Friday, January 05, 2007

What G is like

So I thought I would take the time to talk about my precious reason for being-G. She is such a joy and frustration all at the same moment. She is fairly easily distracted when she begins her melt downs, not always but sometimes. She has her grandparents wrapped around her fingers and thus she has mama completely defeated around them (and she knows it).

She loves videos: Barney, Elmo, Richard Scarry, Blues Clues and Cinderella. She loves T-shirts of which we have two that she would wear everyday if she could. She hates: band-aids, boots, tights and gloves on her and on other people. She loves her Care Bears/Cousins and her Ling Ling (mandarin speaking doll). She loves books and being read too. She loves stickers.

She is typical and not typical. She is extremely introverted and takes what seems like forever to warm up in new situations. Large groups of people scare her. New teachers at her daycare send her over the edge. She has an exceptional memory unless she is looking for something like her lickets (chapstick) or purse. When sent to get something, she can overlook it when it is right in front of her face.

She is able now to turn the lights on and off at the house. She is excited about her big girl bed but refuses to sleep in it. She is afraid of the shadow (the shadow from my ceiling fan). She has night terrors and talks in her sleep.

She loves balls of all sizes especially if she can make them bounce all over the house. She gets so excited when she sees a doll or toy that she hasn't seen in a while. She is extremely attached to a fleece blanket (hot pink/purple with lady bugs and daisies on it). She loves playdoh but loves shaving cream more.

She loves to play in the shower or bath water. She loves bubbles. She loves to help do things like wash her hair and body. She uses more soap than necessary but the girl appreciates a good lather.

She is a very simple child at least in her needs and wants. She is very intelligent. She loves to sing and likes to act like a dog and cat. She likes her cats and dog. She likes elephants and pandas (which she calls zooas). The zoo is a lot of fun for her and me.

She speaks in longer than 5 word sentences. She repeats words, phrases, tones, and attitudes from me. She mimics things I do like hands on the hips and some facial expressions. She knows I am supposed to have kaukee (coffee) everyday.

She gets very pensive when I tell her her story. She asks what she did in China. I think she is just trying to understand and process information. She doesn't get sad about her story until I talk about when she met me and hated me for about a week. She gets sad that "that baby no want her mama?" She is very concerned about other's feelings. She is very polite saying "please" and "thank you". She is extremely bossy!!

Like I said, she can be most frustrating at times but she is the most lovely person I have in my life. She is makes my world wonderful and my life worth living.

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