Thursday, February 22, 2007

Just Being Us

I am so exhausted. Doing nothing all day and not being at home is so exhausting. I still have no computer at first thing and there is not enough filing to make it worth my while. So I am so tired. We went to bed at 9:30ish and G actually fell asleep shortly after 10pm. Of course she was lying directly on top of me. For some reason, I couldn't get comfortable enough to fall asleep.

G is coughing and drowning at night. I can't get the drainage to stop. Her medicine is not working, or at least doesn't seem to be. Then I had the dog lying by my legs and the cat on the edge of the bed next to my arm, I really was pinned down. I don't like being pinned down so it made it difficult to sleep. I am a light sleeper anyway and every move or sound G made I heard.

I am gathering things for G's Easter basket. There will be no candy. She has enough and she won't eat it all anyway. I am just not doing it. I have so far two care bears- Funshine Bear and Harmony Bear. I will try to add a couple of coloring books and maybe another cb book.

One of the things we do with her cb books is to match the bears she has with the ones on the page. Harmony Bear is purple with a flower on his tummy. She has Purple Bear, aka Share Bear, and gets the two confused.  So at Easter she will have an additional purple colored bear. We are going to have to name them for real or give them other than color names as it gets confusing. She took Raccoon, a cb cousin, to school today.

In other news, G is really talking and using lots of words, sentences, etc. A lot of words she says are just cute as in "splayed" for spread. This morning she actually used "spray" for spread so she is getting closer.  Then she brought one of her pandas to me last night and said, "This is a piano; his name is zooah." She used to call the pandas zooahs so she is getting closer at least with the "p" letter. I don't bother correcting her either because I have yet to hear of a 30 something person calling a panda anything other than a panda. I just hope I can document the cute phrases and words she does use for repeating later.

Also, she doesn't like to go in my closet because my boots, "might scare me." Okay, boots, pantie hose and footsie pjs. It has to be a connection of keeping her legs, feet and ankles bound in the same garment. I really have no idea. It is a shame to because I used to love footsie pjs and hoped she would too. I also have some very cute tights for her to wear with some very cute outfits but alas, maybe next year.

I may get a manager title in my name at First Thing. I even have been given an opportunity to give my own job description. Cool huh? I won't be managing people and I made that clear in the job description, at least not unless this company grows. I will have to travel some though but not for a while yet. We have to get the pilot program up and running first. The administrator of the company is very difficult to pin down for meetings or answers. Sad thing is FT appears to be a company of leaders with very few followers, thus communication is zero to nil.

So I hope my first paycheck with salary will come this next week. Who knows. I really hope it isn't billable time because most of my stuff is due the first to middle of the month. Oh and my house still hasn't sold. I am hopeful but cautious.

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