Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Today was G' school party for Valentine's. I volunteered to bring treat bags and volunteered to help the party run smoothly. 

There were two dads, a set of grandparents and another mom (who came late) there, and I did most of the work with the teacher. Actually I did most of the work as one child got sick and the teacher took her out. Here me, Here me, No more Dads allowed if you aren't going to help.

The grandparents I will excuse for not helping as the grandma was in a wheelchair. This fascinated the kids and kept them busy. The other mom's kid is very bad so she really was busy in her own right. Not to brag on G, although this is what this blog is for, right, but she got down to serious business on her party. She barely moved from her seat except to go potty. There were two other kids who did that but their dads were there so that made the difference.

Anyway, pics are posted above of the activities. There are only 9 kids in the class so it wasn't a big deal, but I did keep wondering as I was passing out food why the dads weren't helping.

The kids mainly ate the icing and candy but not the total cupcake and not so many chips. Also, the chips that were brought for the two year olds were bar-b-que pring*les and dorit*os. Why not plain? It was a very nice party. We brought home way too much candy. G may have a tummy ache this evening even though I have stopped the candy eating.

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