Friday, February 09, 2007

Another Snow Day-Friday

Now this is the 3rd Friday in a row that G has been home with me. The first she was home because she was trying to get sick like I had been. Then these past two Fridays have been snow days so that her daycare closed. The school district closed and her daycare follows the district. How convenient for me, eh?

Of course my case load has already been transferred so I can't see anyone anyway. I am playing on the internet with Mary Poppins on while G is napping on the couch. This is a special treat for her. She thinks that by napping on the couch she is not really taking a nap. Oh how wrong she is. She is totally zonked. She didn't even wake up until after 8:30am this morning.

Tomorrow is FCC Chinese New Year from 3pm to 6pm and I am very much looking forward to going. Then out to dinner with some friends to where else? Chinese, either buffet or Pei Wei (my personal fave.).

I have downloaded to Shutter fly over 1000 photos about 900 of which are from my camera. Most digital video cameras will snap photos of a playing video. It is tiring to watch it and catch the right moment. There were many moments I forgot until seeing them again on video. She did smile quite a bit on video because she forgot we were there filming her. Now to order the videos will be quite expensive but I have narrowed them down to about 850 for printing. That took a while too. I have new albums and everything for them so I will have one set of Chinese trip pics in one set of albums and these in another set of albums.

One thing about me is that I hate having pictures out of order so this is sort of bothering me. That is why I have to have two completely different albums for them. I can't undo and redo because that is just too much. I have lots of idiosyncrasies and some things came to light after G came home and was able to open and shut doors. The picture order thing I have had a long time. I will not let photos be looked at even if they are out of order. I have to fix them before sharing.

I am still very excited about 1st thing second position working out. I am not as excited about working under the one person as she just doesn't seem to be as high strung as me. I like to get things done and have things to do and she doesn't seem to be such. She does seem to be a bit controlling however. So we shall see. For a while I will only be loading files for the computer system and checking notes. I will be glad to stay busy that way.

I need to take a nap too. Everything in my body hurts though from sleeping funny last night and staying in bed too long this morning. I am not sure when it happened but staying in bed past 8 am just kills me. I guess it is yet one more sign of being a mother or getting old. I suspect it is getting old but I prefer to think of it as being a mum.

Oh by the way, my older brother is going to China on business March 5th (his 2nd time). I am sooooo jealous. His daughter wishes to go too. She is 6 this year I think. She has waist length white blonde hair and blue eyes. She would be an attraction in China, that is for sure. Anyway I am going to ask him to pick up some dresses and pant suits for G while he is there. I need to get some bigger outfits for next year and just get more outfits. Why couldn't I get a job to travel like that?

Anyhoo, this is our day, lazy hanging out, went to lunch with Grammie, waiting on tax refund (not here yet as promised), and taking naps.

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