Thursday, February 01, 2007

About The Girl

Pictures have disappeared from Blogger after 7 years.

So my child is brilliant. She is talented and smart and pretty. She is so smart that she gave herself a hickey on her mouth with a round shape toy. Yep, that's my girl, her first ever hickey. I tell you brilliance runs in those jeans, heheheh.

Also, it is freaking cold here and attempting to snow but who won't wear gloves? Yep, the girl won't wear gloves. She finally accepted the scarf but no "glubs". Sunday I didn't realize how cold it was and dressed her in one of her Chinese outfits that fit wonderfully this year. She was so cute and sooo cold!! I got some photos of that. Then she has her hair up in pigtails in some of them.

So I have some photos to post now one of the hickey she gave herself in daycare. She also now has a cat scratch on her face from last night and a goose egg in the middle of her forehead from who knows where because she doesn't.

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