Monday, February 19, 2007

First Thing Update and other stuff.

So I have nothing to do. But I am not complaining since I am getting paid. This beats working my arse off seeing kids or trying to and not getting paid to live. Supposedly I will be getting a computer this week. Not sure what that will do except make me stay in the file room where I have been assigned. I am in the conference room right now for access to the computer and not necessarily to do work but to read blogs and update mine.

I will help the billing clerks file billing sheets this afternoon and will probably leave when they do even though I would prefer to work 9 to 6ish. I have to leave before 6 to get G at daycare.

I have no idea if my tax check has come in and the banks are closed. I didn't get the housepayment Friday so I may be bouncing a rather large check soon.

I had strange dreams all night and can remember them but can't vocalize them. It is like the dream is sitting on the "tip of my tongue" and I can't get it out. So I guess in essence it is really not remembered. That happens when I wake up before the dream can fully finish. G called me at 3:38 am and then she was up for a good 45 mins. I am soo tired., no nap yesterday and rough sleep last night.

By the way, do you realize how physically and emotionally draining doing nothing is? I mean I am exhausted for doing nothing. But I am getting paid. I have to keep repeating that mantra. Life will get better. I have to remember that too. Okay so, enough on First Thing update. Sorry about the very long previous post. When I get home I will post photos of the girl. After last night, it really is a good thing I love her. I even like her all the time. I love being her mom.

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