Monday, December 04, 2006


This is a recap of the weekend. Friday was Grammie's birthday and G picked out a "happy cake cake". She happened to pick out my favorite, red velvet, only because it had a very yummy red rose on white icing. She only wanted the icing. So we celebrated and sang Happy Birthday to Grammie and G loves that song.

Then G spent Friday night with Grammie and Grandad and I met them for breakfast on Saturday. That afternoon, G and I went to a cookie decorating party with some of our FCC friends. She was not ready to leave and I left all the cookies she decorated at the party. Way to go Mom! She also didn't have a nap and I am still paying for it. She is getting a cold and is having difficulty fighting it off. We tend to go to bed later and later not necessarily meaning to though.

I am almost finished with the Christmas cards and had to get some more photos ordered. I ran out of the school/Santa/other photos so we are using one I took by the tree. I love shutterfly!!

Also, G has started potty training with real live big girl pants on . She has been wearing big girl pants to school since the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Over that weekend she had several accidents big enough for clothing change. Recently she will start to go and catch herself so only the panty layer has to be changed. She is able to tell me when she needs to go and I try to take her every hour or so. The pooing is another thing. She has done that part three days in a row: once at school and twice at home. She currently though can't go so I put a pull-up on her at her request so she can maybe go as it has been about 3 days now. She is also swigging on the prune juice to "help".

She is such a big girl and is sooooo proud of her "big girl panties". She also almost cried one day when she had to go in a pullup only because we were not going to be near a bathroom and I knew it. My little girl is growing up more than I like!!

I wrapped some Christmas gifts so our tree doesn't look so bare!!

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