Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Yesterday afternoon, I went for a run/walk. I was out between 15 and 20 mins. Doesn't sound like much, especially considering where I was 2 1/2 years ago. I have trained for 4 marathons, successfully completed 2, enjoyed running as a stress reliever and way to socialize for 4 years, but now due to many reasons, with laziness being one of them, I don't run anymore. My weight does tell that story well too. So I have decided until I get a jogging stroller or until G can ride a bike without killing herself, I will run Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Those are the days my dad picks her up from daycare.

Tuesday dad picks her up and takes her to the grocery store then I meet them at the parent’s house for dinner. Wednesday, dad picks her up and feeds her at the church and just the two of them share a meal. Because of this meal we are learning that G eats a lot of stuff that is good for her. She now eats salad and some other things. Friday nights G again goes with dad to the grocery store and some Friday nights she spends the night with them. Actually that is becoming more of a regular happening, the spending of the night.

I don't mind really. Sometimes it does cause difficulty with discipline etc. Like last night, I decided we would leave when the Barney video ended. Before it ended though, G wanted grandad to go play in another room and told him to turn off the video. I told her if the video was off we would leave. So she took that to mean she couldn't go play with grandad. So my dad tells her to come with him and leaves the video running. She goes and comes back to tell me, with big tears about to fall, that grandad is playing the game she thought I told her she couldn't play. Technically I did tell her she couldn't play. Mainly I told her that she couldn't turn the Barney off in order to stay longer. I just didn't get that direct with her.

I know this sounds confusing. I didn't care that she played with grandad but I did care that she attempted to delay our departure. I am trying to get to bed before 8:30pm and asleep by 9pm or before. She needs to rest and so do I. She doesn't like to get out of bed as soon as she wakes up anyway and she is becoming more difficult to wake up. I am so glad First Thing is a 9am to 5pm job here in the city we live and go to school. Poor thing will be in shock when kindergarten starts. She won't know what to do having to get up that early and frankly neither will I.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tough topic: Abandonment or Adoption Plan

There has been some discussion on other blogs I read about being truthful to our adopted daughters in regards to abandonment vs. adoption plan. Some people believe that by calling the abandonment an adoption plan, an adoptive parent isn't being truthful. Adoption plan has behind the words a meaning of a loving thoughtful plan to place a child for adoption with a loving couple. Abandonment is ugly and somehow gives a meaning of being unwanted, unloved. So here is my thought on the subject, because I am sure you were interested.

In China, it is illegal to make an adoption plan like we think of it in the good ole US of A with an agency or lawyer. It is illegal in China to place a child for adoption. It is legal however to abort or rather murder a child still in the womb. It is also illegal to abandon a child or murder a child after it has been born in China. Up until recently it was legal to perform ultra sounds in order to perform selective gender abortions. I believe in 2005 that was made illegal, but be sure it still happens for the right price.

So if a birth mom in China is faced with an unwanted pregnancy because of having more than the allotted number of children, of this baby being a girl and having already had a girl, of not being able to afford to care for the child, of husband's family not wanting this child, of it being disabled possibly or whatever; she has two choices. The first is to abort. The second is to abandon. To abort is to absolutely do away with the baby never to worry with it again.

To abandon the child, the birth mom has two choices. The first is to abandon the child where it will die on its own and not be found (this does happen) and never worry with it again. The second choice is to abandon the child where it will be found quickly and never to worry with it again.

Now if a birth mom takes the time to plan to abandon a baby where it will be found and so that she will not be caught; I call that an adoption plan. No, she didn't make an international adoption plan in writing knowing the child would be adopted by a family outside of China. It would be her hope that the child would be found by someone and taken care of if she did abandon it in public place. As for planning as opposed to acting off the cuff, she may have had to think about abandoning the child during the last few months of the pregnancy. She may have only had the train ride or the hour or more walk to the city to plan the abandonment but plan she did.

Now China as a government, must determine that a child is an orphan and has been abandoned in order that the child is able to be placed with an adoptive family in or out of the country. Abandoned is the actual happening, what was done to the child. Adoption plan was the meaning behind the abandonment. If the child remains unclaimed then the child is acknowledged as an orphan. There have been cases where the abandoning family has returned for the child. More often than not, they are the exception rather than the rule.

Now does the birth mom love the child? That is only to be determined by the child as she grows up and comes to an understanding of the processes and government regulations within the Chinese system. I cannot tell my child her birth mom loved her. I can tell my child that her birth mom respected life enough to take a chance at giving birth to her and planned the location, hour, and day to abandon her so that someone would pick her up quickly and care for her.

Was Glenys abandoned? Yes. Was she abandoned to be found? Yes. Did her birth mom or family make an adoption plan for her? YES, by the mere fact of where/how she was abandoned. Did the family expect Glenys to be adopted internationally? I doubt it, since rural area people don't necessarily know about IA. Do I care whether this family planned for an American to adopt her? No. I would like to make contact with her foster family, and if in some future time it is possible to find them, I would like to find the birth family.

Can you tell adopted children legitimately that the birth family loved them? Not unless there was a note explaining the situation behind the abandonment. Other circumstances may give a clue as to some sort of care, but mainly children just want to acknowledge that they are lovable and who wouldn't want to love them.

Now adoptive parents can do with this information as you wish. These are my thoughts and as Glenys grows up I will explain them to her. Also to compare, in the US, there are safe places to abandon a baby where the birth parent won't get into trouble. Americans have the option of making a legitimate adoption plan through an agency or lawyer. If an American chooses to abandon a baby, that is not an adoption plan. That is ugly and unloving. There are agencies and lawyers galore who would gladly take a baby and help a birth parent make a legitimate adoption plan. There are ads in the papers by adoptive families wanting babies. To abandon a child in America is ugly and unloving. That is not making an adoption plan.

Success, Sort of

Well, I have a computer but it has nothing on it other than surfing the net capabilities. The computer tech guy has to go get the msoftofficepro to set me up officially. I will have everything I need to at least have a little business fun. This computer even has speakers so I can listen to my music or videos on other people's blogs. I will be able to keep up with my friends who are in China now and everything, all at the comfort of my own desk.

Can you yell a big YEE HAW out for me?

Monday, February 26, 2007

photos: enjoying the shake

more photos

G not watching the Lion Dancers

The Lion Dancers in action.


G at the jade carriage in the museum.

Grammie and G engrossed in the story of the Monkey King.

Weekend Update

This weekend we went to the Chinese New Year celebration hosted by a downtown museum. It was actually kind of nice. At the end of the deal we got to see a Lion Dancer up close. I guess dancers would be more appropriate. Sadly there was no music but it was extremely entertaining. They got very close and G didn't like it one bit.

After this we went to Star bucks for a coffee for me and "milk shakes" for my mom and G. I got G one of her own and she drank over half of it. She really enjoyed. I will post photos of our day in several different posts. Blogger is not quite friendly for me and posting photos.

G spent the night with my parents Friday night. I got there early Sat morning to eat breakfast then my mom accompanied us to the CNY event. G came home with 5 helium balloons as well as three crafts she and I did together. She didn't get much of a nap Saturday and was pretty grumpy by the evening. Yesterday we went to church and then to eat lunch. She slept for about an hour before she woke up to eat lunch. Then we hung out at the house the rest of the day and evening. We were in bed by 8:30pm and she was asleep by 9. She didn't wake up in too bad of a mood this morning but she didn't want to get up.

She had a melt-down for some reason after bath time. I still haven't figured it out. I left her alone to cry. I guess even the littlest girls need a good cry every now and again. I didn't get upset with her or make her stop crying or anything. I just told her that I would go get ready for bed and when she was ready to get dressed to call me. She did and I helped her get dressed. I tried to ask why she cried and she told me because I left her to cry. That doesn't explain why she started crying though. Whatever. Maybe she was just tired.

By the way, this is Monday morning and I am at First Thing. Still no computer. I brought my own from home up here so I could at least stay at my desk for the day. Again, Whatever. I may even go to the tac o be ll drive through for lunch instead of going home since I don't have my computer at home for the day.

Last night in an attempt not to fall asleep, G asked me "What else I do in China?" So we talked about her living in China. She said, "You not my first mommy."

I said, "Nope I am your 3rd mommy. You have a birth mommy and a foster mommy, who loved you very much." Then we talked about her flying in an airplane, riding in a taxi and a bus and a boat. She really enjoys talking about her history. I just wish I knew more of it. I would love to get information about her foster family. When I have some extra mullah I am going to send her Half the Sky reports to have translated. I hope to find out a lot about her first 15 months or so.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Just Being Us

I am so exhausted. Doing nothing all day and not being at home is so exhausting. I still have no computer at first thing and there is not enough filing to make it worth my while. So I am so tired. We went to bed at 9:30ish and G actually fell asleep shortly after 10pm. Of course she was lying directly on top of me. For some reason, I couldn't get comfortable enough to fall asleep.

G is coughing and drowning at night. I can't get the drainage to stop. Her medicine is not working, or at least doesn't seem to be. Then I had the dog lying by my legs and the cat on the edge of the bed next to my arm, I really was pinned down. I don't like being pinned down so it made it difficult to sleep. I am a light sleeper anyway and every move or sound G made I heard.

I am gathering things for G's Easter basket. There will be no candy. She has enough and she won't eat it all anyway. I am just not doing it. I have so far two care bears- Funshine Bear and Harmony Bear. I will try to add a couple of coloring books and maybe another cb book.

One of the things we do with her cb books is to match the bears she has with the ones on the page. Harmony Bear is purple with a flower on his tummy. She has Purple Bear, aka Share Bear, and gets the two confused.  So at Easter she will have an additional purple colored bear. We are going to have to name them for real or give them other than color names as it gets confusing. She took Raccoon, a cb cousin, to school today.

In other news, G is really talking and using lots of words, sentences, etc. A lot of words she says are just cute as in "splayed" for spread. This morning she actually used "spray" for spread so she is getting closer.  Then she brought one of her pandas to me last night and said, "This is a piano; his name is zooah." She used to call the pandas zooahs so she is getting closer at least with the "p" letter. I don't bother correcting her either because I have yet to hear of a 30 something person calling a panda anything other than a panda. I just hope I can document the cute phrases and words she does use for repeating later.

Also, she doesn't like to go in my closet because my boots, "might scare me." Okay, boots, pantie hose and footsie pjs. It has to be a connection of keeping her legs, feet and ankles bound in the same garment. I really have no idea. It is a shame to because I used to love footsie pjs and hoped she would too. I also have some very cute tights for her to wear with some very cute outfits but alas, maybe next year.

I may get a manager title in my name at First Thing. I even have been given an opportunity to give my own job description. Cool huh? I won't be managing people and I made that clear in the job description, at least not unless this company grows. I will have to travel some though but not for a while yet. We have to get the pilot program up and running first. The administrator of the company is very difficult to pin down for meetings or answers. Sad thing is FT appears to be a company of leaders with very few followers, thus communication is zero to nil.

So I hope my first paycheck with salary will come this next week. Who knows. I really hope it isn't billable time because most of my stuff is due the first to middle of the month. Oh and my house still hasn't sold. I am hopeful but cautious.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Off for the evening

G is off for the evening with her grandparents. I have an evening alone. OH MY WHAT TO DO? WHAT TO DO? I think a movie and a book is a great idea. I think I will watch Easter Parade as Easter is approaching. I love old movies especially with Fred Astaire. I also like Cary Grant but who doesn't, right?

So I have no computer still at work and spend the day filing and reading blogs, but I am getting paid for it. I hope to remember to bring a book with me tomorrow. I have written journal entries for a couple of days but can't read my writing very well. Sad I know. That is why I like the blog although there will be a lot left off of the blog for privacy and to prevent potential embarrassment for me and family.

So tonight coffee, movies, books, on my own; I do hope to have a very good rest without G even though I will miss her dearly. Last night she woke up afraid of the "scary man" from Mulan twice, very disturbing for me anyway. We can't watch that one for a while now.

I have to learn how to up load videos because I have a great one of G bouncing a ball last night. She is really coordinated unlike her mama. I am so glad she doesn't have my genes. She will have such a better life and has the best of her birth parents and life experiences. She is so funny and smart. She is a sweetie too and loves to share and point out when she is sharing. She took some candy from valentine's day to school to share with her friends. She also took the book her teacher gave her to read in circle time.

I saw her teacher today around noon, she said G was telling everyone what year it was, the pig, and telling about her weekend for CNY. I guess what we are doing and saying to her she is picking up. I hope that she is picking up my pitiful efforts at keeping her culture alive. Well at least some of the culture, very Americanized anyway. I provided a Chinese New Year kit provided from Fujian Kids. Then I think her teacher found some other stuff to celebrate.

Yesterday G's teacher told me she was doing a total culture week so no other parents get mad about focusing on G's Chinese heritage. Funny, G is Chinese, the only truly ethnic child where America is not her first home. No other child can claim another country truly as his origin. I don't mind culture week at all. I think G needs to learn about all cultures even beginning in daycare. What I do mind is the possible hurt feelings of parents believing they are focusing on my child and CNY. Well, when they provide the stuff to celebrate their own culture I will be glad to not gripe about focusing on their child!!

I will try when I see her projects to post photos of them. She took her pig coloring home to the grandparents today. I did something last year and the teacher added to that project by doing the fish lantern which is still hanging up in her room from the light fixture. I have to find a place for the 2 dragons we colored at FCC CNY.

Monday, February 19, 2007

More photos

G and S "loving" Gaia.

G eating an orange with the peel on. She wouldn't allow me to peel it last night. I did so tonight.

More photos

G eating a taco with meat and cheese.

G's lotsa bear with the whole and the culprit who did it.

More photos

What happens when the girl tries to diaper herself. Yes, yes she did.

G with her bears: Purple Bear, Pink Bear and Moon Bear

First Thing Update and other stuff.

So I have nothing to do. But I am not complaining since I am getting paid. This beats working my arse off seeing kids or trying to and not getting paid to live. Supposedly I will be getting a computer this week. Not sure what that will do except make me stay in the file room where I have been assigned. I am in the conference room right now for access to the computer and not necessarily to do work but to read blogs and update mine.

I will help the billing clerks file billing sheets this afternoon and will probably leave when they do even though I would prefer to work 9 to 6ish. I have to leave before 6 to get G at daycare.

I have no idea if my tax check has come in and the banks are closed. I didn't get the housepayment Friday so I may be bouncing a rather large check soon.

I had strange dreams all night and can remember them but can't vocalize them. It is like the dream is sitting on the "tip of my tongue" and I can't get it out. So I guess in essence it is really not remembered. That happens when I wake up before the dream can fully finish. G called me at 3:38 am and then she was up for a good 45 mins. I am soo tired., no nap yesterday and rough sleep last night.

By the way, do you realize how physically and emotionally draining doing nothing is? I mean I am exhausted for doing nothing. But I am getting paid. I have to keep repeating that mantra. Life will get better. I have to remember that too. Okay so, enough on First Thing update. Sorry about the very long previous post. When I get home I will post photos of the girl. After last night, it really is a good thing I love her. I even like her all the time. I love being her mom.

Weekend update

So this weekend was an extremely busy one. Saturday we played with Grammie and Grandad Saturday after breakfast through nap time then went to visit our old neighbors that night. Grandad and G picked flowers for Grammie. Grandad and G played "playhouse" and "wrote" a lot. Grammie and G ran in circles through the house. Mom and G made up Grammie and Grandad's bed. G ate pizza for lunch. She loves pizza.

G had a great evening playing with Sam; so much so she didn't want to leave. They played in his crib, jumping, laying, generally destroying the made-up-ness (new word) of the bed. Hugged Gaia the cat so much that she ran away in the house (too much love is a bad thing to a cat). Ate mac 'n cheese, goldfish and chips for dinner. Played in Sam's room, pulling all of the books off the shelf and moving all of his toys into the center of the room. They climbed into the bathtub, hiding. They ran in circles with the other two children who came. She also didn't fall asleep in the car on the way home. We got to bed after 11pm.

Sunday, after church, we went to our friend's home for CNY lunch and had Chinese green beans (G' fav), ham fried rice, egg rolls, pot stickers (my fav) and crab Rangoon. She also ate the green beans and rice for dinner. The grandparents of this friend were there, and in typical G fashion, she warmed up to the grandad first. She ate and ate green beans and fried rice. She bossed the grandparents around literally telling them to go get more food for her. She ate off their plates and her plate. She jumped on a mini-trampoline and fell off the same. She didn't want to leave at all, and she did fall asleep on the way home this time so I got no nap yesterday. This was very bad as I am extremely grumpy sans nap, which probably lead to the evenings next events.

To end the evening we had full toddler meltdown for well over 45 mins; ending with G going to sleep in her bed because she was mad at me, and only in her diaper because she was mad at me, because I told her she couldn't sleep with her carebears without a diaper since I wouldn't get them clean from the tt. I did get her up to put on pjs around 9:30 pm, since she was freezing.

At 3:38am this morning she called me and said she wasn't mad anymore and wanted to sleep with me. Now mind you that while in deep toddler tantrum getting clothes on and off without her getting hurt was a feat in and of itself so I wasn't worried about the lack of pjs until she was totally calm around 9:30pm. Also, while in full toddler meltdown, she did hurt herself at least twice, scratch on her belly tummy and bruised ankle bone.

I am not sure who won this battle of the wills. I would like to think I did but I dunno. I hope I won it; things will go more smoothly for a while if I won.

The whole thing even started silly. She missed the opportunity to take a shower with me which she does every night. Last night she wasn't ready to go to bed to which the shower leads, and said she wanted to play in her room. After I picked her up to try and get her ready for the shower, I gave up. She did the "go limp" thing that toddlers learn early how to do; you know, dead weight, straighten the arms so mom drops you on your feet (hopefully). So I told her she could play in her room while I showered and then we would bathe her in her own bathroom.

Well that was fine until she heard the shower running in my bathroom. She came screaming and crying into my bathroom, trying to get her clothes off. She threw herself several times in the floor and threw things in the bathroom. She also (when I got her in her bathtub) threw herself around in her bathtub.

She ended up with a spanking. I kept telling her to calm down. She said she couldn't so I told her to sit still in the floor until I got out of the shower (timeout). She wouldn't do that. I remained calm and then I sent her to her room (timeout in different location). She went there but I could here her fit being thrown there too. Screams and tears and crying until she literally threw up.

I was finally able to get her into her bath. She wanted to help soap herself up (still in tantrum mode mind you) and when I gave her some soap in her hand, she demanded more soap, then rinsed off the soap she had when I refused to give her more. That ended the bath. She threw herself down again in the bathtub, almost gave herself a black eye on the faucet (thank goodness for the duck), and bruised her ankle bone when it hit something in the tub. She tried to turn the water back on and got the cold water only, froze herself. I was right there the whole time so she wouldn't scald herself. She didn't.

I wrapped a towel around her to get her contained and held her tightly in cradle position (time in). She squirmed around making the areas read where my arms touched her while being wrapped in the towel, so I put her on her bed. That is when she decided she would sleep in the towel on her bed. She ended up in the diaper like I said because I wouldn't let her sleep with her care bears or blanket.

Time outs don't work when she is that out of control. Neither do time ins. I tried that. Last night was a battle of much proportion! The thing is since she decided to sleep in her own bed out of anger, I sort of lost the battle. It is the "anger" that needed to be controlled not the behavior, and I lost. I am not sure I know how to teach her how to control her anger. That, to me, takes a rational mindset older than a 2-3 year old can comprehend. I talked calmly to her the whole time trying to explain what was happening and why she didn't get to take a shower with me. She went to bed telling me that she still won't mind me when it comes to getting ready for bed. How is that for hard headed-ness?

We will see when I pick her up this afternoon if she is going to be mad or not. She didn't seem to be this morning for breakfast and after. We have plans to watch the whole of Mulan together on the couch. She started watching it during breakfast but kept running out of the room for the scary parts, while I was getting ready for work. I don't know. A girl can change her mind.

Gung Hay Fat Choy-Happy New Year

This photo is at our church. This is my favorite outfit and G doesn't like it much.

There are several ways to say Happy New Year in Chinese. This happens to be Cantonese which is the dialect spoken in G's home province of Guangxi.

So to all celebrating, Happy Year of the Pig. I understand it will be a year of babies so hopefully those families waiting will be welcoming in their daughters and sons soon.

Here are some shots of G on CNY.

Friday, February 16, 2007

FFFFChallenge- Bad Photos

Okay, this Friday's foto challenge is bad photos. Most photos I don't take that have me in them turn out badly. I was trying to tell the person taking this photo what button to push as she pushed it. She was taking too long so I was trying to help. Then she didn't re-take it. The horses in the background make a lovely set of bookends, don't you think?

Then the next one is taken by my mom at Christmas. The thing is this is a standard type of picture she takes. She has a digital easy camera and instead of using the viewfinder to center a pic she looks at the 2" screen on the back of the camera. Then when she snaps the picture the camera moves down with her finger thus cutting off the heads. So the headless children are my neice and nephew and the nephews sister, my other neice, is the one in the middle.

Lots of heart

So on Valentine's Day, which I normally avoid like the plague, I gave G a new Care Bear (cbs). It was the lots of hearts bear that is redder-pink with two hearts on it. W*greens and other places are selling smaller versions of the big cbs for $5.99 (perfect size for G and her collection). Anyway, last night we were loading up the bears for bedtime, and for the life of me I couldn't find "lotsa bear" (as G calls it). G wasn't helping me look for it either, just stalling. At 8pm after baths, pjs, tooth brushing and getting in the bed we were ready to read. We go through our ritual books and then lights out.

Clementine, our Aussie, takes it upon her self as soon as the lights are out to go find the cb. I of course don't know this until 9:42 pm. That is right when G, who is still not asleep at this point, decides she cannot go t.t. in her diaper but must go to potty. So as we return from the potty (and I am not happy at this point) we crawl back in bed. As I fling the covers back in place, cb falls to the ground. I pick it up knowing nothing about Clementine, although assuming we just over looked cb and that it was with us in bed the whole time; I throw it on the bed. Back out go the lights, when G decides she wants cb so I give it to her in the dark.

Then the crying starts. All I can make out is "Tementine wicked her. She poke a hole." So on come the lights and sure enough, Clementine gave cb a belly button, albeit an open one and licked to a drenched state the belly tummy. G is devastated. So I picked G up and like the compassionate* mom I am, explained that by not finding the cb before bed like I asked her too, then Clementine found it and ate it. We have a rule, anything left in the floor is fair game to Clementine. I told G we would try to find her another one but it was too late to do so last night. G kept crying and saying, "I so sad, tementine, lotsa."

This morning G didn't want "lotsa" to come with her to school and I had to tell Ms. Sarah what happened per G's request. She took the cb cousin, Raccoon, who happens to be the smartest of the cb cousins according to the tag and is the same size as lotsa. Did you know they had cousins? Well, they do.

At lunch I went to three places to find the cb to no avail. Wally world didn't have any of this size and W*greens didn't have the one I wanted. I did manage to find the St. Pats day present (goodluck bear) and the Easter basket present (funshine bear) both cbs. I also found little cbs that hook onto things like back packs and suitcases etc. We will see if I can fake her out. I also will see if I can get some sort of patch to stitch over the hole. Maybe lotsa bear will have 3 hearts instead of the original 2.

About bedtime, G does everything and anything to stay awake at night. Last night I tried to trick her by telling her that the cat would sleep on her if she got still. She got still and was so for 15 mins then she moved and talked to me, aaarrrrggghhhh! We are going to have a difficult transition of going to sleep on time, waking up and getting up on time and having to be somewhere by 9am. She will now have to be at daycare before then and picked up at 6pm. This will be a significant adjustment for her.

*that late at night I was finding compassion to be the last feeling I wanted to feel.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Today was G' school party for Valentine's. I volunteered to bring treat bags and volunteered to help the party run smoothly. 

There were two dads, a set of grandparents and another mom (who came late) there, and I did most of the work with the teacher. Actually I did most of the work as one child got sick and the teacher took her out. Here me, Here me, No more Dads allowed if you aren't going to help.

The grandparents I will excuse for not helping as the grandma was in a wheelchair. This fascinated the kids and kept them busy. The other mom's kid is very bad so she really was busy in her own right. Not to brag on G, although this is what this blog is for, right, but she got down to serious business on her party. She barely moved from her seat except to go potty. There were two other kids who did that but their dads were there so that made the difference.

Anyway, pics are posted above of the activities. There are only 9 kids in the class so it wasn't a big deal, but I did keep wondering as I was passing out food why the dads weren't helping.

The kids mainly ate the icing and candy but not the total cupcake and not so many chips. Also, the chips that were brought for the two year olds were bar-b-que pring*les and dorit*os. Why not plain? It was a very nice party. We brought home way too much candy. G may have a tummy ache this evening even though I have stopped the candy eating.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

FCC Chinese New Year

Yesterday we attended the FCC Chinese New Year celebration. It was so much fun seeing all of the girls and boys from freshly home to being home for several years. There were crafts and snacks. Most everyone was dressed in beautiful Chinese outfits. There was a program with a Chinese preschool class singing and someone preforming tai chi. Then there was the traditional fireworks which were actually strips of bubble wrap that the kids lined up on to stomped across. G didn't participate in any group activities like that though. Nor would she participate in the group photo and barely smiled for her individual photo.

She loved the crafts and actually got mad that we completed each one. I would only let her do one of each activity, but she wanted to do more. She decorated a paper dragon, made a paper pig face, colored a picture, uncovered a colorful dragon, and helped bead a good luck bracelet. Mostly she was good. She got grumpy at one point.

Then after that we went to a home of a friend who is paperchasing for #2 and the girls were able to play. There were 5 families with 7 kids total. Three of us traveled together using the same agency. The other two families are using the same agency, but one is leaving at the end of the month. The hosts for the evening traveled for #1 before us, and now they are working on #2. One of the CHI families that traveled with us in 2005 recently returned Jan. 9 to adopt their 3 1/2 year old son (cleft repaired). He was precious. Of course his sister and he haven't actually learned to share yet. I was so glad to get to see this family. It has been a while. The video I have of the gathering is an impromtu parade around the couch, a very loud activity if I may say.

Anyway, G and I left at 9:30pm and inadvertently left Raccoon there. So trying not to have a meltdown, I just told G that Raccoon wanted to spend the night with Cackie. Thankfully, we were able to get it today and as we were leaving G held Raccoon in the crook of her arm and and said, "Did you have a good time pending the night wiff Cackie?"

Late night last night for sure. We fell asleep around 11:30pm. Looks like tonight will be another late night. I put in Mary Poppins without realizing how late it was and now it is 10:30p,m and G wants to wait until it is over. A really good mom would not care but make her go to bed before it went off. Oh well, I am not really concerned with how early she gets up in the morning since I have no kids to see and the company is doing day 3 of a training I don't have to attend. Just as long as G is dropped off by 10am at the daycare.

Anyway, couple of photos of the evening above.

Friday, February 09, 2007

FFFF Challenge--Wild Card

FFFF Challenge is wild card photos. So here is G and her favorite friends hanging out on the couch.

There are her 3 "zooas" (pandas), her Ling Ling, "purple bear", "waccoon" and Snoopies. All of them bundled up on the couch.

Another Snow Day-Friday

Now this is the 3rd Friday in a row that G has been home with me. The first she was home because she was trying to get sick like I had been. Then these past two Fridays have been snow days so that her daycare closed. The school district closed and her daycare follows the district. How convenient for me, eh?

Of course my case load has already been transferred so I can't see anyone anyway. I am playing on the internet with Mary Poppins on while G is napping on the couch. This is a special treat for her. She thinks that by napping on the couch she is not really taking a nap. Oh how wrong she is. She is totally zonked. She didn't even wake up until after 8:30am this morning.

Tomorrow is FCC Chinese New Year from 3pm to 6pm and I am very much looking forward to going. Then out to dinner with some friends to where else? Chinese, either buffet or Pei Wei (my personal fave.).

I have downloaded to Shutter fly over 1000 photos about 900 of which are from my camera. Most digital video cameras will snap photos of a playing video. It is tiring to watch it and catch the right moment. There were many moments I forgot until seeing them again on video. She did smile quite a bit on video because she forgot we were there filming her. Now to order the videos will be quite expensive but I have narrowed them down to about 850 for printing. That took a while too. I have new albums and everything for them so I will have one set of Chinese trip pics in one set of albums and these in another set of albums.

One thing about me is that I hate having pictures out of order so this is sort of bothering me. That is why I have to have two completely different albums for them. I can't undo and redo because that is just too much. I have lots of idiosyncrasies and some things came to light after G came home and was able to open and shut doors. The picture order thing I have had a long time. I will not let photos be looked at even if they are out of order. I have to fix them before sharing.

I am still very excited about 1st thing second position working out. I am not as excited about working under the one person as she just doesn't seem to be as high strung as me. I like to get things done and have things to do and she doesn't seem to be such. She does seem to be a bit controlling however. So we shall see. For a while I will only be loading files for the computer system and checking notes. I will be glad to stay busy that way.

I need to take a nap too. Everything in my body hurts though from sleeping funny last night and staying in bed too long this morning. I am not sure when it happened but staying in bed past 8 am just kills me. I guess it is yet one more sign of being a mother or getting old. I suspect it is getting old but I prefer to think of it as being a mum.

Oh by the way, my older brother is going to China on business March 5th (his 2nd time). I am sooooo jealous. His daughter wishes to go too. She is 6 this year I think. She has waist length white blonde hair and blue eyes. She would be an attraction in China, that is for sure. Anyway I am going to ask him to pick up some dresses and pant suits for G while he is there. I need to get some bigger outfits for next year and just get more outfits. Why couldn't I get a job to travel like that?

Anyhoo, this is our day, lazy hanging out, went to lunch with Grammie, waiting on tax refund (not here yet as promised), and taking naps.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

This Morning

My girl found her Chinese New Year gift I got her. It is a book, D is for Dragon. So she decided to read it to me. She had to have her glasses on too so she could see. The would "read" then hold the book up and say, "Can you see Mommy?" Here she is.

Wonderful Camera

The Nanny that brought her in.

Actual hand off.

When we were getting ready to go China, I picked out a video camera that my parents bought me as a bday gift early. It was/is a Cannon 2R 200 and had/had the capability of also taking digital photos. We taped only about 6 hours of video for the whole 2 1/2 weeks. That really isn't good by the way. I digress.

The other day, G and I were watching her gotcha video and by accident I snapped a photo. So not necessarily a big deal except that the photo was of the video we were watching. This is significant because mom's camera quit the moment of the gotcha handoff. I have no still photos of Gotcha moment. So last Friday night while G was "pending" the night with Grammie and Grandad, I watched the gotcha video and took the still photos of the handoff. Then I took lots of film of the other families that day when G was taken off by Grandad so I took the still photos of those pics and shared them on the Wuzhou travel Yahoo group.

Now I am going through the videos to take photos of the trip. It is amazing what I forgot and how good the pics actually turned out. After we got G I didn't film the other families much. I am also actually looking for the red couch photo. G was starving while we were doing the red couch thing and my mom didn't take any pictures. I am hoping she filmed some of it and I can get the still shots I missed. At the time I thought it was no big deal because G was sooo sick and upset. Now I totally regret not getting photos of the red couch group even with her crying. I have asked the group to help out and have yet to get any copies even downloaded to like a shutter fly.

Anyway, I will continue on my quest for still shots and then complete more albums of the China trip. I will leave you with one or two shots from the day.

By the way, I have not decided what we will call that day yet. The thing is G and I talk about gotcha day and I point to a map of China in the general area of Guangxi and say "Mommy and Grammie and Grandad got you in China right there." Then she will point to some place far away from Guangxi like close to the Russian border and say, "I got you in Chinee right dere."

So I think as she grows and the more we discuss it we will decide what we want to call it.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Photos of the girl in her "Chinee outpits"

Here are the photos from this Sunday and last Sunday. Long sleeves were taken yesterday and then the short sleeves last Sunday because I am a dummy and didn't realize it was so cold.


What a difference a weekend makes. So after turning in my resignation letter to first thing on Friday, I received a call this morning with an offer to move into an administrative position at twice the salary second thing was offering. YEEHAW!! So of course I accepted that and now I have to call second thing to renig on my acceptance. That is where I am stuck. I so don't want to make that call but I need to stay where the money is. Plus it is a position I will really enjoy doing. So I will call second thing this afternoon and tell them that the company I am currently with countered with a position I could not turn down. So hopefully they will accept that and not make me feel too badly.

This weekend, G spent the night with her grandparents and had a blast. We attended church yesterday and then hung out the rest of the day together. We went to church last night with my parents and G was very good in service. She never goes to the children's class because she is so good. We ended up going to bed later than I wanted and I am tired today. She fell asleep on top of me and has been doing that for the past week or so.

I have some really good photos I need to doctor then post of the girl. She wore one of her Chinese outfits yesterday to Sunday School. It is amazing that she can still wear them and they look pretty good on her still. I doubt I will get another year out of them though. Maybe now I can go to the Chinese New Year celebration this Sat. My IRS refund should be deposited by Feb 9. Yea! again.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

FFFF Sleeping

Thies weeks challenge was sleeping. So here is G sleeping in a pack n play in March 2006 and sleeping in my arms on adoption day 7-26-05. This was the only way I could actually hold her for the first 2 weeks.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Winter has arrived

Photos have disappeared from Blogger after 7 years.

We woke up to the first snow of the year today. Of course it was mostly melted my noon. The schools were closed and the daycare was closed. Universities around here were closed. G would not step foot in it or around it, but she didn't want it to melt either. She wanted to see it from inside the door only. She also didn't want to sleep in aafter she found out it snowed. We stayed in house shoes until I took her to her Grammie's around 1pm. She is spending the night with them tonight and was very excited about it.

We did have to go to the "First thing" office to print out my resignation letter and some billing forms. While there G had to go potty. So we go and she poos. This is a big deal for her to ask to go potty and do poo. She even had pull ups on from an earlier accident. Normally she asks for the pull up to do the poo. So anyway we are going back down the hall to the copier and she is yelling, "I poo poo in de potty just wike mama." I mean I assume everyone knows how I go; I just don't necessarily like them being reminded loudly by a two year old.

So anyway, I will head back to the parents home for breakfast and then we shall see what we will do.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

About The Girl

Pictures have disappeared from Blogger after 7 years.

So my child is brilliant. She is talented and smart and pretty. She is so smart that she gave herself a hickey on her mouth with a round shape toy. Yep, that's my girl, her first ever hickey. I tell you brilliance runs in those jeans, heheheh.

Also, it is freaking cold here and attempting to snow but who won't wear gloves? Yep, the girl won't wear gloves. She finally accepted the scarf but no "glubs". Sunday I didn't realize how cold it was and dressed her in one of her Chinese outfits that fit wonderfully this year. She was so cute and sooo cold!! I got some photos of that. Then she has her hair up in pigtails in some of them.

So I have some photos to post now one of the hickey she gave herself in daycare. She also now has a cat scratch on her face from last night and a goose egg in the middle of her forehead from who knows where because she doesn't.

Second Thing

Yea! Finally, I got the second thing. I start there on Feb 15. It doesn't pay much but the hours are perfect except for some Saturdays and Sundays. It is a city job and I will have benefits hopefully cheaper than what I pay now. So I interviewed today and was told that the decision would be made tomorrow. The interviewer called me back today and said she had made the decision while I was there but tried to hold her excitement. I think it will be perfect for now and will prevent another major move that would be detrimental to all involved.

So I have some new photos of the girl and as soon as I get it loaded I will post some.