Sunday, January 21, 2007


Oh I am so sick. I hope it isn't the flu and the aches are just from the way I tried to sleep. I have severe head congestion and aches. My nose is so stopped up and running at the same time. I called my parents to ask them to take G to church this morning. I just couldn't make it. I feel horrible and would feel worse if I got anyone else sick. With G sleeping with me I am sure we are passing the congestion back and forth. We both had the flu shot and I haven't been exposed to anyone with it as far as I know. I was able to eat a sausage pattie this morning so I am thinking it isn't the flu.

G was so glad to see her Grammie and Grandad. She squeeled when she saw them. It was very cute. I was getting her dressed when they got here. I had to push her to eat quickly because honestly we didn't get up in time for her to go but my head started spinning and I got chills so I thought it best to not have her with me this morning. After a nap (hopefully) and church is over I will drive out there to hang out this afternoon.

It really sucks to be broke. It sucks worse to be broke and sick and need to see a doctor. I am sure I need some antibiotics but with no money what good does it do?

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Stephe said...

Feel better soon!!! :)