Monday, February 26, 2007

Weekend Update

This weekend we went to the Chinese New Year celebration hosted by a downtown museum. It was actually kind of nice. At the end of the deal we got to see a Lion Dancer up close. I guess dancers would be more appropriate. Sadly there was no music but it was extremely entertaining. They got very close and G didn't like it one bit.

After this we went to Star bucks for a coffee for me and "milk shakes" for my mom and G. I got G one of her own and she drank over half of it. She really enjoyed. I will post photos of our day in several different posts. Blogger is not quite friendly for me and posting photos.

G spent the night with my parents Friday night. I got there early Sat morning to eat breakfast then my mom accompanied us to the CNY event. G came home with 5 helium balloons as well as three crafts she and I did together. She didn't get much of a nap Saturday and was pretty grumpy by the evening. Yesterday we went to church and then to eat lunch. She slept for about an hour before she woke up to eat lunch. Then we hung out at the house the rest of the day and evening. We were in bed by 8:30pm and she was asleep by 9. She didn't wake up in too bad of a mood this morning but she didn't want to get up.

She had a melt-down for some reason after bath time. I still haven't figured it out. I left her alone to cry. I guess even the littlest girls need a good cry every now and again. I didn't get upset with her or make her stop crying or anything. I just told her that I would go get ready for bed and when she was ready to get dressed to call me. She did and I helped her get dressed. I tried to ask why she cried and she told me because I left her to cry. That doesn't explain why she started crying though. Whatever. Maybe she was just tired.

By the way, this is Monday morning and I am at First Thing. Still no computer. I brought my own from home up here so I could at least stay at my desk for the day. Again, Whatever. I may even go to the tac o be ll drive through for lunch instead of going home since I don't have my computer at home for the day.

Last night in an attempt not to fall asleep, G asked me "What else I do in China?" So we talked about her living in China. She said, "You not my first mommy."

I said, "Nope I am your 3rd mommy. You have a birth mommy and a foster mommy, who loved you very much." Then we talked about her flying in an airplane, riding in a taxi and a bus and a boat. She really enjoys talking about her history. I just wish I knew more of it. I would love to get information about her foster family. When I have some extra mullah I am going to send her Half the Sky reports to have translated. I hope to find out a lot about her first 15 months or so.

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