Monday, January 22, 2007


This weeks FFFF Challenge on (still haven't figured out how to link.) is shoes. G has a lot of shoes, A LOT. For someone who came to us barefoot she is also particular about her shoes. She has her favorites and must wears daily. I have my favorites of hers that I have to trick her into wearing. Oh well, I am getting a little taste of age 13, huh?

This first photo is the very first pair of shoes we bought her. My mom found the only pair of squeeky shoes in the Majestic Hotel gift shop. I really liked that gift shop. It was very kid friendly. Anyway, they were way to big so she got to wear them this summer to. The next picture is G's favorite pair of shoes, bar none. They are her "crocs". Of course they are the Pay*less version but that is what she calls them. She wears them with everything, everything. She hates wearing socks with them so I have to hide them on cold days because she doesn't like to wear socks with them. My little fashionista.

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