Sunday, March 25, 2007

Bare feet and 4-wheelers: Welcome to Arkansas

So yesterday morning my dad came to help me rake leaves with the final purpose of tilling the front yard and planting grass seeds. I have lived in Tennessee for the last 15 years so I forget about the good delta earth. Dad tilled up the front yard and as I was planting some hostas, I kicked off my shoes. The ground felt like silk: cool, soft, and clean. It felt like walking on pillows. I told G to put her bare feet in the dirt. She did for a minute. Then when it came to watering the hosta plants, some water mixed with that dirt and got her feet and crocks muddy. We had a mini meltdown. I had to carry her to the steps and wash her feet and crocks off.

Friday night a friend gave us her daughter's outgrown battery operated 4-wheeler. I showed it to G Saturday. She rode it all over the yard topping piles of leaves and then in the fresh tilled dirt. A friend at school gave all the girls a clip on braid. G's is hot pink. She has it on in the pictures. She had a good time. The pics of her smiling are sideways in my computer and my computer is so slow I will have to post those when I have more time.

We, G and I, also cleaned up her slide and killed the ants who had taken up residence in it. She was such a busy girl yesterday, and she slept hard during her nap.

Then we went to pick up my mom from the airport. She came home sick and that stresses G out so much so she had to call me this morning to tell me that Grammie is sick. So G is going to make her feel better too like she did Grandad in his illness.

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