Monday, January 22, 2007

Sick Update

Thankfully it isn't the flu. I have a sinus infection. I had to go to the doctor today; mother's orders. After running a temp of 101+ last night and this morning, I really had no choice. Of course I didn't get paid for the day as I saw no kids. The other thing is I still have no money to go to the doctor or buy Rxs.

I took G to school and headed out to the clinic. I told her I was very sick and that I was going to the doctor. Her concern was that I would get a band-aid. She doesn't like band-aids. I told her I would probably get a shot and a band-aid. She started to cry. I told her not to cry for me at all that I would feel so much better after going to the doctor. She told her teacher that, "mama is very sick."

So I was ordered to go and went to a walk in clinic where everybody decided to go. I checked in at 8:40 am and was seen at 12:45 or so. Then after waiting my illness was declared to be a sinus infection with accompanying ear infections. Great. The answer: SINUS COCKTAIL! I love those words.

I came home after dropping off Rxs, ate some oatmeal, and crawled in bed. I felt the meds taking over. It was such a nice sleep. Then my mom stopped in to check on me. I went to sleep about 1:45 ish and mom stopped by at 3:30, scared me to death. I felt that I hadn't been asleep that long. I set the alarm to go pick G up after 5pm. Thankfully, mom agreed to pick her up. I couldn't get out of bed officially until 6pm.

Now that I am up, I cannot cough. I mean it physically hurts to cough. I feel like I ran for a marathon without training. Every muscle in my stomach area hurts. Thankfully, Dad offered to keep G tonight. I am very thankful for that. It will help to have her not in my bed tonight as I have some lovely cough meds with hydrocodone in it. Oh the sweet sound of uninterrupted sleep!!

The only med I have to complete is the Zpack the other meds, cough syrup and a daytime sinus pill I can save. The nurse practitioner said that when I start feeling better I can stop taking the meds other than the Zpack. I told the nurse practitioner that I had started doxicyclene (a generic antibiotic I received when we traveled to China). She actually told me that I can hang on to that script to use for GI problems and skin infections. How cool is that to be told I can hang onto a script, not just that one but several of them?

Anyway, I think now I will live. It is nice to know that.

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