Friday, March 23, 2007

Big weekend ahead

Tomorrow night Grammie comes home from "aginia" and Glenys and Grandad are going to "get her off da pwane." Glenys is spending the night with Grandad and so we packed her suitcase this morning. She was very particular about it and it was cute to see her line her bears up just right to make them fit. Then this morning she found her large Winnie the Poo classic stuffed doll and decided it needed to go to. We even packed her bankie, and she packed her sippy cup in the side pocket. She had to bring monkey to school with her to take a nap and according to her, monkey was very excited to go to school with her. Monkey has been left out since the emergence of the care bear friends. So when she saw monkey this morning she said he missed her.

On our local play group's yahoo group, one of the moms was giving away a battery four wheeler that her daughter used to have. I was first to respond so I will be getting that tonight or tomorrow. One more gift for Glenys' birthday. She is really learning how to steer her tricycle really well. Literally in a week's time she is able to out ride me and to steer correctly. Thankfully our street and block for that matter are really not busy.

I am totally amazed with how her imagination works. She is so funny and talks to everything. I enjoy watching her and listening to her conversations. She has started repeating the nursery rhymes just because. Last night it was humpty dumpty. This morning it was the queen of harts and pat a cake. When she sings wheels on the buss it sounds like "the wheels suh suh suh goes wound and wound." Sometimes the "baby suh suh suh goes wound and wound," too.

Work is stopped for me right now. I am still here but am not doing anything because of the prima dona attitudes of some of the therapists. So I am playing my newest addiction: Spider solitaire. It is a little like freecell and solitaire mixed.

Next week I may do a "what bugs me" or a "what are my idiosyncrasies" list. Can't decide. Hopefully I will get some good pics of Glenys this weekend and post some updated ones. Also, my agency received the package and letter to the orphanage and foster mom I sent. They will translate it and send it for no charge to me!! I left my address all over it so hopefully the foster mom will take time to send a letter. If she does I will have to get it translated so that will incur some costs. But that will be worth it to do so.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

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