Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Off for the evening

G is off for the evening with her grandparents. I have an evening alone. OH MY WHAT TO DO? WHAT TO DO? I think a movie and a book is a great idea. I think I will watch Easter Parade as Easter is approaching. I love old movies especially with Fred Astaire. I also like Cary Grant but who doesn't, right?

So I have no computer still at work and spend the day filing and reading blogs, but I am getting paid for it. I hope to remember to bring a book with me tomorrow. I have written journal entries for a couple of days but can't read my writing very well. Sad I know. That is why I like the blog although there will be a lot left off of the blog for privacy and to prevent potential embarrassment for me and family.

So tonight coffee, movies, books, on my own; I do hope to have a very good rest without G even though I will miss her dearly. Last night she woke up afraid of the "scary man" from Mulan twice, very disturbing for me anyway. We can't watch that one for a while now.

I have to learn how to up load videos because I have a great one of G bouncing a ball last night. She is really coordinated unlike her mama. I am so glad she doesn't have my genes. She will have such a better life and has the best of her birth parents and life experiences. She is so funny and smart. She is a sweetie too and loves to share and point out when she is sharing. She took some candy from valentine's day to school to share with her friends. She also took the book her teacher gave her to read in circle time.

I saw her teacher today around noon, she said G was telling everyone what year it was, the pig, and telling about her weekend for CNY. I guess what we are doing and saying to her she is picking up. I hope that she is picking up my pitiful efforts at keeping her culture alive. Well at least some of the culture, very Americanized anyway. I provided a Chinese New Year kit provided from Fujian Kids. Then I think her teacher found some other stuff to celebrate.

Yesterday G's teacher told me she was doing a total culture week so no other parents get mad about focusing on G's Chinese heritage. Funny, G is Chinese, the only truly ethnic child where America is not her first home. No other child can claim another country truly as his origin. I don't mind culture week at all. I think G needs to learn about all cultures even beginning in daycare. What I do mind is the possible hurt feelings of parents believing they are focusing on my child and CNY. Well, when they provide the stuff to celebrate their own culture I will be glad to not gripe about focusing on their child!!

I will try when I see her projects to post photos of them. She took her pig coloring home to the grandparents today. I did something last year and the teacher added to that project by doing the fish lantern which is still hanging up in her room from the light fixture. I have to find a place for the 2 dragons we colored at FCC CNY.

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