you and mama gonna sleep in your big girl bed then?

G (with head cocked slightly): You not gonna syeep wiff me?

Me: Yeah, baby, I am gonna sleep with you in your new bed.

G: No, in mama's bed! (As she turns to walk to mama's bed)

Oh well, the bed is really nice to see in her room and even change a nighttime diaper on but sleeping, yeah, well umm, no.

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