Thursday, February 08, 2007

Wonderful Camera

The Nanny that brought her in.

Actual hand off.

When we were getting ready to go China, I picked out a video camera that my parents bought me as a bday gift early. It was/is a Cannon 2R 200 and had/had the capability of also taking digital photos. We taped only about 6 hours of video for the whole 2 1/2 weeks. That really isn't good by the way. I digress.

The other day, G and I were watching her gotcha video and by accident I snapped a photo. So not necessarily a big deal except that the photo was of the video we were watching. This is significant because mom's camera quit the moment of the gotcha handoff. I have no still photos of Gotcha moment. So last Friday night while G was "pending" the night with Grammie and Grandad, I watched the gotcha video and took the still photos of the handoff. Then I took lots of film of the other families that day when G was taken off by Grandad so I took the still photos of those pics and shared them on the Wuzhou travel Yahoo group.

Now I am going through the videos to take photos of the trip. It is amazing what I forgot and how good the pics actually turned out. After we got G I didn't film the other families much. I am also actually looking for the red couch photo. G was starving while we were doing the red couch thing and my mom didn't take any pictures. I am hoping she filmed some of it and I can get the still shots I missed. At the time I thought it was no big deal because G was sooo sick and upset. Now I totally regret not getting photos of the red couch group even with her crying. I have asked the group to help out and have yet to get any copies even downloaded to like a shutter fly.

Anyway, I will continue on my quest for still shots and then complete more albums of the China trip. I will leave you with one or two shots from the day.

By the way, I have not decided what we will call that day yet. The thing is G and I talk about gotcha day and I point to a map of China in the general area of Guangxi and say "Mommy and Grammie and Grandad got you in China right there." Then she will point to some place far away from Guangxi like close to the Russian border and say, "I got you in Chinee right dere."

So I think as she grows and the more we discuss it we will decide what we want to call it.

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