Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Baby Abandonment

I never want anyone ever to look at me again and say, "They don't like their baby girls in China. That's why they give them away." Or something else as asinine. Just in California recently it appears that 3 babies have been abandoned at different locations. At least one was swaddled with umbilical cord still attached. "California Authorities Search for Mother After 3 Newborn Babies Are Abandoned",2933,262081,00.html You can read all about it. I believe these babies were mixed gender, not just girls. At least in the good ole U S of A we don't discriminate. Equal abandonment treatment here, all righty.

Why in a country where abortions are rampant and legal (but shouldn't be) and attorneys are every where (and prob. shouldn't be) and couples are infertile but wishing and with as many safe places to drop babies, would someone abandon their new born babies? At least one of the babies in the article died of exposure.

Then someone has the audacity to say that China has problems and don't like girls. Whatever. China's abandonment is magnified due to the huge population. I wonder if there would be as many abandoned kids in the US if it were as populous as China. I wonder if there are statistically as many at least ratio-wise (is that a word) here as there. I wonder if we hear about all of the babies left to die or abandoned.

I am totally filled with anger at this mom. How dare she leave them separated to die instead of outside a hospital or fire station, at least where they would be found???!!!???

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