Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Ornament parade 2006

Each day until Christmas Eve, I will post a couple of ornaments from my tree that are meaningful to me. Here are the first two and in reverse order of importance., meaning the most important to least. I would not have these ornaments if G weren't in my life. These were made last year in her school. At that time she really didn't understand but now she does have a small clue. She loves her Christmas tree and I hope that a few ornaments of mine will be replaced through the years by ornaments from her or related to her.
These are handprints made into snowmen. It was a very cute idea. I love them. I also don't know why blogger posted them twice. I only have one red and one blue one.

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Kim said...

What a creative way to make an ornament, I'm going to make those for next Christmas :)