Tuesday, January 16, 2007

About her.

When it is time for bed, G does whatever she can to stay awake. Lately, we have been talking more and more about her time in China. She asks me, "What else, Mama?" which means "what else did I do in China?" I tell her how she learned to walk in China and how she was learning to use chop sticks in China and how she met me, grandad and grammie in China.

I talk about her foster mommy because right now I think the foster mom is the most important part of her story. As she grows up and understand a little bit more I will begin to explain about her birth mom and dad. I have no knowledge of a foster dad but highly suspect there was a foster grandad in the home. I could be wrong but her crying in China lead us to believe she cried for him.

Anyhoo, last night was one of those nights and she and I talked about her foster mom. I asked her if she would like to go see her foster mom one time and she said, "no." Then I said that maybe one day we could go visit when she is older and then come home. To that G decided she wanted to go right then. She would be okay to visit, not to stay. She told me that she "no wanna sweep in China anymow." Meaning she isn't going to sleep in China anymore. She asked me what else she did in China; this went on for about an hour. I was so tired but kept trying to think of things she could have done in the 15 months she was there.

She has a white bunny I gave her for Easter that she decided she got in China. I asked her last night who gave it to her and she said her foster mommy. I told her that I gave her that one and her foster mom gave her another one, a pink one. She decided she needed to see that one right then. I told her we would see it after school today. It was another ploy to stay awake.

I had put pink bunny up a long time ago to keep it out of the dog's mouth. I told her she would be grateful to me when she is 20 that I put it up. Then she said, "No, six, mama." Meaning she would be grateful when she is six that I put it up. When I throw out an age that she can do something like wear makeup or drive, she shoots back with an alternative age. Sometimes the new age is to my advantage and sometimes to hers.

Some of her pronunciations of words are soooooo cute. She says lickets for lipstick, kitchens for chickens, elgant for elegant, motherstep for stepmother, Cinerreno for Cinderella, pweese for please, gammie for grammie and gandad for grandad. She has a lot more words that I need to record because I will lose them as she gets older.

I had her wearing a scarf today. She said, "What if I no wike dat scarf?" I told her she would and that it would keep her neck warm. It got to be January weather here today. This weekend it was in the 60s and now it isn't even cracking 30. She still will not wear "glubs". She said, "My bwankie will keep my hands warm." I wrapped her up in it but I would prefer she wear gloves and a hat and scarf in this weather. She doesn't like any of them, even on anyone else.

I had my gloves on and she told me not to touch her hands when I got her out of the car to drop her off. I told her I would touch her face with them and she looked at me and said, "Nooo no mama." She is so particular about the things she does and the way she does things and so funny just in general.

She is truly a joy. Now if I could get the house sold and a better job my life would almost be complete.

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