Monday, January 08, 2007

First Thing Update

I hate First Thing. It sucks big. I really don't have enough clients to see and all of the driving around I am not making per hour what they claim I am. I can't live on it. I am literally waiting on Feb when I can file my taxes. They will be so screwed up though.

If it weren't for my parents I would lose everything. The bad about that is I am not only in debt to business creditors but to my parents. The house has not sold. I doubt it will. The contract with the agent is up today I think. I have no idea what I am going to do. I will never buy another house again. I will never do it. I will rent this one from my dad forever then I won't have to worry about selling it if I move.

I have no idea what I am going to do. I wish a job would work out in Memphis. I miss Memphis. I miss living there. I know school-wise though we would not have been good. We weren't in the best district for high school.

G has a bad cough and yucky runny nose. There is no fever, though. I started to keep her home today and take her to the doctor. Two things kept me from it other than her having no fever. First was I am too broke to pay the co-pay. Second thing, she heard me calling the doctor and decided to go to school instead. Funny how little she is an how quick her mood changed. She said, "I might cwy?" I said, "Yes, you will cry. They will give you a shot." So she opted for school with Ms. Sarah.

I just wish I saw the end of this very dark tunnel. Yes I could make some cut backs but it would be in outside communication. I don't use my cell for work other than calling the therapists. I never and never will use my cell to call families. I don't want them to have the number, period. I really hope to not have to deal with any of them for much longer.

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