Monday, February 19, 2007

Weekend update

So this weekend was an extremely busy one. Saturday we played with Grammie and Grandad Saturday after breakfast through nap time then went to visit our old neighbors that night. Grandad and G picked flowers for Grammie. Grandad and G played "playhouse" and "wrote" a lot. Grammie and G ran in circles through the house. Mom and G made up Grammie and Grandad's bed. G ate pizza for lunch. She loves pizza.

G had a great evening playing with Sam; so much so she didn't want to leave. They played in his crib, jumping, laying, generally destroying the made-up-ness (new word) of the bed. Hugged Gaia the cat so much that she ran away in the house (too much love is a bad thing to a cat). Ate mac 'n cheese, goldfish and chips for dinner. Played in Sam's room, pulling all of the books off the shelf and moving all of his toys into the center of the room. They climbed into the bathtub, hiding. They ran in circles with the other two children who came. She also didn't fall asleep in the car on the way home. We got to bed after 11pm.

Sunday, after church, we went to our friend's home for CNY lunch and had Chinese green beans (G' fav), ham fried rice, egg rolls, pot stickers (my fav) and crab Rangoon. She also ate the green beans and rice for dinner. The grandparents of this friend were there, and in typical G fashion, she warmed up to the grandad first. She ate and ate green beans and fried rice. She bossed the grandparents around literally telling them to go get more food for her. She ate off their plates and her plate. She jumped on a mini-trampoline and fell off the same. She didn't want to leave at all, and she did fall asleep on the way home this time so I got no nap yesterday. This was very bad as I am extremely grumpy sans nap, which probably lead to the evenings next events.

To end the evening we had full toddler meltdown for well over 45 mins; ending with G going to sleep in her bed because she was mad at me, and only in her diaper because she was mad at me, because I told her she couldn't sleep with her carebears without a diaper since I wouldn't get them clean from the tt. I did get her up to put on pjs around 9:30 pm, since she was freezing.

At 3:38am this morning she called me and said she wasn't mad anymore and wanted to sleep with me. Now mind you that while in deep toddler tantrum getting clothes on and off without her getting hurt was a feat in and of itself so I wasn't worried about the lack of pjs until she was totally calm around 9:30pm. Also, while in full toddler meltdown, she did hurt herself at least twice, scratch on her belly tummy and bruised ankle bone.

I am not sure who won this battle of the wills. I would like to think I did but I dunno. I hope I won it; things will go more smoothly for a while if I won.

The whole thing even started silly. She missed the opportunity to take a shower with me which she does every night. Last night she wasn't ready to go to bed to which the shower leads, and said she wanted to play in her room. After I picked her up to try and get her ready for the shower, I gave up. She did the "go limp" thing that toddlers learn early how to do; you know, dead weight, straighten the arms so mom drops you on your feet (hopefully). So I told her she could play in her room while I showered and then we would bathe her in her own bathroom.

Well that was fine until she heard the shower running in my bathroom. She came screaming and crying into my bathroom, trying to get her clothes off. She threw herself several times in the floor and threw things in the bathroom. She also (when I got her in her bathtub) threw herself around in her bathtub.

She ended up with a spanking. I kept telling her to calm down. She said she couldn't so I told her to sit still in the floor until I got out of the shower (timeout). She wouldn't do that. I remained calm and then I sent her to her room (timeout in different location). She went there but I could here her fit being thrown there too. Screams and tears and crying until she literally threw up.

I was finally able to get her into her bath. She wanted to help soap herself up (still in tantrum mode mind you) and when I gave her some soap in her hand, she demanded more soap, then rinsed off the soap she had when I refused to give her more. That ended the bath. She threw herself down again in the bathtub, almost gave herself a black eye on the faucet (thank goodness for the duck), and bruised her ankle bone when it hit something in the tub. She tried to turn the water back on and got the cold water only, froze herself. I was right there the whole time so she wouldn't scald herself. She didn't.

I wrapped a towel around her to get her contained and held her tightly in cradle position (time in). She squirmed around making the areas read where my arms touched her while being wrapped in the towel, so I put her on her bed. That is when she decided she would sleep in the towel on her bed. She ended up in the diaper like I said because I wouldn't let her sleep with her care bears or blanket.

Time outs don't work when she is that out of control. Neither do time ins. I tried that. Last night was a battle of much proportion! The thing is since she decided to sleep in her own bed out of anger, I sort of lost the battle. It is the "anger" that needed to be controlled not the behavior, and I lost. I am not sure I know how to teach her how to control her anger. That, to me, takes a rational mindset older than a 2-3 year old can comprehend. I talked calmly to her the whole time trying to explain what was happening and why she didn't get to take a shower with me. She went to bed telling me that she still won't mind me when it comes to getting ready for bed. How is that for hard headed-ness?

We will see when I pick her up this afternoon if she is going to be mad or not. She didn't seem to be this morning for breakfast and after. We have plans to watch the whole of Mulan together on the couch. She started watching it during breakfast but kept running out of the room for the scary parts, while I was getting ready for work. I don't know. A girl can change her mind.

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