Thursday, January 25, 2007

Is it Friday yet?

This week will not end. First being sick and still lingering with a cough and head congestion; no sleep for all night; G fought her demons and me in her sleep; then not once but 2 poopy accidents in the big girl panties at school, no less; last night cinched the week off.

Last night, G and I were singing and dancing to her CD on our way home from my parents and she decides she needs a kleenex. So I swiftly reach my hand in the back seat with said kleenex like all multi-tasking mothers I assume/hope. And she decides that she doesn't want to blow her own nose this time, she wants mommy to do it. Why is it she never wants mommy to do something until mommy can't do it? Anyway, so I reach back to get the kleenex and swerve slightly off the road. No harm no foul except for the State Trooper behind me. Where I picked him up I don't know.

So I pulled over and he came to the window. I had my driver's license and told him what I was doing. I even rolled G's window down for him to see her. Of course I am thinking how bad this is and how just the night before I was thinking about the last ticket I had gotten -January 1, 2005, and how I hadn't had anymore yeah. He asks where I work and I tell him as I hand the license over. So then he asks for the proof of insurance. OH NO.

So I couldn't find it because it was sitting on the dining room pass through with the assessor statement and the title. See since moving to AR, I attempted to get AR tags, but due to the TN insurance suggestion that I not make a change until I sell my house in Memphis; I still have TN tags. But since I attempted to change, I left the proof of ins with the important papers. So he tells me as I waste his time looking for that which is not there, to just wait.

In the meantime, G is telling me how she can't hear her CD, "turn it up," "dance mama," etc. I start bawling and coughing and gagging because I am still sick. We wait forever and I keep telling G to please be quiet and no I won't turn up the CD. He returns with a warning for the swerve and a place to call and fax my proof of insurance to by March 1. He asks me if I am crying because of this and I said, "Yep." It was the last straw, the very last for the week. I had had it. I barely made it home before being sick. G had started saying, "It's okay, mama. Mama, you gonna be okay?"

See he could have fined me for living in AR and not changing tags or license. I have a legit address in AR and TN license and tags. Nothing in my life matches. I didn't call my parents and tell them either. I am grateful it was a warning but could I get a break, PLEASE?

Oh my, what a night, what an evening.

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