Friday, February 16, 2007

Lots of heart

So on Valentine's Day, which I normally avoid like the plague, I gave G a new Care Bear (cbs). It was the lots of hearts bear that is redder-pink with two hearts on it. W*greens and other places are selling smaller versions of the big cbs for $5.99 (perfect size for G and her collection). Anyway, last night we were loading up the bears for bedtime, and for the life of me I couldn't find "lotsa bear" (as G calls it). G wasn't helping me look for it either, just stalling. At 8pm after baths, pjs, tooth brushing and getting in the bed we were ready to read. We go through our ritual books and then lights out.

Clementine, our Aussie, takes it upon her self as soon as the lights are out to go find the cb. I of course don't know this until 9:42 pm. That is right when G, who is still not asleep at this point, decides she cannot go t.t. in her diaper but must go to potty. So as we return from the potty (and I am not happy at this point) we crawl back in bed. As I fling the covers back in place, cb falls to the ground. I pick it up knowing nothing about Clementine, although assuming we just over looked cb and that it was with us in bed the whole time; I throw it on the bed. Back out go the lights, when G decides she wants cb so I give it to her in the dark.

Then the crying starts. All I can make out is "Tementine wicked her. She poke a hole." So on come the lights and sure enough, Clementine gave cb a belly button, albeit an open one and licked to a drenched state the belly tummy. G is devastated. So I picked G up and like the compassionate* mom I am, explained that by not finding the cb before bed like I asked her too, then Clementine found it and ate it. We have a rule, anything left in the floor is fair game to Clementine. I told G we would try to find her another one but it was too late to do so last night. G kept crying and saying, "I so sad, tementine, lotsa."

This morning G didn't want "lotsa" to come with her to school and I had to tell Ms. Sarah what happened per G's request. She took the cb cousin, Raccoon, who happens to be the smartest of the cb cousins according to the tag and is the same size as lotsa. Did you know they had cousins? Well, they do.

At lunch I went to three places to find the cb to no avail. Wally world didn't have any of this size and W*greens didn't have the one I wanted. I did manage to find the St. Pats day present (goodluck bear) and the Easter basket present (funshine bear) both cbs. I also found little cbs that hook onto things like back packs and suitcases etc. We will see if I can fake her out. I also will see if I can get some sort of patch to stitch over the hole. Maybe lotsa bear will have 3 hearts instead of the original 2.

About bedtime, G does everything and anything to stay awake at night. Last night I tried to trick her by telling her that the cat would sleep on her if she got still. She got still and was so for 15 mins then she moved and talked to me, aaarrrrggghhhh! We are going to have a difficult transition of going to sleep on time, waking up and getting up on time and having to be somewhere by 9am. She will now have to be at daycare before then and picked up at 6pm. This will be a significant adjustment for her.

*that late at night I was finding compassion to be the last feeling I wanted to feel.

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