Friday, December 29, 2006

Sorry about the downer, and other ramblings.

I realize my life could be much much worse. I do normally have a depression set in after Christmas. This year other than my working status, I actually wasn't as depressed as in years past. I am sure it is due to having my G home. She truly is the joy of my life.

We hosted my friend P last night for her birthday. I couldn't get to sing happy birthday to her though. G wanted me to sing happy bday to her and P. After P left, then she wanted to give her a hug. Oh well, the timing of toddlers.

G is off at work with Mrs. Sarah (her daycare teacher). G doesn't like to go to daycare or school so I tell her that she is going to work with Mrs. Sarah. That seems to work for us. She is also getting very particular about her clothing articles. It is getting extremely difficult to dress her in the mornings. I didn't want her to have an opinion until she reached the teen years and then only a good opinion.

Got a call at midnight the other night from OB. I never really thought he would call back. I guess out of courtesy I should return the call. I don't really know what he wants or what he expects. We will see. Sadly, I haven't changed much, just got older. I am certainly looking like a mother though and not a cool, hip, slim one. I still even battle face disfiguring acne. Yes well into my 30s, nothing seems to work.

Okay, so off to start the "first thing" today. No kid is up during a holiday before 10am!!

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