Friday, January 12, 2007

house and other ramblings

So the house is still not sold. I have two prospects: one has a commitment letter for less than the asking price, another is a real estate agent and says he can make the asking price work. I am really stressed about it. No matter what the sale of the house is now I will not be able to pay my parents back with the proceeds. Actually, I am so ill about it when I think of the mess I am currently in, I envision myself banging my head into a wall to relieve the pain.

Now, on to recent rude comments. This not so much about G's Chinese-ness but just about how wrapped up a person can be in his own life I guess. So I saw the mother of a high school friend today we will call the mother, Mrs. R, and the daughter, Miss R. I (with G) saw Miss R at a function in November 2005. I introduced her to Glenys and talked to her about international adoption as well as domestic. Miss R at the time said that if she wasn't blessed with having a bio child she would be fine with the two steps she has. Okay fine, whatever, everyone is not meant to adopt.

Fast forward to today. I saw Mrs. R and she said that her daughter had mentioned that I was planning on adopting a baby and did I ever do it? Now who got that screwed up? Did Miss R not remember meeting G? Here is the other thing. Miss R has a brother that also went to school with me. He has two boys in the same daycare as G. He has also met G and commented on how cute she is. The parents, brother and family go to the same church as my parents. It may not be a big deal really except that even Mrs. R's husband has seen G and talked to me about her.

I just looked at the woman stunned a bit. I said that I had adopted almost 1 1/2 years ago. Whatever!! Just another oblivion!!

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