Friday, February 16, 2007

FFFFChallenge- Bad Photos

Okay, this Friday's foto challenge is bad photos. Most photos I don't take that have me in them turn out badly. I was trying to tell the person taking this photo what button to push as she pushed it. She was taking too long so I was trying to help. Then she didn't re-take it. The horses in the background make a lovely set of bookends, don't you think?

Then the next one is taken by my mom at Christmas. The thing is this is a standard type of picture she takes. She has a digital easy camera and instead of using the viewfinder to center a pic she looks at the 2" screen on the back of the camera. Then when she snaps the picture the camera moves down with her finger thus cutting off the heads. So the headless children are my neice and nephew and the nephews sister, my other neice, is the one in the middle.


Mom-of-5 said...

The second picture is a hoot!!
How funny.

trying4two99 said...

I love headless photos- Makes figuring our who is who in them more of a challenge. Oh the wonders of digital cameras!

Donna said...

I love it! Awesome 'bad' photos! The horses are great! And, of course, who can't love a headless child!


cking706 said...

I wandered here from other blogs starting at Salsa in China and I would have to wonder if we share a mom except that I don't recognise either body in the photo.....My mom has an entire photo album of pics with no heads. We ID ourselves by the clothes we were wearing.