Friday, February 02, 2007

Winter has arrived

Photos have disappeared from Blogger after 7 years.

We woke up to the first snow of the year today. Of course it was mostly melted my noon. The schools were closed and the daycare was closed. Universities around here were closed. G would not step foot in it or around it, but she didn't want it to melt either. She wanted to see it from inside the door only. She also didn't want to sleep in aafter she found out it snowed. We stayed in house shoes until I took her to her Grammie's around 1pm. She is spending the night with them tonight and was very excited about it.

We did have to go to the "First thing" office to print out my resignation letter and some billing forms. While there G had to go potty. So we go and she poos. This is a big deal for her to ask to go potty and do poo. She even had pull ups on from an earlier accident. Normally she asks for the pull up to do the poo. So anyway we are going back down the hall to the copier and she is yelling, "I poo poo in de potty just wike mama." I mean I assume everyone knows how I go; I just don't necessarily like them being reminded loudly by a two year old.

So anyway, I will head back to the parents home for breakfast and then we shall see what we will do.

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