Friday, January 12, 2007

Just another day at First Thing

I turned in my billing sheets for the week. I have quite a bit of 1 unit bills, which is 15 mins. Well I am still building rapport with quite a few kids. They are kids. How many kids will let you sit with them for an hour and tell you all of their problems. Mostly they are in school and wish you wouldn't come at all. If away from school, I can't find them. Honestly, until someone is willing to talk to you, you can't make them talk.

I suspect other case managers are either not talking when they are with the kids, lying about how long they are with the kids, or spending an hour, 4 units, doing something but writing it as if it were therapeutic. Maybe it is; maybe it isn't. Anyway, I told the billing lady that you know a 15 year old kid isn't going to sit with me and poor his heart out so getting a 2 unit or more bill on him would be lucky. How ridiculous to think it. Even a 3rd grader or 2nd grader wouldn't do it. I don't bribe with candy to keep them longer with me; can't I am broke.

So I won't make any money and maybe there is something I am supposed to be doing to make a longer time. Plus I have 3 sets of kids (6 kids) with the very same schedule. This means I can only see them at certain times of the day during the very same class so that limits the kids to less than 30 minutes each. 30 mins is 2 units and I can't bill 2 units for 20 mins. I can only bill in 15 min. increments.

I have one kid that the therapist sees 3 days and leaves me only 2. That is 5 times a week this kid is pulled out of class. Even if it is PE that is a long time. I feel very guilty seeing them at school but seeing them at home is difficult when the kids are latch key kids. I don't feel comfortable going to a teen or pre-teen home without the parent or at least an adult not in therapy. Oh and I can't work on holidays or weekends. I really can't imagine that some of the case managers are actually making a living.

I know I am not doing enough on collateral contacts but the company only allows 1 hour a month because of previous abuse. I choose not to do anything right now to bring negative attention to me or my billing practices. I spend a lot of time driving back and forth from one town to another for schools. If I don't have pre-set appts. with the family then I just spin my wheels driving by to see if they are home. I refuse to use my cell phone or home phone to call any client because I don't get reimbursed. I will talk to a therapist if needed but not a family. I also go and write notes at the office instead of at home because I don't want to use my printer ink or paper. Also, e-mailing the reports to myself to print at the office sometimes leaves me very confused as there are over or at least 30 bill notes if I do a good week and see everyone twice.

Also, the only new kid I have on the case load that counts as a person for my load is autistic and can't have case management. I have another two that refuse case management but are counted on my case load. One doesn't even have the correct therapist listed on it.

Just shows my impeccable capability to work at the craziest of places!! One of my two talents.

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